Rpg Upgrading Weapons

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by CroPro13, Jan 10, 2015.

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    Plugin category: (I Don't Know)

    Suggested name: RpgUpgrades

    Hello i need plugin like in rpg games world of warcraft or some others so what i want?

    What I want:- I want plugin that you can upgrade your weapons and armors like +1,+2 but if youre going to make it +3 it has chance to fall to +1 or success to +3 and so on max upgrades would be +12,it would be used in anvil 1. place sword 2. place nether star (so nether star would be for upgrades)

    -Also per +1 armor or weapon would be stronger :)

    -Also if can config.yml with chance for falls and upgrades +1,+2 so you can add how many you want like this:

    1 = 100% chance
    2 = 90% chance
    3 = 80% chance
    4 = 35% chance

    - Also in config if possible it would cost like:
    +1 = 50$
    +2 = 150$
    +3 = 200$
    and so on....

    Ideas for commands: /rureload (for config reload,only for op)

    Ideas for permissions: no need

    When I'd like it by: These days if possible :)

    for version 1.7.2 thanx if possible :)
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    Need a plugin like this to... But since im not a programmer i can't make it tho...
  4. Hello I would love to help, I'm currently recoding dungeon realms practice server
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