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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Teilor, Sep 6, 2013.

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    Hi. I will build server and i add lot of plugins. I have city but i forgot plugin, which will be protect city from destroy by players. I need protect only few places on world, for example. People can get minerals from container but wall of container must be protect. What pluggin is good for me?
    Please help and thanks for any helping.
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    First of all your in the wrong section, secondly you cant explain properly.. Learn your grammar kid!

    Some suggestions:

    Factions - Good for spawn management and let player protect their land (more in the PVP way).
    towny - Personally I hate this plugin but it's useful for peaceful servers, which also lets users protect their land.
    worldguard & worldedit - If you want to protect just your spawn and other parts of the world you want you can also give players the permissions, but I dont suggest that.
    Precious stone - Better than towny which is also for peaceful servers and is more in the RPG style plugin.

    I suggest you only use one of theses plugins, but worldedit & worldguard ( they can be used with any plugin on bukkit)
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    There is a thing called "Your brain". Use it ;)

    In all seriousness Factions does the job for me.
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