Same as IConomy, but kinda different, Need Developer!

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    If someone can make me a plugin Called SkyConomy or something like that. PM me if you can make some of theese plugins. I will give you better details of the Plugin if i am sure your a good Developer. Btw i wanna this plugin be Private atm, it's gona be public if it is ready and tested!
    I am a developer too but i am at Noob lvl 1, But i can help you too. I can make Wiki pages and stuff. Keep up the Bukkit Pages of the Plugin. If were done this plugin you can have a Promotion on my Server Called MCSkytec.
    if you wanna Check it out join Now!
    IP: can Email me too:


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    in plugin.yml of iconomy


    name: iConomy


    name: SkyConomy
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    Ah yes. Lets all reinvent wheels. Like there isn't enough of these already.

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