[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Perhaps in my tiredness I've missed it but how does one set the MOTD? I have it enabled to show to players that log in but where do I set said MOTD exactly?
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    @TehJammers currently I have 4, including myself, but I am the only person that really plays daily. Lately I have been just working on the server end and not really playing the game as I am pretty much alone.

    As for the @, I just type the @ symbol and your name as I have no idea how to quote a user name into the reply chat box.

    @BlackPandemic you cannot set the MOTD for mcMMO, nossr50 is working on a configurable MOTD but has not implemented one. I personally use LoginMessage v0.6_1. It is simple quick efficient and does not any problems with any plugins I have used.
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    Thanks for the quick response and suggestion :)
  5. You click "reply" on the post, that quotes the post in the reply box below.
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    I use the achievement and stats plugin on my server and we use the command "/stats" already to check out our stats.
    When I watched one of the video's I saw that this plugin also uses the command "/stats". Is there a way to fix this or am I just going to have to make a choice?

  7. In the config file you can modify the /stats command of this plugin, I never tried it tough.
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    I've tried this and it works so far!
    Thanks a lot :)
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    new idea on your pluggin .. /ranklist show top ten players
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    I have myspawnclearsinventory=false in the config file, but /myspawn clears inventory.
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    Second the notion.

    also pssible bug report: Super repairs still seem to repair to max:
    While repairing an iron chestpiece from about 10% dura (was in the red) with lvl 95 repair, on the first repair hit, i got a super repair, and it repaired it to full durability.
    My normal Extra repair % is 19% so from what i understand it should have taken it from about 10% to about (48% + 1/8 of dura)
    sorry my math is kinda fuzzy there, so if im wrong please disregard
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    I am running CraftBukkit 612, and McMMO plugin 0.9.15 with Permissions 2.5.5.

    For some reason, as a 'Default' player, I cannot place or destroy blocks, they just regenerate. However, on 'Admin', I can manipulate the world perfectly fine.

    My other plugins are Movecraft Beta 0.6.8, AntiCreeper 1.0, Nether 1.1, and SimpleBarter 1.2 ... I'm not sure of the problem at all.
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    To be honest, if you have so few players I'd recommend just giving everyone access to all skills. My 10-slot server has about 30 regulars, some of whom can gain skills from this plugin, and some of whom get kits to build with.
    It used to be split about 50/50 builders to survivalist, but now there's only maybe 4 real builders, all because of this plugin, most of whom play at least 4 days a week :p

    Moral of the story, don't limit people to classes if you don't have a proper societal structure going. People tend to specialise naturally if they don't have limits, and the competitive edge makes them keep on coming back!

    @Dope - You can choose whatever you want instead of stats. Also, official stats in the actual game this week :p
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    Is it just me or does this conflict with WorldEdit?
    Makes perfect sense, any one have a nice workaround?
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    yeah I think it does
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    i would love to see you eventualy add a skill for the wolves like at low levels you can only have 1 wolf then as you level up you can get more and more to a cap of 10 ? then at max rank they get a damage boost
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    Nossr50 has spoken to the worldguard author about fixing compatablility issues. If you're using the wood axe "wand" in worldedit just type /mcability.
    thats the only conflict i've seen with woldedit.
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    Yea, I tried changing the wand-tool to a non-tool, but that didn't work, so I checked the wiki, I had no idea there was a command like that, thanks anyway!

    I'm thinking, since this is by far the best skill/mmo plugin for Minecraft, more feutures could be nice huh?
    What about a XP multiplier for kills?
    If you slay alot, you get more exp?

    I wish Notch/Mojang could add some random vials with no real use, and you could use them in mods like this, different potions found in dungeons etc. :p

    Also, I must say, this plugin makes Minecraft much more interesting :p

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    The bukkit forums seem kind of broken atm, I am just now able to navigate to page 66 of this thread.

    I'll be working on fixing the Timer bug fffizzz posted next, I'll look into the repair bug diego mentioned as well.

    @Exone Thanks for the compliments

    @kieranthethomas You need to make sure your default group has build permissions in the permissions file

    And yes a leader board command is planned, I'll see what I can do about making it happen sooner rather than later.
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    @nossr50 I feel as if you are ignoring me D: have you taken into consideration of the coco bean idea?

    That or bukkit forums hate me
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    @nossr50 any chance you could make /mcability persist through sessions (logging in and out)? No rush, but i've messed up my house a few times not paying attention lol

    great plugin, my players panic if they can't repair their tools now lol
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    Hello. I am trying to disable herochat with permissions, and this is what my permissions look like for admins

        default: false
        info: {prefix: '&f[&5Architect&f]&d', suffix: '', build: true}
        inheritance: []
        permissions: ['-mcmmo.chat.*', '*']
    Can we get a simple flag in the properties file to disable mcmmo chat? I attempted the above with permissions, but still it has the annoying toggle admin chat. I'd rather not have to list every permission on the server for an admin just to disable this one feature.
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    So..big bug..tree feller = everlasting. Never turns off and im woodcutting 2 x.x
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    Actually, I came up with a better solution to the cocoa bean problem :p

    WasteProduct, and change the output to cocoa beans.
    Equal parts hilarious, disgusting, and genius!

    Are you sure you want to eat those cookies?
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    Oh man, speaking of that, I'd love to see the vial skins that are available in the Painterly pack if Notch did ever implement this. I could see playing a piece of raw glass on the crafting table and getting a vial, which you could then fill with liquid. The possibilities are endless!
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    This mod is fantastic. The vanilla totally uncofigured version is more than nough for my tiny server to have some extra life in it. Thanks so much.
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    @bigougit It should persist between logging out and logging in, but it won't persist between server instances

    @defofchaos I'm not ignoring it, I just didn't think I had much to reply with. It's a nice idea.

    @Jessicadawn Please look in the server log for "Timer" errors, CTRL+F "Timer" and paste anything you find. This will help me fix it.

    @Gorfob Thanks [sheep]
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    [creeper] apparently your mod hates me. other players on my server said it persists, but this and the abilities seem to work different for me.
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    Any news on fixing it so we don't have errors with Big Brother? Is it possible even?

    My /bb here is crazy with incorrect logging. I'll have players show up as breaking 100's of doors and such. I believe this happens when players randomly get their super ability stuck in an active state.

    I'm going to try and disable Berserk and Super Pickaxe from the ability's. Maybe this will limit it a bit.
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    Is it possible to not have the abilities conflict with worldedit and other plugins that use right clicking with tools? I like the abilities, but its almost impossible for me to go without worldedit at this point...

    Thanks for any help :)
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    @nossr50 I was just wondering if you saw it and was wondering if you were going to implement it or you thought it was a bad idea, or it was just not physically possible. That is all.
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