Rust-style land claim

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by adi0115, Mar 31, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Factions/Building

    Minecraft version: 1.8

    Suggested name: CupboardClaim

    What I want: I'm looking for rust-style claim plugin, where you place "cupboards" to claim land/bases and to up-keep the bases and prevent them from decaying, you have to fill up the cupboard with specific item from inside the cupboard which get consumed every hour.

    Cupboards: these can be set in the config to what the item they will be, for example iron block, when a player places a iron block on the ground, they will get a message in chat, saying that a cupboard was placed, t n block and they will get a GUI with two options: Upkeep and Authorisation. Clicking upkeep will open double-chest GUI where players can drop items to upkeep their land, upkeep amount is determine on what type of blocks and the amount are placed withing the radius of the iron block or also knowed as "Cupboard". The cupboard will protect 10x10 area (can be changed in the config), if there are 40 wooden planks and 10 cobble withing the protection area of the cupboardm w , that will the hourtly consumtion rate from Upkeep menu, every hour 40 wooden planks and 10 cobble will be removed from the upkeep, if there is in-sufficient amount of blocks in the Upkeep, certain blocks will start randomly despawning every 10 minutes (1 block every 10 minutes), the blocks that can be despawned is determine by a list inside the config, such as wooden planks, cobble, chests, furnaces, crafting tables, glass ect, the last item to be despawned is always the cupboard itself when there's no more block to despawn, this will allow natural blocks and terrain not to despawn, such as stone, grass, ores ect.

    You should also be able to add custom upkeep items in the config such as adding a iron door equals to 6 iron upkeep, so if someone has a iron door withing their protected land, they will need 6 iron ingots to upkeep. Maybe on top of the Upkeep GUI, enchanted blocks would show up which would display the current upkeep, so if someone has 10 wooden planks protected, 10 enchanted wooden planks would show in the GUI.

    For the GUI option: Authorisation, this allows players to click and allow themself to build in the protected area and obviously edit aswell. Maybe a list can be also displayed as a lore of the item of people allowed. The person that placed the cupboard is allowed to clear the list by right clicking and is the only person allowed to break the cupboard aswell.

    Ideas for commands: /cc reload - reloads the config

    Ideas for permissions: cc.admin - permission to reload the config

    When I'd like it by: By the end of this week
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    I am actually working on this.. But it will take longer than a week.. Especially since I have way too many projects atm...
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    @TheSaltyOne On top of that the week has already gone by, this thread was made March 31st.
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    I understand the plugin is pretty big for what it is, I expected for someone to get it done withing a week and then add another week on top of that one for testing and bug fixing. This is a pretty unique plugin and that has not been done yet and I'm sure if someone would actually want to maintain it after they're done, they could make some money by selling it. I'm still highly interested in this plugin.
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    @TheSaltyOne Wondering if you're still working on this?
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