[RPG] MyBed v0.2 - Players cannot sleep in other Players' beds [953]

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    This page will no longer be updated. Please follow this project at the Bukkit Dev Page

    MyBed - Players cannot sleep in other Players' beds
    Version: 0.2 (7/16/2011)
    Supports iConomy, BOSEconomy, Essentials, Permissions
    Download Page

    • Players own a bed when they sleep in it
    • A Player cannot sleep in another Players' bed
    • A Player cannot destroy another Players' bed
    • Signs can be used to make Inns
    • Inns can charge Players to sleep in a bed
    • Inns can regenerate health
    • Fully customizable messages
    To setup an Inn first own the bed.
    Then place a sign above the bed and format it as follows:
    First line = wutever you want
    Second line = Cost: x (x is the amount of money which will be taken from the sleeper and given to the bed owner)
    Third line = Health: x (x is the amount of half hearts regenerated by the sleeper)
    Last line = wutever you want

    Here is an example of an Inn sign:
    Cody's Inn
    Cost: 10.5
    Health: 6
    Enjoy your stay!

    Permission Nodes:

    • mybed.inn - needed to make an Inn
    • mybed.own - needed to own a bed
    Old Versions + ChangeLog can be found at Download Page
    Version 0.2 (7/16/2011)
    • Added Economy support
    • Added Sign commands
    • Added Permission nodes mybed.own and mybed.inn
    • Added Customizable messages with color support
    Version 0.1 (6/29/2011)
    • Initial Release
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    lol, what if you invite a nice lady over?
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    Yes I believe that is a major flaw. (;))
    Anyways, have you also protected the blocks under the bed?
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    In Minecraft? Excuse me?

    Anyways, nice plugin, and probably works mixed with BedRespawn plugin, so others can't use your bed to respawn in your home.
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    Um, I think it was a joke.
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    No I didn't think of that, I'll fix that today
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    A True Plugin Dev...
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    Awesome Idea. Can you have beds that are excluded as well? Say for example an Inn.
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    It allows the blocks under to be destroyed but leaves the bed intact.

    Once I add commands I'll have one to make a bed public
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    An Inn? Maybe iConomy support? Maybe a permissions node so that certain people can make beds that heal you (or double beds that heal people when they are laying next to each other o.0) and be able to charge people to sleep there.
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    @Codisimus Maybe an outlandish request, but multiworld support? I have a hardcore survival world coming that this would be perfect for ;)
  12. /openbed AHHH, WHY WON'T IT WORK!!!!! lady leaves. ragequit.
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    it should work fine in multiple worlds...
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    Awesome I have an inn and would like this :)
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    I'm going to add sign commands to apply a cost and an amount that you are healed when sleeping in it. any other ideas?
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    Awesome! You are such an amazing dev. Right now the Inn is set up to use turnstile to get in then players choose a room equipped with a bed, a workbench, a table, and a couch. Will you be able to allow sleeping during the day? (I doubt it, bet its client side) Anyway, how will the signs be set up? Something like: <Owned by> <Cost> <Health restored> maybe have a number of players (or percent) required to make it day. Max number of beds owned? Teleport to bed? Teleport to bed on death?
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    Added an Inn feature as well as other stuff
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    Very nixe! (It didn't alert me when you mentioned me :( )
    Could you implement healing limits (ex: everyone can't just make inns that heal for 20) and maybe minimum costs for inns (so there is no free healing) and check to make sure the inn owner doesn't use the bed (at least for free)
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    only players with mybed.inn can make inns, and if you own the inn you don't get charged and don't heal at all
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    O wow perfect already ahead of me XD (Great work BTW)
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    @Codisimus what would be cool imo is that a player can set up an INN then another person can come along and sleep in that bed, for the price then that bed is theres.. and they can not sleep in any other Inn owned bed.. that way if someone is staying they dont have to spend money every single time they sleep c: ehhh ehhhh? :D..
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    Awersome plugin, wery usefull for my RP sever.
    Please add this function:
    1) if player sleeps too offen (checked by day+daytime before last sleep), it hurts him.
    2) By default sleeping on bed heal.
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    1) is stupid for my server.
    I mean think of others who aren't running a RP Server :oops:

    2) is a good idea though :cool: @Codisimus
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    please if it not too hard, you may make it conf...
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    update for 1000 please
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    Can someone who has mybed.* delete other people's beds?
    I want some control :p!
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    @ Codisimus Would it be possible at all to remove the neccessity to own a bed to make an inn? I'm not really a fan of that feature.
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    If a player sleeps in another bed, will it remove the protection from the original bed they placed, or could a player have a lot of beds protected all over?
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    Can you explain this a little more?

    How about you just put up a sign (to make the inn) and it automatically becomes owned by you as long as noone else owns it. If I made it work like that would you be satisfied?

    Players can have multiple beds/inns
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    Would be significantly better, yes. :)

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