Inactive [RPG] xLevel v1.5.1 - The awesome RPG plugin [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MCAndi, May 31, 2011.

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    shut up.
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    You receive XP from building things. Don't postif you have no idea of the plugin.
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    Sound cool, going to try this out.
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    Just showing my support! awesome plugin dude! my server loves it. Lvl 20 priest speed buff is sick!
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    How come everytime i try to use /xl help it says i dont have permission to do that. I want to use tjis but evertime this happens on all the rpg plugins!
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    im having the same issue sort of, except when i do /xl help it tells me their is no such command although it says its running. so not sure whats up with that
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    I figured out the problem for me at least... get rid of permissions entirely.
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    Hiya. My members and I LOVE THIS PLUGIN. But a few things. One, can you make it compatible with MobArena, or at least make the spells work on mobs? Two, Can you make the leaves jail disappear after 3 seconds regardless? Becaus eon my server leaves dont decay. Three, can you make Icy Wind and Energy beam or whatever do more damage? My magicians feel underpowered. Thanks :)
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    say Please? Can you at least just do the mob damage and Leaf decay thing? My server is ggetting spammed by leaf jails :(
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    hey i thought about something, what about adding someting like jobchanges for example magician becomes something like Elementor, more powerfull skills, like making the teleport skill go longer distances :D but anyways still love your plugin :D
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    >.> Can you explain what each individual power does? Like skullsplitter?

    I have one last reccomandation, Sorry for so many, my server gets alot of requests >.> Can you make an ability for Admins to have all classes? TYVM

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    could you possibly change 1 thing for archers?
    Sort of hoping maybe you could make left click bow = change skills and right click bow = activate
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    Is this ever goign to get updated? Can we at least get a response? >_>
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    when i download the plugin i dont get a jar i only get "Plugin.ylm" and a de file. and i use mac any help?
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    when are u going fix mages?
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    Hey there i got a problem everytime if i want to write /xl help or smt it says
    "You dont have the Permission to do that" iam doing smt wrong?
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    whats working wrong with mages?
    If you are using permissions (and i guess so) you have to give the 'xlevel.player.*' permissions to your players.
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    His skill don't work , only 1 does that lightning. But never mind I am using other rpg system
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    I tested all skills with CB#1000 and all are working.
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    i dont understand how you mean it. where i got to give the permissions ? in the .yml file? or maybe somewhere in McMyAdmin centre?
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    for giving permissions, you need the Permissions plugin
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    Awesome plugin!
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    Can you make this compatible with the new form of permissions? That would be great since the * commands don't work anymore. ('xlevel.player.*')

    Edit: I'm refering to PermissionsBukkit.
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    Maybe u can make a new version where the Serveradmin can make his own Classes by editing a Config(Like Jobs plugin)
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    Just give all single permissions (, xlevel.player.classes, xlevel.player.see, ...) until i update it.
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    Ok, can i ask why?
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    because the classes are hardcoded
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    Hey friend. Is it possible to release this plugin sourcecode, updated ? I wish to take a look at it, seems pretty good to me, simple level plugin. Just wandering how the write/reads are, any buffers/cashe ?

    Apreciate any help, thanx alot.
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    feel free to decompile the plugin

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