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    Good afternoon everybody.

    I'm looking for someone to finish a project a friend of my startet, but dropped halfways cause he was bored.

    I love RPG, skills and things like this, but even if there a great RPG-plugins, there was no plugin that did what I want.

    For me there are two types of plugins.
    On the one side there are plugins changing the gameplay significantly by "forcing" players to perform a job or play a class or by implementing much more. I don't like it not be able to pick up a pickaxe because I'm not a miner. I'd rather be able to kill animals than to be able to cast a firestorm on my enemies. For me this just destroys a part of the unique gameplay of minecraft.

    One the other side there are very "weak" plugins. These plugins do not intervene in the gameplay at all. For example McMMO, a nice little plugin, but in the end the players will have enough of every item and have a complete armory of diamond-tools in a vanilla-word with or without this plugin.

    Some people might want to ask me now: How do you want to change the gameplay with your plugin without intervening in the gameplay of minecraft?
    Well, thats a good question. I have it admit it will not be possible witout changing parts of the original gameplay, but anyway I'll come back to this issue soon.

    Now let me explain my idea.
    In the beginnig you will not start with notthing, you start with less then notthing. All skills you have are reduced by ~ 50%-80%. Means: your efficiency is increased, your damage is reduced, the durability of your tools is reduced. Learning by doing: If you perform an action your skill will increase up to 100 (vanilla-standard). There are many possible ways to design the skills e.g. you could make one mining skills that increases durability and efficiency on leveling up or you could make several sub-skills like ore-mining-speed and stone-mining-speed with a own leveling-system for both.

    If you reached for one skill(sub-skill) level 100 you can make this your job (including all sub skills means: if you level ore-mining up to 100 you can choose to become a miner including all other mining-subskills). Your job's skills can be leveld up to 300(500) and provide a skill boost (increased drop chances, increased speed, increased durability, increased damge itc). You can only have one job.

    A great difference to other RPG plugins might be the blacksmith-system. The blacksmith has 3 subskills: armor, weapons, tools. At level 0 every player will just be able to craft wooden item, what doesn't mean that a lvl 300 miner is unable to use a diamond-pickaxe crafted by a friendly blacksmit. I also was thinking about using the features the new spout-server should have for extra items/craftingtables, but if they continue to work at this project with that speed, when they are finished, vanilla will be able to do the same already. Anyway, combined with a mod adding things like a anivl and a hammer (you have to heat your iron and then craft your tool by hammering on the anvil before you can put the stick in it) or a mill (you have to grind the seeds to get farina before makeing bread), but that would be just the icing on the cake.

    I hope you got my idea. The whole concept is a bit more complex to explain all here. Message me if you would like to hear more.
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    It appears that you want a plugin that slows down the normal mining/digging speed. You have potions that do this, but I don't think you can customize the level of decreasement to allow for it to scale up over the course of 100 levels without it feeling clunky.

    With mining fatigue you can have 5 levels total, which are 80%/60%/40%/20%/0% decreasement of speed. I don't believe your goal is reachable without a modded client.
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    I don't want a plugin that just affects the normal mining speed. I want much more. I just thought mining would be the best example ... in minecraft.
    Some other examples beside miner and blacksmit:
    Farmer: at lvl 0 lesser dropchance for all plants (wheat ~ 50%, rest ~ 1-10%)
    Warrior: ability to wear heavy armor at higher levels. increased damage with weapons.
    Druid: able to brow potions
    Wizard: able to enchant.

    I know these effects are possible even without a modded client. I've seen nearly everything in several other plugins (Heroes: durability and speed, McMMO: Leveling system, RecipeManger: Restriction of recipes). I would only need a modded client for the last part about the custom items, but that's just some thoughts how to make it even more realistic, not a part of the plugins.

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