Inactive [RPG/MISC] ClassSign v1.5 - Fill your inventory with custom inventories for classes [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ChrizC, Jun 3, 2011.

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    That means you've used tabs in the config.yml file, where you should've used spaces.
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    Is there any way this is or could link with mcMMO to either actually choose a class for a player or prevent a player from using a sign that's not for their class?

    The screenshot section of the original post is actually deceptive, last I looked at this plugin (pre-953). It didn't actually "choose" a class.

    I know the screenshot says "to choose a class", but is that actually making a character whatever class they're punching? And, does punching a different sign change their class?
  4. Hey, I love the plugin although I have a problem. I edited the three default classes to my liking and that worked fine but whenever I try to add a new 4th class to the config and start up the server it comes up with an error about mapping not being allowed or something. none of my class signs work unless I change the config to how it was originally before I added a 4th class. Help please
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    The screenshots were not provided by myself, so I apologise for any misunderstanding that results from them.
    Currently, this plugin does not change your class in any other plugin, or in Permissions. I'm looking into this.

    Can you pastebin your config.yml file?
  6. classes:
    items: 280,283,294,331:64,331:64,345,347,289:64,263:64,322,38:64,1:64,20:64,265:64
    items: 276,259,274,320:5,355,50:64
    armor: 306,307,308,309
    items: 261,262:64,262:64,345,274,272,297:3,320:3
    armor: 298,299,300,301 Miner: items: 278,277,259,46:15,50:64
    emptyWholeInventory: true
    overwriteArmor: true
    checkVersion: true
    emptyInventory: true

    Here it is, although just by looking at it I think I see the problem, what do you think?
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    Can you please post it to the site I linked you to?

    Also, I've released Version 1.5 for everyone else. If you're having problems defining classes in the configuration file, try using the new commands!

    @Moses Alright, I see your problem.
    You need to follow the exact template as shown with the default classes.
    This means, new lines.

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  8. Oh sorry I'm new to this whole thing. anyway I got it working, but thanks for replying anyway
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    i've put a classign.Use in a default group and try it.. but I nothing happen.. i tried the admin and i can get it to work..
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    You're going to have to give me a few more details...
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    uh that's the error.. I've put the classign.Use permission in a default group.. and I login with a not OP.. and tried it.. punching the sign nothing happen, it's just like punching a normal sign no error or so what.. When I tried the admin.. I can punch the sign and get the item..
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    Are you building the sign within the spawn protection area?
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    spawn protection.. is like worldguard??
    if it's that.. then yes..
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    Did you spawn a new world, then place the sign?
    Or did you walk a while first?
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    walk awhile.. and place the sign..
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    Could you add a permission node so they can only use specific signs? for example only people with the permission of classign.Use.Knight could use the knight sign :) then classign.Use.* would just be all signs as it is now.

    The system on our server is the players decide before joining, then get a Permissions set. I was gonna use this for minigames, which have seperate inventories anyway, so it'd be good if only our Warriors could get the Warriors items and so on.
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    I really wanted this for my server... but permissions keeps screwing stuff up
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    Something like a cool-down? That would be SOOOO nice!

    Like, I LOVE this Plug-in. Cool downs would be really helpful though. So like, I could give them some wood, and they could use it again, but not right away.
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    When you say it's open source so we can recompile with modification(s) it if we want... how are we (myself) supposed to do that? I'm new to modding and I'm interested to change something in your code to prevent the helm from being removed (conflict with other plugin).

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    You can recompile with modifications for yourself. This means you can not share the modifications, they can only be used on your server, and you must give me all original credit.

    To do that, simply download all the source files from github, and import them into your IDE. Change what you want, then simply recompile in your IDE.
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    Yes, the first part was pretty clear and I have no problem with it.

    But the second part is harder than it seems. I managed to to create a .jar file which is bigger than the one you provided in the source... This is weird because I only deleted some code to prevent the helm from being removed. By the way, I'm using Eclipse.

    Thanks for your help and really great plugin!
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    I'm not sure with Eclipse. I use NetBeans.
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    Doesnt work with ESSENTIALS (GROUP MANAGER)!!
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    I'm well aware of this, and have no plans to include support for this in the future.
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    Oo I noticed after adding this plugin my memory (ram) has been dropping slowly until it hits 1%??? then every thing goes laggggg. :/
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    when using the in-game commands it adds ' to the beginning and ending of classes items/armor thus making the in-game commands not working. example

    a class added with in-game commands

            items: '3523'
    a class added manually

            items: 3523,3523,3523,3523,3523,320:5
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    You may just see this implemented in the next top secret plugin from the team...
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    How can I make it so a class sign gives me colored wool? Like, if i wanted a sign to give me a stack of orange wool, doin'g 35:1:64 doesn't work, because it picks up the first number after the colon, as the quantity.
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    Hey oi tried to do /cs add class Elf and it says Script does not exist

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