[RPG/WGEN/ECON/FUN] RpgEssentials Beta 1.4.5 dev [1.5.2-R0.2] [Spout]

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What should be added next?

  1. Grow able corps/bushes

    12 vote(s)
  2. Global banking system

    48 vote(s)
  3. Death chest with timer

    20 vote(s)
  4. Oven for smelting of custom ores

    19 vote(s)
  5. Party system with HUD

    88 vote(s)
  6. Showcases with item inside

    16 vote(s)
  7. NPCs with questing system

    187 vote(s)
  8. Leaderboard

    17 vote(s)
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    Beta 1.4.5 DEV is released!
    I can write, but pictures say more ;)
    some custom decoration is always nice, isn't it?
    show pictures

    Checkouts for the store

    The store, you can get money by killing monsters or completing quests


    (Optional) A custom generator with custom trees, ores and bushes is included

    Example of the many available custom ores

    Everything is very configurable!

    Anvil design by Samkio!

    Preview video by woopagaming

    How to install

    Bukkit dev page for download!
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    Really cool looking mod.
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    Need spout ? ^_-
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    Yes it does
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    The banking system is almost ready! It willl be added in the next version!
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    Gotta check out ;)
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    If all of this features will be added we are defently going to use this.
    We are one of the bigger rpg servers and this looks really interesting.
    We are planning to split our server in 3 smaller ones in a few months.
    Would love it to add this to the 100%rpg server hopefully you get all this things to work at that time :)
    And for the terrain you might wanna talk to @khoorn(bukkitDEV) he owns terraincontrol and that one works great.
    Using it for my own map and it give amazing results.
    And i have tons of suggestions that would make it even better but ur to list is already big enough atm so will post them later.
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    Thats great news, A really big server that will add my plugin :D

    Thanks for the suggetion, I will go talk to @khoorn ;)
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    Yeah the concept looks great so we are defently interested in this :)
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    Need a server with that plugin!!! looks amasing
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    So great!!! I love the rpg style (look like rs)
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    looks amazing i'd love too use it when i make a server but a few things maybe customizable mobs for our servers and classes and also if we could choose what was sold individually at each shop but if these are to difficult or if you don't wan tot do them i understand :)
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    Quite buggy. Doesn't allow me or any of my server friends to mine. Keeps on saying that we need to be level 1 to use a wooden pickaxe or a wooden spade...
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    the shop is already configurable, you can choose if you want or don't want it to be sell able

    if you read te todo list you will see all of your ideas are already incoming features ;)

    sorry, thats a little mistake I've made... in the leveling config change the minimum level to 0 instead of 1, will be fixed next release!

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    this is probably the best plugin made (i think!)!!!!

    can you put up woopagamings video of this plugin?

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    Can someone help me set this up lol im a noob thank you
    you can contact me with skype woolychicken
    or steam mimsx
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    thank you
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    new release is ready, I will release it as soon as my testers say they didn't find any bugs!
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    cant wait!!!! :D AMAZING PLUGIN!
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    its released ! check the bukkit dev page!
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    I'm loving the plugin so far. I found a bug when ever you pick up coins I sometimes get the money from the coins other times I lose it. I'm also in favor of death chest with timer.

    EDIT : Also getting this in the console Could not pass event org.bukkit.event.entity.CreatureSpawnEvent to RpgEssentials
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    oh, forgot to remove that, new version is available to fix that !
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    Can I help make the Item icons?, would really love to help out.
    Really want to help this Plugin get done fast, can't wait for it to be on FantasyWar
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    I updated but when I go into creative to look at the custom blocks I don't see them. Not sure if I did something wrong or something got messed up.
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    delete the textures.yml and the items.yml unless you have edited the items.yml than you should delete the texture urls of the items that come with the install

    yes sure, download the textures.zip from the bukkit dev page. If I think you did a great job then your textures will be used!

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    If you do the same shit Heroes does, with support for the Mobs plugin(or the same it does too, so we can have bossfights), and it's heavy configurable(so I can add new skins for monsters and etc) I will love you forever and use this on any of my servers!
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    Hey there, i was working this morning on the Textures, i decided to make the Textures a x32(TexturePack?) and changed the Adamantine Sword to something i liked. here is the link if you want to check it out. I included PSD files for all the ones i edited. So you can edit the ones i edited :D here is the link
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    Just wanted to let you know in the store custom ores are free & the powered minecraft is free as well.
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    I did know about the custom ores, didn't know about the minecart I will fix that thanks

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