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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Samkio, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. We getting stuff done like a BOSS. @sddddgjd is doing great work with the NPC's, and we have some great ideas coming in!
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    Four words:
    I. am. so. excited!...
    And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!

    But really, this is looking amazing.
    I know you guys have got a massive BukkitDev team, but if you want help documenting, I'd love to help.
    I can't remember being this excited about any plugin, in a long time.

    Keep up the great work.
  3. Glad to hear your excited!
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    <Castles> - <Economy> - <NPC's> - <Protection> - <Ranks>
    --This name might change--

    There is..

    ..a Bukkit load of RPG plugins out there, but there has yet to be made any RPG plugins that utilize all the potential of RPG'ing. Some help contribute to it like Leveling and Classes but I think some sort of fundamental plugin is needed for the actual feel and look of the game. Now that 1.8 came out there are some aspects of WorldGen villages and NPC's. This will help on the RPG aspect of Minecraft, but... Well let's face it. They're buggy for MP like a buggy, buggy bug. So what I propose is the following (maybe removing the NotchVillages. :p).
    Cities and WorldGen:
    Main Developer: Samkio

    This section will be split up into 2 categories, Cities / Buildings.

    Cities are generated on world gen, they are randomly placed and their contents is random.
    The main structure of a city is show in the picture below:
    Show Spoiler


    Cities have the following features:

    • Rings for each type of structure/s.
    • Entrances N/S/E/W
    • Randomly Placed
    • Random Style (from presets).
    • Random Location of Structures.
    • Houses the Structures that are gone over below.


    Building List:

    • Castle
    • Farms: Pig/Cow/Wheat/Reed/Chicken/Sheep.
    • Civilian Houses
    • Collesium
    • Jail
    • Shops: Doctor/Blacksmith/GroceryShop/Bank/CombatShop/PreciousGems/EstateAgents
    • Free Slots.
    Main developer: sddddgjd

    We plan to make NPC's that fill out roles like these:
    • Shopkeeper
    • Farmer
    • King
    • Queen
    • Adviser
    • Guards
    • Civilians
    • Bandits
    • Probably more!

    They will have names, which will be randomly generated, but within context. Examples: King Alkais - Farmer Ted

    Later on, with the help of Spout, we will customize their skins. Capes for kings/queens and bandits..
    Guards will go around and kill bad people, being paid by the ruler of the city.
    Players can fill out some of these roles too.
    Are a planned feature of RPGWorld. More information soon.
    There are lot of economy plugins roaming around out there. But the economy used in RPGWorld will be tailored for RPG'ing.
    Here are some examples of what the RPGWorld-economy has to offer:

    As we have said, shops will be spawned in cities. Players can trade with NPC's, or other players, using a trade system based around chest GUI. Placing an item from the shop will deduct money and vice versa. (Same for Player to Player trade).

    Plots in cities can be bought or sold. A random price is generated for each plot, though still relying on some parameters: Space given + base price. These places sold at estate agents.

    In cities transactions are taxed. Tax goes to the King who then pays guards and other people working for him with the money. Or maybe he keeps them himself... If he cannot pay the guards they despawn. But he can hire more with his advisary. Players could become king by working their way up the ranks.

    Banks can store money and give you interest. But you cannot use the money in the bank for transactions.
    • City Generator []
    • Npc Generator []
    • Protection Generator []
    • Economy system []
    • Jobs []
    Developers & Staff:
    • Samkio
    • Torrent
    • r3Fuze (Possibly)
    • Liam Allen (Possibly)
    • Fullwall
    • tips48
    • DrAgonmorey
    • flametornado
    • sddddgjd
    • Huliheaden

    • Samkio
    • Torrent
    • r3Fuze
    • crjalbert
    • Terra-Network.org
    • jasvecht
    • BioRage
    • BeerHuntor
    *hugs @McAndze *
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    I haven't done anything yet, but that's because I'm not sure what to do :confused:
    If you need anything, just @DrAgonmoray me. :D
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    i can test it out on my server if u would like just let me know and u can also come on there and look at it anytime
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  10. This thread wins!
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    Just thought it would be nice to let you know about the progress :p
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    This, is amazing. Been following along for a week or so now. I'd love to contribute in some way, I can test stuff out on my personal server if you need it? Anyway keep up the good work, loving everything and looking forward to the release!
  14. I suggest using the BukkitDev :)
    Please make note of the FORUMS section, the ISSUES section, and the PAGES section, as they are all being updated :)
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    It was so amazing to see the city on my server with @sddddgjd.
    That was only the test version :D
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    Just so you know,you need a space after my name( @sddddgjd ) for me to get tagged! :D
    But yeah,was awesome!
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    Wow, this seems really good!
    I'd love to help, if you need any still!
    (I also have some great walls if you need those :p )
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    Hmm,would be nice,the current walls kinda suck...:(
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    @sddddgjd Dont get yourself in there....
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    Nice work dude!
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    @sddddgjd Haha thanks!
    How are my friends NPC's doing?

    Jizzed [​IMG]

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    Nice Work guys, if you need a builder, let me know.

    Suggestion / Idea
    Is it possible to generate for example;

    A number from 1-5,

    1-5 being 5 pre-created "Castles/Kingdoms/etc."

    In essences, it will create randomly, or set number?

    This way we can have
    • Randomly Generated Castles
    • Randomly Generated Kingdoms
    • Randomly Generated Villages
    • Randomly Generated XYZ
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    I think you mean random cities...right?
    That is in the project already! :D
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    The farms are already randomly generated. From 6 different farms.
    And the rest.. ask @Samkio
    But i think its in there already...

    @Samkio better version

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    2nd one needs a staircase :D
  26. Muis you win :D Awesome job...
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    I might also have a castle or two to spare ;)[​IMG]

    Once my new map is done, my main builder and I could lend a hand, if you want.
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    jeesus. Can I come to that server and see it?
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    Sure, is your ign the same as your forums name? If so, i added you to the whitelist, so come to bladecraft.dyndns.org (my temp server to build on)
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    Yep. Coming.
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