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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Y1ght, Sep 22, 2019.

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    It's been a while since I've requested anything, but I want to get back to this as I never actually received a fully functioning plugin for it.

    Plugin category: Roleplaying

    Minecraft version: 1.13.2 bukkit / spigot

    Suggested name: RPNames-Revamped

    What I want: I'll try to put this in a format so it's easier to understand.

    RPNames will replace their username with a "RPName", so an example would be like :

    [PexPrefix] [Username / RPName] [PexSuffix] : message

    I'll be requesting a chat plugin later, but I'd rather not request so much at a time.

    You'd need to do, /rpname name here ( allow spaces, and nothing longer than 24 characters, and no special letters like !@#$%^&()_+ put please allow " quotations, and * ( not too sure what people call the symbol )

    Permission for setting name would be "rpname.setname" Also another thing is that the color should be &7 (gray)

    I'd like it to display above your name too, not just the RP name, the whole prefix. So please try to do that with pex, It'd be greatly appreciated.

    Also please make it where staff can do /resetname username so we can moderate names, and make it where we can include a reason, please.

    Can you make it where I can configure it where I can change the value of blacklisted words / characters and numbers? Also, include where I can change the max amount of characters the username can be.

    Ideas for commands: /rpname name | /realname "rpname" ( shows the players username ) /resetmame ( reset's the players rpname to their rpname, and prompts it in chat &7[&4VitalityRP&7] Your RPName has been reset by staff. [ REASON ]

    Ideas for permissions: I'd like the rpname / realname to be default permissions. but /resetname username to be rpname.reset

    When I'd like it by: This month or next month, nothing too specif.
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    bump ^-^
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    I can attempt this, but you'll have to explain me a few things.

    1) Should I do the prefixes or do you have other plugins that take care of that
    2) The name above their head, should that also be changed?
    3) When a staff player types in /realname should that affect the player's tag above their head in anyway for the person who runs it?
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    1 ) I'll be using PEX for prefixes / suffixes as it's used for both suffix / prefix. So just make it compatible with that please

    2. ) The name above their head is actually simple, there's a plugin that uses the prefix and username, so I'm wondering if you can also support that, the plugin is this : Click Me!

    3 ) No it should only say the username of the person of who they are using the command on their username
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    So you want me to use the tab plugin? I will take that as a yes. But for the player's name in the tab bar, do you want me to change that also?
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    yeah, in the tab it'll be what shows up in chat like the prefix, username etc..
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    @Y1ght, i'm very sorry that this happened by my eclipse is going bang bang and is not working, something is wrong with the java installation on my computer and I am unable to fix it.

    If anyone else wants to continue what I have done here's the code, feel free to steal it and say that you have done everything
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    I'll look it up later today and make a plugin for you


    Most of the stuff is already able to do with my ChatEx plugin.
    i can make a custom version for your specific features. In case you already know chatex, yes i'm the developer of it, and yes i updated it already to 1.14.

    Please comment under this post to tell me exactly what you need to be done
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    Thanks for trying, it means a lot!

    Well, I was going to get a custom chat done, but I'll ask anyway, I want it so if the command /rpname namehere ( allow spaces ) so it'd replace their username with an rp name, ( chat formatting would look like ) Nickname {prefix} {username/rpname} chat {suffix}

    With this done, it'd also work for the tab plugin linked below, so it'd make it where it shows the prefix and name above the player, so if you can make it where it supports that, please. ( this is all with essentials / pex )

    blacklist the following if tried being used in /rpname - 123456789 ( ) - = + [ { ] } ; : < > / | \ ( allow ) . , ' " ( blacklist anything else I guess, only allow characters, and the ones that I said that are allowed, please. )

    Also read my post above for further details please, sorry I don't wanna reword everything I said before, but I included what I was going for.
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