Runaway threads, memory leak? Screwy Plugins? Cant Keep Up (since 1.8)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by fffizzz, Sep 23, 2011.

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    Ever since 1.8, I've noticed this problem and wanted to see if anyone else was having similar issues or not.

    I use Munin to monitor all aspects of my box and to keep an eye on things. Using htop, you can also see threads, but in the screenshot below, you'll see exactly what I mean.


    Ultimately, the insane high thread count is causing the cant keep up messages, all other aspects seem perfectly find. My load average is a bit higher than normal too, but thats probably going right along side with the increased threads running from bukkit/minecraft.

    Server Specs:
    Core i5 2500k
    16gigs ddr3 ram
    Sata HD (backups only and linux based OS on this drive)
    SSD (minecraft/bukkit and a couple worlds)
    Ramdisk for 2 seperate worlds

    Before the update, 80 people, fine with no cant keep up messages, now I will get them with 15 people on.

    10:15:30 [INFO] Plugins: NoLagg, MultiHome, LogBlockQuestioner, mcbans, VIPJoin, WorldGuard, InfChests, JSONAPI, Multiverse-Core, bPermissions, ModTRS, ServerLogSaver, CFBanner, SignColours, AntiCreeper, Multiverse-Portals, MultiInv, MCSL, WorldModes, VoxelSniper, CommandBook, ForumAcc, Multiverse-NetherPortals, VanishNoPickup, WorldEdit, Minequery, LazyRoad, MyWarp, Giant Trees, MagicCarpet, HeroChat, MPSay, mcMMO, LWC, LogBlock, WorldBorder, dynmap, BaseBukkitPlugin, Permissions
    For WG/WE/CB im using latest builds on Sk98q's build site. All plugins are latest versions, and I've removed 90% for testing with no change in behavior.

    Some stats
    ----total-cpu-usage---- -dsk/total- -net/total- ---paging-- ---system--
    usr sys idl wai hiq siq| read  writ| recv  send|  in   out | int   csw
     35   1  63   1   0   0| 131k  648k|   0     0 |6660B   10k|6964    22k
     34   1  64   0   0   0|   0    20k|  48k  713k|   0     0 |8169    25k
     38   1  61   0   0   0|   0    16k|  46k  733k|   0     0 |8035    24k
     35   2  62   1   0   1|  24k  218k|  47k  786k|   0     0 |8471    24k
     35   2  64   0   0   0|   0   488k|  51k  839k|   0     0 |8279    23k
     32   1  65   3   0   1|   0   404k|  52k  651k|   0     0 |9089    25k
     34   0  66   0   0   0|   0    16k|  48k  709k|   0     0 |8045    25k^
    vmstat 5 5
    procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- -system-- ----cpu----
     r  b   swpd   free   buff  cache   si   so    bi    bo   in   cs us sy id wa
     5  0 106640 3736224 221248 6356024    2    2    33   162   31    9 35  1 63  1
     1  0 106636 3736124 221264 6356024    0    0     2   275 8307 23712 36  1 62  0
     1  0 106636 3736220 221280 6356024    0    0     0   138 8414 24064 37  1 62  0
     3  0 106636 3735916 221292 6356064    0    0     2   146 8092 23006 39  1 60  0
     1  0 106636 3735800 221308 6356064    0    0     0   156 8488 23808 37  2 61  0
    Thanks in advance for any assistance, or insight.
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    Same Problem Here mate , But when i have the server of 3 plugins it works fine , Maybe its superperm ?
    As i have Bukkitpermissions and PEX hooked into each other
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    I was still using permissions 2.7.4 until 2 days ago, so in my case, its not SuperPerms. Finally made the conversion, lol was waiting for P3, but that ended up never happening to be good, so I moved on since new plugins dont support old permissions systems.
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    Ye, it's crazy. Hope they look @ their code a lot :p
    And mostly at their pull requests too, they got some useful stuff in it!
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    Citizen Derp

    I've got nothing useful to contribute to resolving your issue, but I've had some excessive CPU usage with CB1060 /MC1.7.3 on my linux box. It seems something is slowly consuming CPU and it hits 100% after about 45 minutes, even with no users logged in. As the CPU ramps up I start getting the can't Keep Up errors, but it oddly doesn't seem to affect the gameplay. Whatever is happening seems to below enough priority to yield to import stuff, but it's troubling none the less.
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    i was fine with 1060, it started with the pre 1.8 builds and continues to be a problem now. As seen in the above picture.
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    I've got the same issue with the 1.8 builds and its a real pain right now. I'm holding out hope that 1.9 eases things a bit.
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    heres cpu usage for same time frame.
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    Same here:

    PermissionsEx, CraftIRC, WorldEdit, ClothCommand, CommandBook, NoCheat, dynmap, WorldGuard, ChatManager, Modifyworld, Spout, LWC, LogBlock
    Too bad I can't use JConsole on the VPS to see where those Threads come from. :/


    I did some testing on a local server and the stuck threads call themselves "Java Sound Sequencer" threads. A new one appears every time a player joins but they never get closed.
    Could be part of CommandBook's midi-jingle stuff, afaik. they had/have problems with leaking handles or something like that.

    I made a plugin to combat this: SequencerStop-1.0.jar
    It is, of course, open source and you can check out the code here:

    Please note that this is rather experimental as I didn't have time to properly test this on a large scale, use at your own discretion.
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    I can't even play a 2!!!!! ppl LAN server anymore ,, while 12 before with no problems at all

    It annoys me it annoys me it annoys me...
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    Didn't know I could even do that, any info on how this is done?
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    Weird I never had this problem with bukkit 1.8.1. But I only run like 12 plugins and restart every 6 hours so I might not even see the problem xD
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    I restart every 6 hours, but run 30+ plugins. Im getting jconsole running so i can identify the problem more clearly hopefully.

    @Orcem12 uh, is that sarcasm or being serious? if serious i dont know how to do that.
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    I have the same problem :(

    With RB Bukkit for 1.7.3 and 25 Players online: 20 Ticks per second (no lagg) (2 GB RAM)

    All new Builds for 1.8 and 1.8.1: (4 GB RAM)
    10 Players online: 19 Ticks per second
    15 Players online
    16 Ticks per Second
    20 Players online
    12 Ticks per second.
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    Yeah I'm being totally serious. Pruning your threads eliminates old threads and increases performance.
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    What make your plugin ? sorry i can not good english iam from germany
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    say it in german then
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    Es wandert alle 5 Minuten (einstellbar) durch die Threadliste und stoppt die Threads mit "Java Sound Sequencer" im Namen.
    It goes through the list of all running threads every 5 minutes and stops the ones with the name "Java Sound Sequencer" (configurable).
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    I can report craftbukkit being moody since the 1.8 builds as well.
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    I had issues with dynmap...i had a dull lag for about 50 mintes and then the cpu would spike for 10...i was lucky cause dynmap is the only one i have on a 60 minute cycle, so I knew.
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