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    I'm here to present you a new mod, KingdomsGameplay.

    Project description

    KingdomsGameplay is a server-mod that entierely changes Minecraft's gameplay, making two teams (blues and reds) fighting against each other, keeping a large part of crafting, exploring and mining!

    How? Each team spawns in a completely natural "base", a 51x51 distant of 150 blocks of the ennemy's base with a flag in it's middle. Out of that "base", players suffers maluses at mining and crafting. "What?! So, we're limited to a 51x51 zone?!" Nope! You can always increase your base by planting others flags! But, to do so, you'll need wool, which means exploring!

    Also, there's a "King" in each team. This player, the one who wears a golden helmet, can buy rare or necessary items for its team with a command, using gold nuggets! But, gold nuggets means... Mining!

    But, what's the point? Each team spawns with a "sponge" to protect. It is a 2x2x2 sponge block that can be fed to a 4x4x4 sponge. If the ennemy destroys it, they win! Why a sponge? In fact, I didn't have choice. I needed a block that cannot be obtained, even with magical items, by any players. Overwhise, it would be simple to "replace" killed blocks quickly.

    During the first minecraft days of the game, PVP interactions are disabled. Then, each team can build its base in peace. But, day by day, comes more interactions. You can kill a player on the second day, steal items from ennemy's chests on day 3, break blocks in the ennemy's base on day 5 and, finally, kill its sponge on day 7. At this moment, it's war time. Shall Crom be with the bests!

    Here, I've only gave you the main elements of the gameplay. To know really how to play KingdomsGameplay, you shall read the Wiki. A bit more informations are given on the DevBukkit page. And, because the project is still in development, here is the gitorious repository.


    You can download KingdomsGameplay on the DevBukkit page or on the gitorious repository.


    So, what about an official server? The fact is, it's up to you. I'm quite sure that KingdomsGameplay will interrest some of you, but I havn't got enough money to rent a server every month by myself, and not everybody here will run a server on his own, neither he will have enough players to make it fun t play. It shall not cost up to 10€ (about 12.40$) in the first times. So, I've opened a new paypal account. When I've got 10€ on it, I rent the server and renew it until the account is empty, etc. Obviously, every money will go to the server only.
    If you would like to play to KingdomsGameplay on a dedicated server, please make a donation by clicking on the button below, each dollar helps.


    The server's URL will be on DevBukkit once I have one.
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    Nice does the arena reset or something when its over?
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    There's already a completed plugin that performs this, and more. It's also highly configurable:

    It's called War.
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    When the game is over, the server shutdowns, which allows to do an automatic restart of the world with a quite simple script. That shall be an option in the future releases, for the owners of server without SSH access.

    @wocossusca34: (sorry if I misstyped your nick :D) I was not aware of that plugin, still I think KingdomsGameplay is a bit different - the main idea is probably the same, but not the improvements and concepts arround the main idea. I'll have a look at it, thanks for pointing it.

    EDIT: The two plugins are not in any way the same! War is designed to create an arena in a classical world, where KingdomsGameplay is designed to change the whole world's gameplay, with a totally different way to play it. So, I think the two have their pros and cons!
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    I then suggest adding more features that distinguish your plugin more individual from War, since the only difference is selecting an area rather than using the whole world. Your day system looks rather interesting though...

    I also have another question. Are you going to reset the world when it's complete? And if so, you do realize it's nearly impossible to do so considering the size of a minecraft world?
  6. Sounds like a fun idea. I can put up a server for it for a week or two for those interested in trying it out.

    Should be able to handle 200+ players.
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    @Wacussusca : My description was only a sum up, in fact KingdomsGameplay does not use the same concept at all. For example, zones does not exists (bases, no man's lands, etc.). But if you have any idea of feature, I would be interrested!
    Yeah, the world is reset. I'm planning (but I don't have at the moment enough time, it will probably be a bit later) to fork the project for a simple PVP with no reset with points on a zone capture or whatever. And the world reset is totally possible, it's at the moment running on a private server home-hosted (for friends only) : when the game is over, I simply shutdown the server and then with a script restart it, after deleting the map, so it is generated again. The downtime is only about 30sec.

    Sketaful : if you do so, let me know about it so I can add your server on the devbukkit page.
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    That shall be an option in the future releases, for the owners of server without SSH access.

  9. I'm gonna look into it. I'm no serious webserver host or anything, just got a server free from a friend I'm messing around with. Thought since my "messing around" won't be done in quite some time (lots of config for one thing) I'd just as well put up a server for your plugin for a while since it's not to much work.

    I do however have a question about the flags. Red/blue flags? Do they change color on their own when a team put them up or do players themself have to dye the wool? Just curious since red is quite easy to get your hands on while blue is a bit harder. :)

    I've got a bunch of questions about this plugin. I'm sorry for them all in advance but I always keep gettign ideas and questions when I get something on my mind so it really is kinda good since it mean I have your plugin om my mind, right? :p

    Prob som of these are answered in the wiki somewhere that I didn't see but here goes:

    ¤ You expand your zone by building flags made of wood and wool, right? Does any wool do and colour itself by what team that places it or do you have to colour the wool red/blue yourself?
    Since red is a lot quicker to get your hands on than blue I hope it colour itself since othervise the red team will grow a lot quicker. (I think)Well.. Reading told me the answer to that one. :)

    ¤ Can you build on top of the sponge and is there any way to locate the sponge besides actully run up to it and see it?
    If you can build on top of the sponge and you can't locate it with anything else than having it in view a team could easily cover it with dirt/grass so that i can't be located by other means than digging up the hole map. If the team that buried it desides to go build their base outside their zone, it can be close to impossible to locate.

    ¤ When being able to destroy the sponge. How does it really work if there isn't players playing during all hours of the day?
    If 99% of the players happen to sleep at 4am. What stops someone from login in and destroying the sponge when the rest is a sleep?

    ¤ Obsidian takes a looong time to break and is resistant to TNT.
    If one team builds a room around the sponge and a couple of the memebers stay inside that room loaded with obsidian it would get quite impossible to get in, right? Since it takes an instant to place it and so long to break they can just fill the holes that pop up when players try to get in. And there is no way to blow a hole in it so..

    More questions will probably show up, but I'm just asking this because I always hate when a good war comes to a standstill because of things like this ^^

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    Well, I'll try to answer :)

    - At the moment, there isn't any way to locate the sponge. You're right, hide it is a bit cheaty, but if I give infos to the ennemy team, then they'll know where is the base. I could maybe add a command only working two days after the sponge killing day, but I'll take any idea!

    - It's up to the team to be aware. In fact, a game does not long a lot, so the players shall be able to stay to the end.

    - Yup, you're right, but you can always work it out. From another client, if you can't see outside, you can't know which block is being broken. A TNT at the right moment inside an obsidian shell would kill the whole team (first idea that came out).
  11. Ah, ok. Well. I've put up a server. I''' give you the address as soon as I have the map prerendered (I like rendering :p) I put in the cannons-mod as well. The sponge was protected against explosions so this gives attackers the choice of building cannons to destroy the barriers and building a stronghold around the sponge with cannons sounds just fun. :p

    I will mark each sponge on dynmap aswell, should make everyone know where each target is placed :)

    Features you could add thought:

    ¤ Finding the other teams sponge
    - One way to do this is by making the compass point towards the other teams sponge. I have no idea how hard/easy this is to do since it has to point to a different location depending on which team your in.

    - You could also hook up this to dynmap api and make each sponge get a flag on the map. This should be optional and would be best if it was used as well as with the compass since everyone doesn't want to use dynmap.

    Wow... My head was empty after that. Strange. Know I had more ideas lurking in my thick skull. :p

    Oh well. I will return later with the server-address and some info on it.

    Server for trying out this plugin is up!
    That got your attention, right? :p

    Anyway. A minecraft server for testing purposes are up at and a teamspeak 3 server is running on the same adress. The chat between minecraft and teamspek are connected.

    Some other small stuff exists as well, just read the page on for a quick go-through of it all...

    Size of the map is 2000x2000 which should be enough. It support up to 250 players so I'd be extremely surprised if it isn't enough :p


    Two more things btw.

    ¤ Admin command to reset "days" should be added or that the days doesn't start to count until both teams have atleast one member each.

    ¤ About exploiting it a little by hiding the sponge. I don't really know how sponges react to fire (haven't tried anything yet) but if it flamable then it can be set on fire which spreads and can be hard to protect yourself against.
    If it's not flameable, then players can cover the sponge with lava making it hard as hell for the other team to get to it.

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    Wow, lot of stuff here!

    I added the compass pointing to the todo list of the project, great idea in my opinion! There will be an option to enable it.
    Same for the days count.

    The sponge is not flammable, a player already tried the lava hiding on my server. The problem is, I don't know how it shall be possible to control that... Maybe, make impossible to use a lava bucket above or aside a sponge.

    Thanks for all! I have no time at the moment to implement all that, neither to play myself, but I'll do that this summer!
  13. Not a big broblem really with lava. Can use some other plugin do disable use of lava or something. :)

    It's nice to hear that you don't have time right now, it hints that you actually got a life and that always makes me happy :)
  14. Been messing around a lot with this plugin now and it works in a really fun way.

    I am gonna empty my brain of all ideas this plugin has given me during this time thought and I just want to warn you before you continue reading that you should not take this as full requests or complaints but just as it is. Ideas.

    Some, a lot or all of these might not be possible, but I get these ideas so here we go:

    • The possibility for admin to move the bases
      Once or twice the sponges spawn in the middle of an ocean which makes it kinda hard to get a good start and every time they have always spawned close to each others. To be able with a simple command (ex: /kgb move red/blue) move the sponge to the location you're standing in would be a perfect way for admins to choose themself the placement.

    • Adding support for multiworlds
      I use multiworld on my server and not being forced to run this plugin on its own server would help a lot. Running this with multiworld screws upp the spawns even if I only run one world. Multiworlds spawn seems to get the upper hand.

    • (multiworld) Allow players to start a match of KGB by themself using signs/teleporters
      As a continuing of making this work with multiworld you could have a world dedicated to KGB and let players in the main world start it by clicking on a sign which teleports them to the KGB world and start a new game (if one isn't already running) when each team has X members.
      Klicking the signs while a game are active it lets them join in instead.
      By setting a game to run 7 MC days/nights before the teams can attack each others sponges these games wouldn't have to run longer than what they can sit and play MC in one session.

    • Using the same map again/reset games
      Allow admin to reset a game by a simple command (/KGB reset?) and/or doing an automatic reset when a game is finished and re-using the same map but random replacing of the sponges.
      This would let the games go on without an admins interferance instead of having to keep watch so that the server can be restarted after each game. Also great for multiworld since shutting down the hole server after a game wouldn't be to fun for the players on the regular world. :p

    • Adding support for dynmap
      Finding the sponge with the use of a compass as I said before is nice hearing that you will give a try. (sorry for the grammar :p), but also, adding support for dynmap would be another great thing. This means that the sponges are marked on the map directly and also that every flag made are shown on the map.
      The part with showing the flags is an extra "fun-factor" since it would show each teams expansion on the map.

    • Protecting the sponge from being covered to much
      I've brought this up before about nt being able to hide the sponge or covering the sponge with lava. This is actually something you don't need to put down to much effort on. If you really make it so that you could find the sponge with an compass or dynmap it only adds some more difficulty to find it if it's covered. More, and not to much is what I mean.
      Covering it with lava is easy to fix since there already exists a couple of plugins that let you set protective flags on marked areas. That mean that the server admin can choose to install one of those and protect the area aroind the sponge, disabling the placement of lava.
    I feel this is enough ideas to make you regret that I found my way here so I'll leave it at that (for now :p).

    Have a nice day :D
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    Approved, some screenshots may be nice.
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    Yes screenshots please :D liking how this plugin sound so far
  17. He actually have a screenshot on the devbukkit page:

    But I posted some screens here anyway. :)

    The red flag and the sponge from surfaceview in dynmap:

    The blue flag and sponge from ingame:

    A closer look at the red flag:

    Closer look at the sponge:

    Another dynmap surface pic, this one in hires and showing both bases.
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    When i put this on my server it seems to stop people from joining any fixes (Ports are forward plugin is installed correctly it just wont let me join)
  19. Do you use any plugins beside this? If so, what plugins?
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    You should make like a good vs evil type plugin with like good and evil prefixes and like good and evil warps and spawns and stuff because that would be amazing!
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    War laggs the hell out of most of the servers..

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