Running YAML files containing commands

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Nesanco, Sep 4, 2021.

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    Minecraft version: 1.16 (1.16.5)

    Suggested name: (Anything that relates to what it does really dont mind)

    What I want: So this is a bit hard to explain, but basically a plugin where you can upload multiple YAML files to the plugin's folder to run them ingame, so for example you would add a file called "test.yml" containing:

    - broadcast "hai"
    - broadcast "hi"
    - broadcast "hello"
    Which would wait 0 and 30 and 60 ticks then run the command below them so for instance '0' would wait 0 ticks then broadcast "hi", I've seen pretty small plugins (like 10kb) that basically do this but don't work with what I need, I already specified this but it should be able to support multiple files so then ingame for example you add the yaml file to the folder, then do /<something> reload | then you can use the file ingame using /<something> play <yaml file name> | you could run the file, an optional command would be /<something> stop <yaml file name> to stop it from running not necessary though.

    Ideas for commands:
    /<something> reload
    /<something> play <yaml file name>
    /<something> stop (optional)
    I explained what all of these do above

    Ideas for permissions:

    Would just let people use all the commands

    When I'd like it by: Don't care as long as its not like a year or smthn :p since it's a free plugin :)
  2. Updated to version 1.1 most likely last update

    ReadMe.txt contains update and information on using this plugin

    Spigot Page

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    Is there a reload command of some sort?
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