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    Suggested name: NationsPlus

    What I want: I need a nations plugin for my RPG server. The nations will be created by admins, and there will only be a couple nations.
    • The nation's border is the border of that biome
    • Players can create towns within the nation's borders
    • There should be the name of the nation before a player's name
    • Other nations can't build/destroy in the towns, but they can in the area outside of the town.
    • WorldEdit, economy, and permissions (groupmanager) support
    • Other nations can declare war on a nation.
    • Nations can ally against other nations
    • Players can't leave spawn without joining a nation
    • After a player joins a nation, they must wait a certain amount of time before leaving and joining another nation (prevents looting of the nation from within)
    Ideas for commands:

    Admin commands:
    • /nations create [nation] [tag] : create a nation and define the prefix
    • /nations remove [nation] : remove a nation
    • /nations claim [biome] [nation] : claim a biome for the territory of a nation
    • /nations createtown [town] [nation] : create a town within the nation
    • /nations remove town [town] [nation] : remove a town within a nation
    • /nations settownborder [town] [nation] : set the border of a town after it has been selected with worldedit
    • /nations kick [player] [nation] : remove a player from a nation
    • /nations ally [nation] : ally with a nation
    • /nations war [nation] : declare war on a nation
    • /nations neutral [nation] : declare a nation neutral
    Player commands:
    • /nations join [nation] : join a nation
    • /natons town join [town] : join a town after you have joined a nation
    • /nations leave [nation] : leave a nation, player automatically leaves a town
    • /nations tp [town] : teleport to another town, with a delay
    Ideas for permissions:

    Admin permissions:
    • nations.create
    • nations.createtown
    • nations.remove
    • natons.removetown
    • nations.claim
    • nations.setborder : admins can set the town border
    • nations.status : lets admins ally, declar war, and become neutral
    • nations.kick
    Player permissions
    • nations.join
    • nations.jointown
    • nations.leave
    • nations.tp
    These are just some rough permissions, please condense if you wish.

    When I'd like it by: Sometime Soon.

    Note: I don't want Factions, I already have that on another server. I have looked at towny, but it just doesn't have what I want (and its too complicated). I have looked at other guild/clan plugins, but none of them fit my needs.

    Thanks In advance!
    Owner of Bossrealms
  2. I am currently using AncientRPG, but I need something more like this. That would be great if someone could make this.

    Thanks, bossomeness
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    This is the kind of plugin I'm looking for
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    How about instead of giving them a set time before they leave, how about upon joining another nation their inventory is cleared? Plus we can have some LWC or lockette support, for example....
    -Inventory is cleared upon joining a new nation: This will block item stealing.
    -Chests that are created by the blue nation (random nation i created) can only be opened by other blue nation members: This will block people from putting things in a chest and then switching to another nation.
    -Players can only pick up thrown items if the items are thrown by another person in the same nation: This will prevent people from passing on items to a friend from another nation.
  6. Great idea. And all this can be configurable. For a more PvP feel, maybe have a (configurable) feature where there is a central monument, and a set amount of players from an enemy nation must stay within a certain number of blocks of the monument to take control of the nation. Kind of like zone control. I'd still like to see this.
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