Run a small Bukkit server on a Raspberry Pi (700mhz ARM)?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by frankgg, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Hello all!

    I was wondering if it would be possible to run a small Bukkit server (2-3 users at a time, just myself and a couple of friends) on a Raspberry Pi device?

    Raspberry Pi homepage -->
    The Raspberry Pi is an ultra-low-cost credit-card sized Linux computer with the following specs (Model B):
    -700 MHz ARM11 Processor
    -256MB RAM
    -2x USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, audio out, Ethernet port
    -SD card slot for storage

    Does anyone know if it being an ARM processor is a problem? I've found a youtube video of a guy who got a Minecraft server up and running on his Palm Pre Plus phone ( OMAP 3430 CPU ) which is an ARM processor so it looks like it is possible ( )
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    No, he ssh'd into a computer. Not hard. The world wouldn't generate that quickly on hardware like that.
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    Not all at. You really need a minimum of 1GB memory to see decent performance in Minecraft.
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    I think you are mistaken, he's running it on the phone. Xecutah allows you to run command line stuff on a WebOS device, I've used it on my HP Touchpad.

    He's also running stuff from the /media/internal directory which is a standard location in WebOS.... so either he's running it on the phone or this is an awesome troll video...

    Here's another youtube video of a guy setting up and running a Minecraft Server on a rooted Android HTC Desire HD.

    For a small 2-3 person server? I just ran the vanilla Minecraft server and limited it to 128MB of ram and it ran fine when I connected to it. I'm not saying you can run something that will support 20 people at the same time, but 2-3 shouldn't need 1GB of ram.

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    I ran a server for 5 people, 2 worlds on 768 total system ram (~512mb) for Minecraft, 1.6ghz processor. And that was Ubuntu server. A 3 person server could easily run on that if you know what to do. Just don't think too much about plugins.
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    I don't think you'll get it to run with a 192MB heap and a 700mhz cpu, but who knows, it could work.
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    The MC server WILL run with -Xmx200M (I do it), but it crashes when I load more worlds in multiverse. I've loaded tons of plugins on it and can run around the world. I haven't tried it with lots of players (it was for dev) but it probably wouldn't work reliably well since they'd have to be near each other.

    The problem is: raspberry pi is ARM, meaning you'll need to haggle the ARM JVM out of Oracle. It is not free.

    Needless to say, I'm stoked to get me a raspberry pi :D

    edit: nevermind, OpenJDK works on ARM! I'll be interested in trying this and seeing if I can coerce the MC server into running
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    I run a server with 512mb of ram, 13 plugins, 8 players, and multiworld with very LITTLE lag. So I would assume you could to... i would disable Nether and the End... the world transfers is where i get a little lag. Also NoLagg is a awesome plugin... i dont know why we should have to get these features from a plugin.. should be part of the minecraft code. :)
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    How about a 4MHz Z80 with 8KB of rams? Can I run Bukkit? I wanna put my GameBoy to good use. :D
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    I hope your joking.
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    I sometimes run my test server on 192mb ram. 2 players online.
    /me google rasberry pi
    EDIT: ooh its not some overpriced thing like the pandora. I want one!
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    I kinda was, but then I remembered you can expand RAM with the cartridge so you can have up to 128KB of rams... It is theoretically possible, no? :D
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    I would defiantly say no.. and if SOMEHOW it is..its not going to be worth it at all
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    Why are people running a MC server on such puny hardware. I run a minecraft server on my own computer, and then play on it. And yes, people can connect to it.
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    Because we want to prove that it can run on such low sped'd hardware? Or because it's cheap? Or just for the fun of it?
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    Daniel Heppner

    But it doesn't look like the Raspberry Pis are for sale...
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    bukkit? no. vanilla? yes, ive ran vanilla with 128MB of ram and it ran just fine with 2 people bump that up to 192MB and you would be pushing it, however it is possible
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    How about a quad core tablet?
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    Small bump but still a bump.
    I have a raspberry Pi Version-B and I can happily announce that my one (with 140mb of ram of 256 haha) Can run a Minecraft server with bukkit and world-edit *just makes it* , Crying that the system time has changed however still runs nicely.

    This is with MOBS disabled and only permissions, World-edit and essentials are installed. The server is running Debian-linux with a 2gb sd card.

    I am running a little (LAN, Not port-fowarded, definitely wont make it with 5+ players) flat-grass server on it with nether and the_end disabled as well as all types of AI.

    What a cute little computer and it gets away with something that needs 500mb-1gb+ of ram minimum
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    Thats really smart, thats what I use as well to help it keep stable, I also use Nolagg to keep it calm
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    Sorry for the years old bump but I thought it would be better than creating a new thread. Could anyone tell me how to setup a small server for my pie? Please :3 :D
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    Think i could run a server server running this hardware its a bit better than the pie. would get the added eMMC Module


    ODROID-U2 is a micro sized open development platform which is powered by Exynos4412 Prime. 1.7Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 Quad Cores show PC-like performance. Enjoy various PC peripherals on Android & Ubuntu Linux.
    * Low-cost development platform
    * Ultra compact size with full metal enclosure
    * Quad core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore
    * 10/100Mbps Ethernet with RJ-45 LAN Jack
    * 2 x High speed USB2.0 Host port
    * Audio codec with headphone jack and microphone on board
    * Android 4.x & Ubuntu 12.10
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    'bout 4 times more expensive though :/
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    Nathan C

    Still doubt it will run.

    My netbook with 2 gigs RAM and a dual core Atom N570 would never work with running a server. It would always spam "Cannot keepup" errors and would never generate a world or allow players to connect. And the Atom is far more powerful.
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    Actually no, on most levels.
    First, that ARM chip is a lot more powerful than most Atoms out there (Shockingly)
    "In terms of the Exynos 5 Dual performance against the Intel x86 hardware, that too was appealing. The Samsung ARM SoC was faster than all of the Atom processors tested."
    That's a dual core too.

    Also, it WILL run on the Ras Pi, so saying it wouldn't run on something much more powerful is just wrong.

    Your netbook has a lot more overhead than a tiny Linux distro as well, so you have a lot more of the processing power available to actually run Minecraft.

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