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    Skillz - The Simple Skill Plugin

    Give me a reason to go update this plugin more often!

    Simple to use Skill system

    Moving to BukkitDev!

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    Version 5.1:
    - Fixed some API stuff
    - Added Auto-Update (updates on disable)
    - The settings with "SkillnameEnabled = true" are now working.

    Version 5.0:

    - Added API (http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/skillz/pages/api/)
    - Fixed some stuff

    Version 4.5:

    - Fixed settings file not being created sometimes
    - Fixed typo (omg)
    - Started on making an API for other Skills

    Version 4.4:

    - Fixed HighScores not saving AND not loading properly.

    Version 4.3:

    - Fixed HighScores not saving properly

    Version 4.2:

    - Added HighScores!
    - Added some fancy colors.

    Version 4.0:
    - New way of handling leveling up (instead of going through a large list of checks, it now only has to check one thing.)
    - New Settings File
    - Help page is better now (/skills help)
    - Fixed other player's skills viewing
    - Totally re-written the plugin. THERE!
    - Added a convertion tool, see /skills help (You have to be OP to see it!)
    - Check when you levelup with /skills check <skillname1> <skillname2> etc.

    Version 2.2:
    - Permissions added.

    Version 2.11:
    - Fixed that stupid thingy with XP,newXP which was sent to the log every single time someone does something.

    Version 2.1:
    - MySQL Should work now. Not sure. Test it if you want, and do /skillz to convert Flat to MySQL.

    Version 2.0:
    - SQLite inserted! You HAVE to regenerate your settings file.
    - Convert flatfile to SQL with the /skillz command. Dont mind the "errors", something with "uuh, can't find the field!".
    - Some fixes I can't remember.

    Version 1.62:
    - Fixed doubledrop, you will not get the actual ore but the mineral now.
    - Fixed Acrobatics problem, you could gain HP by falling (I mean, what?!?)

    Version 1.61:
    - Small bugfix involving some player.sendMessage shizzle

    Version 1.6:
    - Possibility to add your own skills! (awesome xD)

    Version 1.5:
    - Custom Levelup Message, SKILL will be replaced with the skillname, and LEVEL with the new level.

    Version 1.4:
    - Code Cleanup

    Version 1.3:
    - Eeh, lots of things.

    Version 1.1:
    - Woodcutting added
    - Digging added
    - Swimming added
    -Change of Double Drops added
    -Some Code cleanup which really was necessary.
    Version 1:
    - Release

    Anyone interested in a new Skill or something?
    I am working on some interesting things, such as extra damage when you are a higher level.

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    Alright mate, yea me too, end of year 11 exams :/ Really shouldn't even be thinking about minecraft right now, ill keep my eye on this thread, thanks for the quick replies.
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    Tested faster block breaking. It should work and it seems to work.
    Although for some reason I'm getting a blue, then black screen.. I think it's a MC 1.9 pre-release bug. (Yes, I'm testing this on 1.9 =D)
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    One question ; if i die, did i have my skill reset to 0 ?
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    Nope. I can add that feature though. (Configurable of course ;) )
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    It would be cool if you did that ! :D
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    Works with herochat?
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    why not ;)
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    We do not get displayed level :(
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    How do you mean.. When you level up that everyone sees it?
    Did not add that yet. Will add soon.
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    Great to hear mate, but I will be more interested once all the abilities are completed, is this the only one at the moment? Thanks.
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    The only Skillz plugin you mean?
    No. There's also McMMO (Which has waay more useless stuff) and LevelCraft (Inactive).
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    No, I have tried these, I was hoping you could implement some abilities into this plugin, and it would use less memory, that was the problem with mcmmo, this one seems much more light weight. What I mean by is 'this the only one at the moment' , us the faster pick ability, are there any more in this plugin yet? abilities that is.
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    Oh, no, that will not be the only ability. For mining, maybe. But for example: Swords will give you more change of critical strike (damage x2 or something like that).
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    Thats what im after, the release of these abilities, then I will download it, thanks.
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    I'm currently adding all sorts of new settings. Everything is configurable.
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    Give me a shout when they are all done, I dont want it while it is not finished, keep up the good work, I look forward to using it.
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    Will do ;)
    Thanks for the feedback so far.
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    Awesome :)

    Thanks :)
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    On mine server it doesn't work ! I put the jar in the plugins folder, but i can't win skills. On the console the plugin is loaded. Please help me !
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    You got a settings file?
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    Yea, i got the settings file.
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    please post it?
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    Why hello there, lets get the ball rolling again! I remember this plugin from when I looked at it ages ago, this is what my server needs, update me! What abilities are currently available when you level up? Have you done that yet?
    If so, and its all working, giv et to mee!

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    Update soon :) Testing it in my server now.
    Also, turn on auto-update to get it faster :D
    Acrobatics has a special thing, every <configurable> levels you get 1 less damage.
  26. I think this is wayyy better than mcMMO! Here you go for a great plugin [diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    thanks :)
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    Ill donate for a customized version of this
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    What do you need and how much? (PM me)
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    Do all the classes have perks for leveling up yet?
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    Not all of them, although I did add some double drop and Acrobatics gives you less falling damage.

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