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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    I have this when i start the Server:

    But the Plugin works perfectly :)
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    Daniel Few

    Oh, i didn't realise it's defaults were for levels up to 1000, my aim was to have 100 as the max level. So i would need it slowed down :).
    Thanks for your reply.

    I've written a plugin for McMMO that sets restrictions on certain tool materials until you are the required level.
    Stone Pick you have to be level 10 to use or the block doesnt break and it says 'You do not have the requiered level to use: Stone Pickaxe.

    Does anyone want this? Because if not i won't make it more user frienldy
    (AT the moment its suited to my needs and all in the code. If more people want it i'll write up a configuration file that lets you change the messages that appear and what levels you need for each tool)

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    I want this plugin :)
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    Daniel Few

    Ok i'll see who else wants it any maybe start it up again :)
    I thought for an RPG plugin McMMO would have implemented this but they said they didn't want to. For me, i don't see the point of leveling up if you have nothing to work towards, so thats why i made it. And i know u have abilities but i thought this would add more of a challenge.
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    I'd definitely be interested in that once you have it finished. I think it's odd that repair has a limit on it, but using other things doesn't. That means anyone who joins the server can instantly PVP someone, take their diamond and be just as effective as the person they killed.
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    Daniel Few

    Thanks, tell you what, ill make my own post so we're not taking up McMMO's :p If you have any ideas for it post them there :) i'll add a link in my sig when i've made it.

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    They're not particularly overpowered though :< and some of them, like Herbalism's cobble->mossycobble at the cost of seeds is actually pretty cool!
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    So...Running a 670 server with MCMMO. When I do /mcmmo, it comes up with the text. But that is the ONLY thing that works. No skill ups, no drops, no parties, nothing but /mcmmo. This is running off a clean install of the latest version. Help?
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    Minor bug I found, the hoe/the green thumb isnt included in the /mcability toggle, running CB 670 and mcMMO 0.9.27, I did /mcability (turning abilities off) then right clicked with a pick (aiming upward in the air), didn't toggle that ability, then tried with a sword (also aiming in the air), didn't turn on, tried with a Hoe (aiming upward in the air) it readies the hoe.
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    Can you please find a way to prevent gold duping? If you get a double drop from a gold block, place them, and mine them again at a high enough level, you're simply cloning (what is supposed to be) a very rare resource. Can you provide an option in config to autosmelt the blocks into ore or stop double drops for gold altogether?

    That's my only complaint. Otherwise, keep up the good work & frequent updates.
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    this might be off-topic, but you can use a plugin that logs blocks, have it log gold ores on-break events
    and examine this log for alot of gold ore breaks in a row, you found your duper.
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    No, It's not that there is a duper, but as a means of preventing this from happening. Our server uses gold as a physical currency, and being able to inject it into the economy that easily would be ruinous. Trying to take all the precautions I can.
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    heres an idea, mcMMO can place a value into the metadata of the gold ore block when placing gold ores onto the land from a player, and when mcMMO detects a gold ore being mined, it can check for this value, and when found, it doesnt drop anything extra or give xp. (I think it does this anyway for logs and flowers.)
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    heres a temporary workaround, if you use worldguard, blacklist Block placement of ore blocks
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    Ok, I think I understand. Exhaustive testing of this will begin tomorrow.
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    @kleril That exploit was fixed a few versions ago. I went ahead and tested it to see if gold was somehow getting around my exploit protection and its not, any gold placed before you update to a version with exploit protection will still dupe but gold placed afterwards won't dupe or hand out xp.

    @thyrfa That indicates your permissions is setup incorrectly, care to post your permissions file?

    @Daniel_Few Post this plugin somewhere and I'll link it as a third party plugin
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    Yea that falling off thing is very annoying, especially if you have preciousstones installed =/.
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    do you think we can change the mcmmo motd?
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    Is there a way to remove the berserk command from ops, cause i use movecraft and all i ever see is 'you ready your axe' it is quite annoying.
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    Just for clarification, does this mean that blocks placed by anyone will not give xp to anyone else? Or userX does not get xp from userX's placed blocks. Will blocks placed by other plugins like worldedit and such give xp?
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    Question to the repair skill.

    I thougt the repair mastery increased the base durability that will be restored.
    Example: Diamond Pickaxe and Skilllevel 500. Level 500 = 100% extra durability that should be restored.
    so instead of 33% it should be 66%, but when my pickaxe is nearly broken and i repair it twice, its not full restorend/repaird. But it should repaired full, cause 2 x 66% = 132%
    It still restores only 1/3 of the durability.. and not even super repair is repairing the tool by ones.

    Maybe i'm wrong or i simply misunderstood the repairsystem of mcmmo. ?!
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    Version 0.9.28
    • Green thumb can now spread grass to dirt using seeds
    • Adding XP will check for level ups again
    • Acrobatics won't hand out XP on death anymore
    • Acrobatics will check plugins for the event being cancelled before handing out XP
    I just tested repair out on my own server @ 500 Repair skill
    Before -> After
    This should restore 66% rather than 33% due to the bonus 100% to durability restored from Repair skill, and it does indeed appear to work perfectly.
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    Awesome plugin nossr50, been using it since I ported to Bukkit. I hope you add more customization to the configuration file, it would be epic+ :)
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    omg i love this^^ but can you add a setting to have lvl recuirements on tools like in levelcraft? i soo want this plugin and that together :)

    and btw it still says v0.9.27 next to the download ;)
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    First, thanks so much for this great plugin! I've read enough plugin threads to know that people don't say "Thank you!" nearly enough to plugin developers!

    Second, I'm not much of a programmer but I want to do what I can do to help. I'm decent as a documenter so I offer my services as such :) With this in mind, two things 1) Would you like any tutorial videos made for your plugin? I have FRAPS and a decent computer so I wouldn't mind making some sort of tutorial video for this plugin if you want :) (I see that you have a section for tutorial videos and you have a few already but perhaps you could use some for the new features?) Just quote part of this message or send me a PM or something if you do! 2) I'd like to share the configuration of my working server to help answer others' questions.

    I have several plug ins, including this one, up and running and (so far as I can tell) they are all getting along and working. I know when I go looking for new plugins I'm always curious if somehow the new plugin will 'break' my current plugins so I'm posting this info for each of the plugins that I use. People always post in a plugin's thread when things don't work so I want to post something that does work for comparisson :)

    Basically, I just want people to know that yes, you can run this plugin and all these other ones without breaking the world.

    Pastebin of mcmmo.properties: http://pastebin.com/tFZZWJwF

    Current Bukkit Version: 670

    Plug Ins

    CommandBook 1.2.1
    HeroChat 4.10.1
    iConomy 4.6.5
    LocalShops 2.2.1
    mcMMO 0.9.27
    Permissions 2.6
    PreciousStones 3.2
    Runecraft 2.5.1
    Towny v61Fuzzev5_CB670 (semi-officially forked version) (Note the semi-official fork now has a semi-official bukkit thread here.)
    VirtualChest aka GiftPost 3.3.1
    WorldEdit 4.3

    Pastebin of server.log on restarting the server: http://pastebin.com/n4yqxWSG

    Pastebin of my Permissions file (since I currently only have one world and that world is called PhoenixRealms, the file is called PhoenixRealms.yml): http://pastebin.com/4ySk7qD9
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    @Qanthelas More tutorial videos would be awesome, thanks for the kind words about mcMMO.
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    Any issues with CB 377?
    Everyones talking about 377 now, Multiplay is also moving to 377 tomorrow, so I'm checking all the mods to see if they work with 377.
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    Version 0.9.29
    • Fixed bug where water turned anything into Clay
    Sorry about this bug guys, my bad!

    @MrObject Shouldn't have any problems, leme go test it real quick.

    EDIT: Seems to work purrrfectly with 677

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