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What should be added next?

  1. Grow able corps/bushes

    12 vote(s)
  2. Global banking system

    48 vote(s)
  3. Death chest with timer

    20 vote(s)
  4. Oven for smelting of custom ores

    19 vote(s)
  5. Party system with HUD

    88 vote(s)
  6. Showcases with item inside

    16 vote(s)
  7. NPCs with questing system

    187 vote(s)
  8. Leaderboard

    17 vote(s)
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    I will add something like hardcore mode. (not soon).
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    In reality, there are plenty of things that do not function as the "L" key, skins for NPCs, ... So I was wondering if it's a bug or if it is a plugin that can not go with RPGEssentials.
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    that was an old bug, update to dev 1.2.9#3 and update spout to http://dl.spout.org/SpoutPlugin/1128

    also update your launcher to the latest dev build
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    I think its really great, but im not going to get it because it adds way to much stuff to the game, no-one in my server will get the consept with it, i think you should make it a mod for singleplayer.
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    Things you don't want can be turned off in the modules.ynl
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    There is always full of something that does not work with the plugin: the skins of npc that do not change, the regions that do not work, ... And also, how to have the bushes, cash registers, ...
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    first of all, everything works prefectly so you are the one who is doing things wrong.
    second, if you want help then send me the bukkit version, spout version, spoutcraft version and rpgessentials version

    last, did you use this plugin before 1.2.7? if so then please delete your .yml files EXCEPT for the ones in the temp folder. the urls of the blocks/items are changed.

    Edit: for the regions you need worldguard.

    Edit2: If the npc skins/capes do not work then you use the wrong url or the file can't be reached
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    If you want to help send me the version bukkit, beak version, version and version spoutcraft rpgessentials: To bukkit is the 1.2.5, 1.2.9 To RPGEssentials is beak version:?; And spout, the version you have please send me (the latest)

    last, have you used this plugin before 1.2.7?: No.

    Edit: for the regions you need worldguard: I also WorldEdit with

    Edit2: If the NPC skins / CAPES does not work, then you use the URL or file can not be reached: Okay.
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    send me the ip, I will join your server
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    I'm not white-listed
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    Now yes and on behalf of Duckdoom5.
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    I will join you later, I have to go now
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    I updated to current build and found that npc now look at me :) however I can nolonger select bankers to edit skin or items . also bank no longer dupes thx for fix. I noticed some spelling errors again in new leveling.yml, you said thats an API thing? who can i tell to fix seplling mistakes so jungel wood and brich wood and spades are changed?

    just noticed getting error in console could not pass player interact event to rpg essentials when trying to select bank

    err can't edit for some reason, but jsut found I can't select questers or bankers

    if I make a new banker or quester they are selectable... hopeing i wont need to replace them all.. also new questers dont have a skin just all black

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    thanks for the pointing out the jungle and birch spelling mistake. shovels are called spades because of bukkit. Talk to them if you want to change that.

    There was a bug with the owner, please check if the owner is set i the npcs.yml.

    please note the the skin is got from the player that owns that name, ex : call it duckdoom5 and it will get my skin. if the name doesn't exist then it will get the default skin(from the texturepack).
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    excellent adding owner line fixed bankers and questers. Also i've been experimenting with /rnpc skin "url" and so far new skins have laster through server restarts.. think it may be fixed too. noticing when world spawns though all the npc still face south lol.. atleast they turn now though
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    When will the next update be?
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    How do you disable the forced texture pack again?


    Children? (Custom mob workaround? Idk. Would make a good rpg better.)
    With custom mobs, bosses.
    That's about it because I know nothing about spouts custom mobs. Plugins still amazing.

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    There was a new update a few days ago...


    The only thing I can do is edit the texture of the mob, I can't create new models. I can make a gaint skeleton for example. I could make a duck from a chicken edit the drops and stuff like that.

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    Is it already in the .jar or is it a totally different download?
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    bwahhh? find it on dev.bukkit.org dl jar 1.2.9dev#3 rename/replace old jar with new. delete leveling yml b4 sever start
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    So what? Have you found the cause on my server?
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    In the jar file? What are you talking about? Just go to the bukkit dev page and download 1.2.9 dev#3

    Oh sorry didn't join yet. I will join right now.

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    Hey, is there any way for me to get the new blocks underground without re-doing the map? Please help..
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    Dig a tunnel, go into creative mode, and place the blocks.
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    Ok I'm lost and need help, I've been trying to figure out how to work regions for ages. I have world edit and world guard and have set up the region using the wooden axe on it's top right and bottom left corner of the region. I have also set up the region within the regions file in rpg essentials in the following format: "Regions:
    message: Now entering Zakos
    submessage: Welcome
    iconId: 264
    music: http://exampleurl.com
    texturepack: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/xxxxxx/Summerfields 22.a.zip
    command: rpg help
    fog: far "

    but when I log in and enter the area. No welcome message, no switch of texture pack, no pop up telling me I'm in the region. Nothing. How do I fix this ? I'm very confused.
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    Idk how to null the music, but you set the music to: http://exampleurl.com. This is not a real music file.
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    Alright I seem to have fixed my problem with setting regions (I updated to a newer version of worldedit) but the only thing now that seems to be not working is the texture pack. The link works, I tried it myself but when I enter the region the texture pack doesn't change. Also as for that music link thing. I don't have any specific music for the region. I just left it there.

    EDIT: Also weird thing: When I restarted my server the pop up stopped showing up. The one that tells me I was in the region. It's like I'm back to square one. I am confused once more.
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    So what is this problem on my server because I can not wait to test it :D

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