Run From The Beast

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    Based off the game Run From The Beast the minecraft minigame

    Plugin Name: Run From The Beast

    What I want: When players click a join sign the player teleports to a lobby. When a required amount of players is reached the game starts with 1 player being teleported to a room with the other players teleporting to a location where they must run and jump though a built parkour course.
    After 15 seconds there beast is teleported to the same location as the runners were and ave a speed level 1 effect and has been given diamond armour and a diamond sword.
    When a player reaches the end there will be a button that when clicked the player become invincible and is equipped with a diamond sword with lots of high enchantments then their objective is to kill the beast.

    Commands: Player Commands:
    /rftb join <arenaname> [Join A Arena]
    /rftb leave [Leave A Arena]

    Staff Commands;
    /rftb start <arenaname> [Auto Start A Arena]
    /rftb stop <arenaname> [Auto Stop A Arena]
    /rftb setbeast <playername> [Make A Player Automatically The Beast]

    Admin Commands:
    /rftb setlobby <arenaname> [Set the Location Where Players Are Teleported When They Click The Sign]
    /rftb setbeastspawn <arenaname> [Set The Beast Spawn]
    /rftb setrunnerspawn <arenaname> [Set The Runner Spawn]
    /rftb setfinishbutton <arenaname> [Set The Button That Makes You Invincible]
    /rftb lobbyspawn [Sets The Location Which Players Get Teleported At The End Of A Game]

    beastrun.player [Join And Leave Using Signs]
    beastrun.staff [All Staff Commands]
    beastrun.admin [All Admin Commands]
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    What is said beast?
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    what do you mean
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    Skeleton, zombie, ?
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    Its A player who is in diamond armour

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