Running Bukkit without access to Terminal

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Tecno_Wizard, Sep 3, 2014.

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    Hey everyone,
    My programming teacher wants me to run a Bukkit server for my programming class so he can teach using APIs, but we do not have access to Terminal. (iMacs) Does anyone know a good workaround? I was planning on decompiling Bukkit and running it in Eclipse, as that wouldn't require terminal, but I am not sure if it will work.
    Thanks in advance!
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    If you can still use terminal, but not access it, simply use a .command file:
    cd [path]
    java [ram allocation] -jar [jar name]
    Otherwise, you're pretty much screwed.
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    As far as I know, I have no access at all. That's why I'm planning on decompiling.
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    I would suggest using rcon. However I do believe it is disabled by default.
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    Wait...did you say programming class? So they teach you programming but don't give you access to terminal? Wat?
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    Those computers should definitely have a terminal. Try doing a Spotlight search and check the Applications -> Utilities folder.

    If you're sure it's gone talk with their IT guys to find out where it went. If they intentionally removed the Terminal application because they thought students might break something, ask them what they're smoking.
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    Use batch? What kind I computer doesn't have some sort of CLI, I mean that's like the most basic application on whatever OS you are using... Or you could download ke
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    I'm very sure that you have access to terminal. It might be hidden somewhere.
    If you had terminal, you'd type this in it to see hidden files: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
    Relaunching finder would be necessary.
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    Use something like Iridum Server Manager. It is basically a server control panel, with the console embedded. It's designed for Windows though, so find something equivalent that is OS-independent.
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    Anrza, it's not that I can't find it, it's that I get a warning message that says "Your account is forbidden to use this application- Terminal"

    I'm not allowed to install software either.

    It's because Terminal has the ability to bypass their security, so it is blocked.

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    Tell them that it is impossible to run a Bukkit server without terminal. So either they allow terminal or buy a server from a hosting company such as mcprohosting.
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    Very easy to do :) double click it! It will provide no output but still will run!
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    Again, not possible. It's just a class of 20 and we need local access, plus the school's tech office would be angry if they knew we were trying to do this.
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    Tecno_Wizard Did you try using a Java program the run the command ?
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    Its a programming class. Thats whats going to get you a good grade, Hack their computers.

    At home mac; Create a .command file to open server - In terminal, chmod a+x (FILE NAME)*space*
    Email it to yourself.

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    Tried that, it says something to the effect of this file wants to open a program which is forbidden for your user.

    Here's what's amazing: i have it working on windows entirely through eclipse. No command prompt, so it's entirely possible. I had to put a java JDK on my flash drive because I cannot find it in the school, but it seems to be working on windows. Looking forward to tomorrow to see if I can get it working in my school.

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    Find java.exe (or simply java if added to path), launch it with args. Terminal is just a "gui".
    Use a Proccess to start it , then get input and output(i think its error) streams.
    Send commands by adding a new Line to a writer and flushing it , also get input and update a JTextArea probably?
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    Well, I just did it. VICTORY. If anyone is interested...
    In eclipse, run-external tools-external tools configurations- double click program in sidebar- location is set to your java.exe file- working directory is set to the folder with the jar- arguements set to "jar- craftbukkit.jar" (no quotes)- run

    I will add, it lags like there's no tomorrow because my computer in the school sucks. Intel i5 and it acts like it has an atom...
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