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    Skillz - The Simple Skill Plugin

    Give me a reason to go update this plugin more often!

    Simple to use Skill system

    Moving to BukkitDev!

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    Version 5.1:
    - Fixed some API stuff
    - Added Auto-Update (updates on disable)
    - The settings with "SkillnameEnabled = true" are now working.

    Version 5.0:

    - Added API (http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/skillz/pages/api/)
    - Fixed some stuff

    Version 4.5:

    - Fixed settings file not being created sometimes
    - Fixed typo (omg)
    - Started on making an API for other Skills

    Version 4.4:

    - Fixed HighScores not saving AND not loading properly.

    Version 4.3:

    - Fixed HighScores not saving properly

    Version 4.2:

    - Added HighScores!
    - Added some fancy colors.

    Version 4.0:
    - New way of handling leveling up (instead of going through a large list of checks, it now only has to check one thing.)
    - New Settings File
    - Help page is better now (/skills help)
    - Fixed other player's skills viewing
    - Totally re-written the plugin. THERE!
    - Added a convertion tool, see /skills help (You have to be OP to see it!)
    - Check when you levelup with /skills check <skillname1> <skillname2> etc.

    Version 2.2:
    - Permissions added.

    Version 2.11:
    - Fixed that stupid thingy with XP,newXP which was sent to the log every single time someone does something.

    Version 2.1:
    - MySQL Should work now. Not sure. Test it if you want, and do /skillz to convert Flat to MySQL.

    Version 2.0:
    - SQLite inserted! You HAVE to regenerate your settings file.
    - Convert flatfile to SQL with the /skillz command. Dont mind the "errors", something with "uuh, can't find the field!".
    - Some fixes I can't remember.

    Version 1.62:
    - Fixed doubledrop, you will not get the actual ore but the mineral now.
    - Fixed Acrobatics problem, you could gain HP by falling (I mean, what?!?)

    Version 1.61:
    - Small bugfix involving some player.sendMessage shizzle

    Version 1.6:
    - Possibility to add your own skills! (awesome xD)

    Version 1.5:
    - Custom Levelup Message, SKILL will be replaced with the skillname, and LEVEL with the new level.

    Version 1.4:
    - Code Cleanup

    Version 1.3:
    - Eeh, lots of things.

    Version 1.1:
    - Woodcutting added
    - Digging added
    - Swimming added
    -Change of Double Drops added
    -Some Code cleanup which really was necessary.
    Version 1:
    - Release

    Anyone interested in a new Skill or something?
    I am working on some interesting things, such as extra damage when you are a higher level.

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    No, actually not. It's made of the Inactive plugin called.. Eeh.. what was it again.. Can't remember :p Maybe that was with inspiration of McMMO.
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    You should add some original skillz that haven't been made before :p
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    Give me inspiration :p
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    Hmm, idea! No wait, chatting smiley's isn't a skill.. :p
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    But maybe it's a skillz o.o?!?!
    EDIT: Okay idea. Make a skillz that does nothing, is called "Nothing"™©® (You know just in case!) and you can level it up by doing nothing! Talk about original
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    Hm.. I'm probally not going to add pointless skillz in here xD
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    Check out my edit! It's not entirely pointless o.o
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    I enjoy this plugin mostly because it's not like the others. I really only wanted skills for things that someone would already do in the game, I didn't want to have classes or some of the extra skills that other mods add.

    I do have an issue with this plugin though: On my server, the bonus drops can't seem to be picked up. Have I set something up incorrectly?
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    You ask for inspiration... Okay, I have a few original skills that I think you should add in. Here they are:
    1. FireProof - You gain exp from taking damage from fire and as your level raises, so does your fire resistance. (works on lava and lightining of course)
    2. Tank/MovingTarget/BulletMonkey/HumanShield - You gain exp from taking damage from weapons and enemies/other players, and your damage resistance to weapons and enemies increases.
    3. AppleAddict - You gain exp for breaking leaves and recieving apples, as you level, the healing from apples increases.
    4. PlantersHands - Cacti, less damage, etc.
    5. InteriorDecorator - For placing bookshelves and brick, gives you faster brick break time and drops from bookshelves at level 10.
    6. Change unarmed so that it also increases the amount of damage, not just gives a chance of double damage.
    7. Demolition Skill - Tnt Resistance and Creeper resistance for surviving explosive assualts.
    8. MonsterHunter/<SpecificMonsterHunter> - Leveling for kills on certain types of mobs or groups of them like "[zombie]TheUndead[skeleton]" or "Pigs[pig]" giving them skill names like "Holy Power" or "Pig Processing"
    These are all my recomendations. Thanks for your time and please keep it as a flat file, and not Sqlite only. I intend to use this alot on more on my RPGish server and i plan to use it even more. :)

    EDIT: And is Permissions currently working? Some of my classes have acess to skills that they shouldn't...
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    No, for some reason that just doesn't quite work well.

    Beeh, ok :p
    Permissions should be working, at least no XP will get added. You still can see the skills though when typing /skills. Need to fix that..

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    For some reason I messed something up with SQL and MySQL, trying to fix. If it's fixed I think I have succesfully implemented fire.

    Also, I'm going to add fishing <3
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    Does this overload the server the way mcmmo does?
    (One single user can build up their RAM use over time, ends with a frozen server.)
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    I use it myself, I don't have extreme lags.
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    Aight, I'll try it out! :)
    (If it works, you're my hero.)
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    My friends and I at Creeper's Den (check out our youtube page) love this plugin, but we can't currently use it because the plugin has the same red text error someone posted previously
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    Are you checking someone else's skills? That currently isn't working for some reason.
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    what is max skill/xp?
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    Nope, just typing the /skills command to check my own
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    Level 100, forgot how many XP that is. (a lot)
    Hmm that is weird.. Are you using Flatfile, SQL or MySQL
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    How do I make sure? I pop the plugin to the plugin folder and reboot my server

    Also, could you maybe up the level limit much much higher? If you've ever played Disgaea theres almost no way you can reach the maximum level

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    It's in the settings file. I'm still expermimenting with stuff really.
    Wait, more levels? :O
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    I cant quite find the settings file, my server is hosted by Servercraft so I use McMyAdmin which automatically handles Bukkit for me, and yeah, I'd love to eventually reach something like level 9000
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    I have some more questions:
    1. Does fighting skills affect Mobs as much as players?
    2. Can someone plz explain the abilities you get from leveling up in swords and archery?
    How many hearts damage, point blank shot, extremely hard strike, and stuff like that

    Does agility increase your jump distance or height?
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    Well, Getting to level 100 was a hell of a lot of coding for me already. 9000 is just absolutely crazy.
    The settings file is in plugins/Skillz/settings.txt
    1. Yes it does for now
    2. Change of way more damage (Point blank shot with archery)
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    Which should I have the settings set to?

    Nvm, tried messing with the settings to activate SQL and such, neither worked and they didnt work when both were activated either. /skills still gives everyone that same red error message

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    Hmm.. that is weird. Next Update will have quite a lot of fixes, although I'm not sure if it fixes this. Try to remove the settings and let it regenerate, that might help.
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    Any estimate on when the release will be?
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    Not really, since I'm having quite a few nasty bugs in it.
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    This looks nice but is there anything that comes out of getting a certain in skills?

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