RPG-NPC - Talk to NPC's the RPG way! [Spout]

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  1. Ok heres the idea - I really feel this is missing...
    NPC's with scriptable talkboxes powerd through a spout GUI.
    This plugin would make it able to speak with NPC's like in a usual RPG.
    Players have multiple questions to choose from, which sounds simple but is BIG.
    I know sometime someone is going to make this anyway,
    but I would like to encourage you great plugin devs to be first who's doing it.
    This is a BIG (super-awesome) plugin.
    And I cant wait for it to come :D
  2. bumpbumpburumbumpbump!
    This plugin gotta be made!

    Incase you don't get what I mean, it's the box with that you can communicate with NPC's and choose your question; heres a example from Gothic 3
  3. citizens or empyrium?
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    I really like this idea, maybe you should ask the Developer of CitizenSpout to do this, he's very open minded and will probally add it :)
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    There is a HUGE difference between CitizensSpout and what he wants, it would be a separate plugin! :p
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    Ah ok, im not a plugin dev so i wouldn't know.

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