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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Samkio, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Sweet roller-blading jesus with a glowing neon pinata in his hand!
    That's AMAZING!
    I'd also love to see it in person, if possible.
    That's really quite stunning. Good work.
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    Same ip, i whitelisted your forums name, if you must see it :p
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    i want this plugin for my server please as soon as it is ready let me know
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    There was a plugin with Spout called Global Chest Banking; might take it Into consideration..

    Special shared bank chest inbetween cities (rpg styled) check it out.

    Also a plugin called WebAuction. (auction system based with mysql)
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    Haha thanks alot! I did it with @jeroende2e .
    So big thanks to him to :D
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    Alright guys,g2g now!
    Buuut,i added guards,and bandits! They're really fun! :)
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    @sddddgjd Cool! Hope we can run a test soon? :D
    Are the guards attacking btw?
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    I'm currently working on a city on my server that has circular "tiers" on different levels, just like your city plan. I might put a screenshot of what has currently been done tonight. It's still a big work in progress, only the "shape" has been worked on and even that isn't finished.

    Would love to test if you still need testing done.
    I can also make some schematics if you still need some of that. Just need to know the sizes we're talking about.

    Just a tip, I think your city walls could be improved if you need any designs.

    I just thought about something, I've got some asian buildings if you ever want to put themes on each cities.

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    Hmm...that's actually a cool idea!
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    +1 for desert - sandstone -
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    I'm currently adding in a pretty basic hook for other chat plugins to use, if people want to replace the built-in formatting with some other chat plugin. DanAndChat will support this.
    BTW: Why are there no one on IRC? :(
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    It's nice though --^

    I'd like to help on the Ranks part, tell me some more please =D

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    @Samkio and @sddddgjd
    Will you be releasing an updated dev. Build soon?

    Also, would biome specific cities be possible? By that, I mean would it be possible to get the biome, or dominant type of block, information and select a type of city based on that?
    If it's possible, I have a few people who could work on making a city, or two, out of a material (like sandstone for the desert, etc).
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    Does the city spawn on sea level?
  17. Just a note:
    There probably won't be any more developers. At some point, you end up with too many developers. I think we've reached it ^_^
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    Well,the city gen must be finished,and i have to finish them npcs!
    Right now,we have conversation,bandits,traders,and guards! It's awesome,but they don't spawn in cities right now...

    And yes,biome specific cities will be done at some point!
    You'll be able to just make a city for a biome,send me or @Samkio the file,and he'll split it into schematics and do his magic,lol! :D
    Anyway, i'm off for the night,see ya later!

    It spawns near the spawn,so yeah,somewhere at sea level!

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    I'll ask him the specs he wants and probably do that!
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    Yes, for now.

    There's a dev version out on a few pages back, however nothing "up to date" The next dev release version will be an official Alpha version.

    As everyone want's to contribute to making cities, and such, I believe it should be all left to the team too work on it for now, and take in adequate submissions... this will prevent clustering, and requests, that's what I think, the team may think differently.

    For now, I think we should let the team get a working Alpha version, than I can say "inb4thespam"

    @sddddgjd answered it, :) p5
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    I agree. We should wait until everything is a bit more mature, before piling up suggestions and buildings to add :)
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    Also improved the general look of the city.
    Walls are better with the help of @r3Fuze :)
    I destroyed your entrances @tips48 sorry xD
    Redid them

    I'm sure @sddddgjd will have some fun thinking things for sewer people to say ;)
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    Yaaay, it came in! Cool! Good work.
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    On the Bessie server our sewer walls were made of cobble and mossy cobble, but stone does give a good look too.
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    Oh God, let me help redesign that a bit! It's to bland :)

    None the less keep up the good work!
  26. @Samkio
    Sewers look good. BUT MY ENTERANCES WERE AMAZING! D: (Lol, they sucked. I was running out the door at that point, sorry)
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    I have a new avatar...it rocks!
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  28. Such a fail...*facepalm*
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    I'll be sending some schematics soon to Samkio. I managed to get some people to help and we built medievil stuff.
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