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    SimpleGods - Simple Gods from configs for Pantheons:
    Version: v1.3

    This plugin enables Server Admins to easily define simple Gods for Pantheons in config files. These files are then loaded and parsed into the API as basic Gods as if they were plugins using the API. This was for a request, I will try to get around to making the perk system for it too. It most likely will grant/remove permission nodes. This really wasn't on my agenda so anyone looking to take this up and beef it up and re-release it, be my guest!

    • Permissions (or a Bridge) [NO LONGER MANDATORY, DEFAULTS TO OP]
    • Permissions (NO BRIDGE) if using Perks
    • Pantheons v1.4
    • Easily define new Gods in Config files for Pantheons
    • Permissions based perks
    • Run the Plugin once
    • In plugins/SimpleGods/gods there is demo.yml
    • Rename demo.yml to anything you want
    • Open demo.yml
    • Change everything you want to, its pretty well documented
    • Copy and paste and change that yml file as much as you want, SimpleGods loads them just like Bukkit loads plugins.
    Sample Config
    Name: Demo #The Name of the God
    useInitializationSacrifice: true #Sacrifice to worship?
    InitialSacrifice: SHEEP #Sacrifice what to worship?
    InitialSacrificeAmount: 5 #How many?
    useInitializationItems: true #Give items to worship?
    InitializationItems: 264,265,266,267,268 #Numerical id DONT USE SPACES
    InitializationItemAmounts: 5,10,15,3,8 #Numerical id DONT USE SPACES, MUST MATCH ABOVE
    useInitializationPVP: true #PVP to worship?
    InitialPVPAmount: 5 #kill how many to worship?
    InitialPVPOppossingOnly: false #PVP only counts on oppossing Gods followers?
    useInitializationSuicide: true #Suicide to worship?
    InitialSuicideAmount: 5 #kill yourself how many times to worship?
    useFaithSacrifices: true #Gain faith by killing mobs?
    useFaithPVP: true #PVP to gain faith?
    FaithPVPOppossingOnly: false #PVP only counts on oppossing Gods followers?
    useFaithItems: true #Give items to gain faith?
    FaithItems: 264,265,266,267,268 #Numerical id DONT USE SPACES
    useFaithLossKills: true #Loose faith by killing mobs?
    FaithLossKills: PIG,CHICKEN,ZOMBIE,WOLF #Name of Mobs or DONT USE SPACES
    useFaithLossPVP: true #PVP to lose faith?
    FaithLossPVPSameGodOnly: false #PVP only counts on Same Gods followers?
    usePunish: true #Punish for forsaking?
    PunishType: lightning #fire or lightning or death?
    Titles: Acolyte,Adept,Priest #Name of titles DONT USE SPACES, MUST BE AT LEAST 1
    TitleLevels: 5,10 #Levels of titles starting AFTER the first one, this is because the first one is level 0 mandatoraly
    useOppossing: true #Use oppossing Gods?
    OppossingGods: Loki,Thor #God's names DONT USE SPACES
    Description: 'Demo god is a Demo God' #God's Description?
    RequirementDescription: 'Kill some stuff, hand some stuff in and pray REAL hard' #God's Requirement Description?
    InitiationMessage: 'Demo god likes teh worship' #God's Initiation Message?
    LeaveMessage: 'Demo god gives pouty face!' #God's Forsake Message?
    PerkDescription: 'Nothing really since simple Gods dont have perks. . . yet?' #God's Perk Description?
    FaithGainDescription: 'Be happy, Dont worry' #God's Faith Gain Description?
    FaithLossDescription: 'Fornication before marrage' #God's Faith Loss Description?
    usePerks: false #Use Permissions perks?
    Perks: essentials.warp,heroes.classes.Warrior #Put Permissions perks here DONT USE SPACES
    PerkLevels: 1,10 #Put Permissions perk levels here DONT USE SPACES
    PerkEnabledWorlds: world,world_nether #Put the worlds where perks are used for this god here DONT USE SPACES
    Download SimpleGods
    Source is in the Jar - Released under CreativeCommons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

    Version 1.3
    • Permissions based perks! Does not work with the GroupManager bridge, sorry, still trying.
    Version 1.2
    • Updated the method of calling multiple settings
    • You can now have as many of the items,faith items and so forth as you like.
    • Sped things up.
    • Stabilized
    • Now more flexible
    • Looked into a form of perks, couldn't come up with something that would satisfy everyone with out a "hey add this too" a couple thousand times, up for suggestions.
    Version 1.1
    • Updated to Pantheons v1.2
    • Bukkit.org forums still really suck when you use Code Tags! Nukes my posts on edit!
    Version 1.0
    • Released
    Bug Reporting Guidelines

    • Include Error
    • Include God's config
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    I found 2 problems in your god config
    First: You can only select one type of mob to initial sacrifice (as far as i know)
    Second: You need to set perks to false, because they arent working properly in this version.

    Edit: By the way, i have my own problem. I cant fulfil the requirements for worshipping the god.
    I already killed dozen of monster but none of them counts.

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