Running older minecraft server problem

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TNTUP, Oct 21, 2012.

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    tl;dr: Forced to run offline-mode to run older minecraft server, happened on Alpha 1.2.6 and Beta 1.7.3

    Ohai guys, prob some noticed it, sometimes I launch an older minecraft server, and I get "Failed to login: <html>" Seems the Mojang Multiplayer Server changed the method to auth out servers, I think... now I'm forced to launch older servers to offline mode.. or else it wont work.

    Like I launch my olde 1.7.3 server, always online-mode=true, but now I'm getting "Failed to login: <html>"... Even I tried to run an Alpha 1.2.6 one and I had to force set it to false.. To play with my friend. (btw alpha is buggy lol)

    Feeling forced to run out older minecraft versions on offline-mode feels bad for me... my friend minecraft account is paid, the auth on the launcher works, but when they log on the older minecraft server, they see "Failed to login: <html>".

    the only workaround to play on older servers I have, is to set that to offline mode ;_;... I dont like that but I want to play on my old server. Any thoughts on that? how to fix it? I dont like running it on that mode, I know its illegal but its not working even my account is paid and verified in the launcher.

    Do you think its only a problem on my side or it happens to everyone?
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    all i know is if a server runs 1.3 you need the client to match so if your running 1.7 you would need the 1.7 client jar so i dont know if its you or all
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    no no, I have the jar to join the old server, I mean why I cant log in without setting it offline mode.

    Like, you use an 1.7.3 client and you want to log on the 1.7.3 server, your account is premium, server is on online mode, you get "Failed to login: <html>"
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    are you running now give me the ip ill launch the 1.7.3
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    Yes its up but that 1.7.3 server was just for checking. Its running on my home, server is quite private, no port foward open.
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    O_O cant help then sorry
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    Well have you noticed it when you run an older minecraft server, eg: 1.73 server + client, server is on online mode, your account is paid, then you log on that old server and it should say that.

    Its okay, I'm just asking if anyone noticed that problem :<
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    sorry i play the classic and always updated servers but i do have all the clients jar files now i will have to check one day to see
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    They did change some of the Auth indeed, to stop some h4xing around. I guess stuff broke for 1.7.3 with that.
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    ye :( Well for some who want to play old minecraft server versions, they're forced to set the server on offline-mode.

    My friend tystom wanted to play Alpha 1.2.6 with me, I launched the server, using the normal launcher, auth works, then I type my home IP or localhost, giving out that error. thus making me to set it offline to be able to play alpha.

    I remember I was able to run 1.7.3 bukkit server with online mode enabled, now im forced to set it offline mode to log on the old server.
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    I can verify this with both 1.7.3 server and clients the client is disconnected in online mode with the aforementioned message. Most likely protocols for contact to authentication servers has changed.
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    yeah :< but making an authentication plugin for each old mc versions is a pain lol :p even if you want just vanilla, not bukkit, thats the issue... well thats I can say, forced to use latest mc ones

    hmh well, the latest actions I do is running olde backed servers, privately, and its not port fowarded. but sometimes I enable the portfoward to play with my friend.

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    I can only assume that they have switched off the pre 1.2 authentication systems. (They changed when encryption was added)
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    hm ye. Well looks now time for whitelists... :p
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