Running an offline-mode server.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kaikz, Jul 18, 2011.

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    I've currently got my server running in offline-mode, due to a lot of my players are from Singapore and their parents won't let them buy the game. (They're all my co-admin's friends)

    I've got xAuth installed, as well as my own plugin that, on connect, checks the username with's haspaid function. If it returns true, they're allowed. If false, it checks a "cracked whitelist", so to say. Only problem with this, is that people can just come on but using a legit players username.

    Lately I've been getting a lot of griefers, which doesn't really bother me, just the fact that LogBlock doesn't restore signs, even though it shows exactly what was on the sign when using the tool. Due to this, said friends above are starting their own private server and leaving mine.

    Even these kids love me. The first video was randomly, the second was when I told them that they fail and I can roll bacl everything they've done within minutes.

    Does anyone else run an offline-mode server, and if so, what do you do to protect it?

    I thought about having a cracked-player whitelist, but have the server in online-mode. So if you're a legit player, you head right on it, but if not, you need to be on a whitelist. Basically my cList (Cracked List) plugin but in online-mode. Apparently this isn't possible. Even PlayerPreLoginEvent is after authentication.
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    I used to run an offline server with AuthDB etc... eban is somewhat helpful. The only thing is, without having to authenticate with, someone can change their name to anything and with a bit of skill can even change their IPs.
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    I just run an offline mode server with AuthMe and BigBrother - Any griefs that occur I rollback and then use KiwiAdmin to handle banning.
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    I use the plugins "AuthMe" and "Whitelist"
    The whitelist plugin is used to let only specific player-names on the server and the AuthMe plugin is used to give every name a password.
    So if someone tries to spoof your name, he still has to get your password.
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    That's just bullshit. They can afford a gaming-PC and internet connection, but not a cheap game?

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    They're all 14/15. Their parents are all business people and really strict on these kinda things. I even had to buy the game for my co-admin, and he got he site domain for me.

    I've got LogBlock and CommandBook to handle banning. As well as McMyAdmin to make things easier. (automatic saving, backups, web-console, web-kick/ban)

    If anyone wants that cList plugin, just PM me.
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    King Rat

    I run in offline-mode, and have absolutely no trouble with hackers and other nasty things. I use xAuth, which has consistently protected from any of those cheapo account hackers. I use BigBrother and WorldGuard for basic anti-grief protection, and EasyBan. It logs all IP addresses, which is incredibly useful. If use BB to find who griefed something, then use EasyBan to permanent IP ban :D
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