Beta [RPGitems] Now reloaded, ideas and issues welcome

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by phoenixlzx_, Aug 10, 2015.

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    Hello community,

    Recently I found the plugin RPGitems is not active for some time.

    Though the plugin itself could still work on 1.8 servers but my players have confirmed several bugs and raised some new ideas. So we decided to fork it and make it live again. Thanks to all people involved in previous development, and now we will make it better.

    I know some servers already made changes on this plugin but I didn't found an available jar. Our project home is open sourced at GitHub: so everyone could take part in the development.

    Our server is located in China mainland so if you want to try out the plugin, I recommend you to use it on your own server, as you may exeprience HUGE lag connecting to our server if you are not in China :-(

    If you have any new ideas to add, or improvements, bugreports, etc., welcome to open new issues or pull requests at here.
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