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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    When I use unarmed, and I right click while targeting an enemy to activate the ability it doesn't activate. I have to actually look at some dirt to activate the ability than start mauling the zombie.

    mcmmo = 0.9.9
    CB = 556
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    Wouldn't you need to make it compatible with our factions plugin then? Otherwise of course it would act that way. I can ask my leader for the name, its very good and probably popular.
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    I would imagine that something in builds 561+ made things a lot easier on his life. Plus shouldn't a recommended build be released soon anyways? I would imagine the maker of MM wouldn't have to change much now seeing as he made it compatible to most if not all of the changes made in builds 561+.

    Just saying, its not as simple as 'go nag the dev to stick to ### build'.
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    I have PvP=off in the server.properties. But when you shoot someone with an arrow with high level archery they still catch on fire and get dazed. Anyway to prevent this from happening?
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    Try typing /mcability to toggle it off :D
    Nossr didn't put it in the commands list, though it was in some patch notes
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    Is there way to disable ignition from an arrow?
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    At this point in time even with mcmmo.ability.axes and -mcmmo.ability.* disabled via permissions players are still able to "Ready their Axes"
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    My server seemed to have the same problem, but the trees didn't go boom

    If toggling the pvpexp=false thing or whatever, can't you not use your skills you already have from mob killing in a real fight with another player? If so, might it be possible to make what I just said possible?

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    Anyway to make the party chat disable chat even if you use other plugins like HeroChat?

    Also there should be a command for leaving a party.
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    Which Permission Node is for the /back command?
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    lol it's /party q

    Yea mine can too, it's only the ready notification and not the skills, though. Luckily, the non-skill builders get free wood kits so they never need to take out axes and be confused :p
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    @nossr50 Could there be Armor proficiency? Like, types of armor. Maybe if you wear leather armor, or diamond, iron armmor you become more accustomed to it?
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    this mod works grate it may be my main mod :) but i can't seem to be able to level up skills by using comands
    i have tried a few times but it just doesn't work do you know why??

    by the way it might be that i'm running a bit older version

    EDIT: also my myspawn deletes my inventory even though i toggled it of in the config file
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    I need an answer pls.
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    I have a bug to report.
    My users say that when they are using super breaker to mine ores they dont get any drops.
    Isnt the skill supposed to increase the chance of double drop, not remove the ores all together?

    Also, why cant you use chiamera wing unless you have full health and no armour on?
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    Big bug: I just tried the super breaker ability, it worked on diamond but then I tried on 7 iron blocks that dropped all in all... 1 iron block ! :S I'm guessing that the one block dropped was the extra drop provided by the ability and the normal drops didn't appear.
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    My players can't use chimerae wing.
    "You were injured recently and must wait to use this. (60s)"
    timer never goes down.

    no console output.

    Oh, and is it just me, or can we not repair leather armor?
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    I'll be putting an update out today to address these issues, working on it atm
    Still doing some testing on my own server
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    Will the Update fix the Timer Bug?

    I cant play with it, everybody can destroy every blcok with 1hit...

    So the Skills like Beserk or the Superbreaker skill does not turn off..
    That sux..
    Please take a look at it
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    @Ryole you didn't post the full error with the timer, do you mind posting the full error?

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    Sorry, but I still need an answer on this question if you don't mind:

    If pvpgivesxp=off, will you still have your powers from killing mobs? For example, if I have 750 unarmed and I hit another player, even though I dont gain xp, will they still get hit uber hard?
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    @Lanuk Yea, it works that way
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    Yea your right, I responded a bit to harsh... I actually did the same thing somewhere halfway the 400's...
    I apologize for my short-sighed comment.

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    Tutorial video by diegokilla now available

    Version 0.9.10 will be available soon, still working on some bug fixes.
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    Sorry, I cant send you the ERROR, because the Error gets spammed away by the chatters...
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    @Ryole Eh? Can't even look in your server logs? Its pretty important!
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    Ok, I see what I can do, but I am not a genius ;D

    I searched about 11.000Lines and all I found is:

    2011-03-26 20:09:13 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Timer-0"
    2011-03-26 20:09:13 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-03-26 20:09:13 [SEVERE]     at com.gmail.nossr50.mcTimer.run(mcTimer.java:45)
    2011-03-26 20:09:13 [SEVERE]     at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
    2011-03-26 20:09:13 [SEVERE]     at java.util.TimerThread.run(Unknown Source)
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    Version 0.9.10
    • Party invites now show who they are from
    • Mushrooms added to Dirt/Grass excavation loot tables, drops with 500+ skill
    • mcMMO configuration file property setting names have been changed for readability
    • Fixed bug where Gold and Iron wouldn't drop anything during Super Breaker
    • Added /mcability info to /mcc
    • Potentially fixed NPE error when checking players for being in same party for PVP XP
    • Removed sand specific diamond drop from sand excavation loot table, Diamonds can still drop globally for sand
    • Added a global XP gain multiplier, increase it to increase XP gained
    • Reduced PVE XP for Unarmed, now identical to Axes/Swords
    • Changed Chat priority in mcMMO to be lower, this should help plugin conflicts
    • Mushroom XP raised to 40 from 10
    • Flower XP raised to 10 from 3
    Addressed a few oddities about herbalism XP in this update, tweaked excavation a bit and some fixes here and there.

    About the Timer Bugs (Abilities never wear off/Chimaera wing unusable)
    The issue with the Timer breaking for people and thus causing infinite abilities may not be fixed in this version. If you still notice abilities not working properly or being unable to use chimaera wings, its a sign the Timer has broken. Check the server console for Timer errors and post them in their entirety along with what CB build you are using.

    NOTE: You will need to discard your old settings file and start over if you want to keep the settings file clean. A lot of old settings have had their names slightly altered (for example 'graveltoclay' to 'gravelToClay') for readability. You will need to configure the mcMMO settings file again because of the readability changes.

    Look for xpGainMultiplier in the setup file, raise the number from 1 to change how fast XP is gained. Changing it to 2 would make XP gain twice as fast. This modifier effects everything except PVP interactions.
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    @nossr50 Iron pickaxe breaks redstone fine manually and yields dust, but doesn't break it in one hit with super-breaker activated, while diamond does. Figure this isn't intended.
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