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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by wolfen10, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Hello, i am having trouble deciding to leave my computer on all the time to run my server 24/7

    i am running a mac OSX laptop and im wondering how i can leave my server up all the time without melting my computer

    any suggestions will be VERY helpful

    please help! :)
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    Plug it in, throw it in the freezer! Simple use of your computer isn't going to break it, they're built to be used.
    However if your laptop does get really hot after a while, use previous suggestion. (joke.. maybe.)
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    I'm serious though, i really need a good way of doing this...
    and that might freeze my computer...har har har...
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    I was being totally serious. If that machine can stay at a moderate temperature after an extensive time of running the server, then you're fine. If it gets REALLY hot and stays hot, (100C) I suggest flipping it upside down to get as much air as possible, and keeping it in a cool place.
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    Ok, well im going to try flipping it upside down and running the caffeine application and keep the display going
    im just REALLY hoping that i dont wake up to a pile of white goo... :(

    would it still run if i made it so the computer doesn't sleep but the display does?

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    Get canned air and spray out all vents thoroughly. Look at BB/Fry's/Micro center for cheap fan fan pads, or make sure it's raised enough so the vents on the bottom aren't blocked.

    Turning on screen power saving should help some.
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    I don't think you need a third party application at all to keep OSX running. I know nothing about OSX, but after doing a quick search, you can change energy saving features like that by going to:
    system preferences>energy saver

    This caffeine application seems dumb. J
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    If you have an empty room with windows and where you live is pretty chill you might consider leaving the windows open while your server runs in that room ( at night the air is cooler obviously ) if not just by a fan for your computer or such etc etc
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    Rwembee, I'm amazed you mentioned Micro Center (I do work at one)! It's very rare I hear that name thrown around online, LOL

    Anyway , to answer your question wolfen10, unless your computer (be it a PC, a laptop, MacBook or other Apple computer) overheats constantly, I'm sure you can leave it on 24/7. I mean, it's a laptop so you might want to keep an eye on it (or invest in a tower of some kind (no, not a iMac or whatever - either a tower mac if you want to spend too much on another mac, or just build/buy a PC) and use that - as you can have more fans (and sometimes better cooling) you would probably be better off. If you do however, and intend to keep it online as much as possible, I have a few additional suggestions:

    Invest in a battery backup - if the power goes out, or if it flickers enough to interrupt power to your computer, you can enjoy un-interrupted service from the computer - and in the worst case, give yourself a few minutes to shut it down.

    Also, it's a given (but even I forgot and paid the price just today), but get a auto-backup plugin for your server - in case the battery backup fails, or if you can't afford one yet, having backups to restore in case the world gets corrupted is another major plus.
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    Ok, since it's summer time I have air conditiobing going and my room is kept at a temperature of about 68 degrees F and I can easily flip my computer upside down and let it cool itself even more, but my question is now:
    On my MacBook, will the server stay up if only the display goes to sleep rather than the computer itself?
    Or would I have to keep the display awake too?
    Please reply
    Thanks 
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    There should be some kind of control panel like place i would hope, and from there some kind of power management/savings properties.

    Look for always on, or sleep/suspend settings.
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    Yes but turn off display sleep, computer sleep or both?
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    I don't have a mac, so I don't know exactly.

    I would assume you want computer set to not sleep while plugged in.
    Monitor would hopefully just turn it off.
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    ok thanks, ill try that tonite :)
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