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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xxxxxx93, Mar 11, 2014.

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    i wanted to ask if it is possible to run a craftbukkitserver without the .bat file ad if yes can anyone tell me how? (with .bat-file it works without problems)

    Background: The server is going to run on a Root-Server, but on this Root-Server i can't run .bat-files...

    Thanks for answers,

    Edit: The Server is running on Linux.
  2. Yes, double click the craftbukkit.jar
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    @xxxxxx93 Its not exactly possible to an extent its like saying i want to start my car without the starter.. sure you could try to crank the motor but a key is much easier. In witch case to explain my analogy the .bat file tells the program to run in the first place... you could infact use your system console (terminal) to start it if you type the .bat file in the console it will start but to sum it up its about as easy as it gets.


    If you wanted to go super easy you could buy online hosting and have a [Stop] and [Start] button for your server but that costs... most big servers use hosting such as that anyways.

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    This post is inaccurate. You can run the server without the bat file; however, a bat file is the best solution (for windows; a .sh is the best for linux) because you can throw in extra arguments, such as minimum and maximum ram allocation. But it's entirely possible to simply double click the jar file (assuming you have jar files set to open with java, instead of an extraction program or such).
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    Thanks for the answers, it works now :D
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