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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    till something changes
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    i think breaking through block protection is a Huge problem.
    you can not check to see if the block_break is canceled by another plug-in for this ability?

    Also i can't seen to get the XP multipliers to work.

    World set to 1
    Sword get 7 exp er hit
    world set to 2
    Sword gets 7 exp per hit
    world set to 3
    Sword gets 7 exp per hit
    Server restarted between all those.

    Thats all i could test for now. i can test all skills if you like
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    @Beatkidz It IS checked, you need to contact block protection authors and have them cancel the event at stage 1 of damage not stage 3 which is what most block protection plugins normally do. The reason it goes through protection is simply because your standard block protection plugins only check for blocks being broken normally, if they cancelled the event for blocks when they are hit on contact mcMMO wouldn't be breaking these blocks.

    The XP multiplier changes the XP needed to level, not how much you gain.
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    Sorry it took me a while to get back to this. Basically what i am suggesting is that Admins/players with the permission node mcmmo.commands.setmyspawnother be able to use it to set the spawn of an entire group as defined in permissions.

    Say in my permissions setup i have a group named GreenClan

    And say i give a certain user GreenLeader the mcmmo.commands.setmyspawnother permission node.
    he would then be able to use the following existing command
    /setmyspawn g:GreenClan

    The <g:> would then set ALL of the members of GreenClan to wherever GreenLeader was at the time he used the command.

    So it would basically set the spawn of an entire group. This would make it MUCH easier for users who have the mcmmo.commands.setmyspawnother to set multiple players' spawnpoints at once :D

    Edit: If this feature was implemented, i think it would be crucial to make it so the users with mcmmo.commands.setmyspawnother only be able to set the spawn of the group they are in.
    Actually, It may be better to just add in a whole new command for these type of users, /setgroupspawn, then it just checks what group the player is in, and sets the spawn for all the users in said group...
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    Where can I find the file that lists all the skill levels that the players on my server have. because everyone's skills got reset so I want to manually give them their levels back. How do I go about this?

    A power outage made my server crash and when I booted up, somehow everyone had 0's on all their stats
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    <root folder with bukkit.jar>\plugins\mcmmo\mcmmo.users

    i believe is where it should be since 0.9-ish
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    Is there any way to prevent this plug in over writing protected areas?

    Players can use special abilities to destroy blocks protected by World Guard and its untraceable with Big Brother.

    Thats a huge problem IMO
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    @nossr50 if i use a program to change what items drop on like Stone will it conflict with this plugin? (i wanna make cobblestone/sand have a 25% chance to drop Stone/Sandstone)
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    Thank you very much
    so the higher the number the harder?
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    Hello, I'm having a problem. I have this set up and permissions and everything is running smoothly, except for one thing. Everything works, but evertime I attack or get attacked by a monster, the Server receives an error. It says
    Could not pass event ENTITY_DAMAGED to mcMMO
    at com.gmail.nossr.mccombat.applyAoeDamge<mcCOmbat.java:511>

    and other things, but i can't copy and paste. Do you know exactly what is wrong, and how i could fix this?
    thank you, Dan
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    Anyway to remove commands without permissions?

    If you remove a command such as "Whois", it'll replace itself next server startup.
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    i notice you use Runecraft. is there a way to make it so your abilities dont trigger when using runes with runecraft?
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    I can't seem to do /mmoedit or /mcgod as it just says "Unknown Console Command. Type help" etc etc
    Everything else works fine. Running it with everything updated
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    If someone uses worldguard they can mine on a protected block and get double procs on that block. So how it works is the higher skill in mining you have, the higher chance you have at getting an extra block of that item. Well if they do that on a protected block, the block won't be mined, but the extra type of that block will keep popping out over and over for free duping.

    Version 0.9.6
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    Same problem except with levelcraft and possibly towny but I haven't confirmed it with towny. Basically any plugin the stops you from breaking the normal block still gives you EXP and a proc.
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    Please can you fix the OP'ness of axes. I have effectively stopped PVPing on my server, When i get crit by an axe 3 times in a row and drop dead before i have time to eat, it gets frustrating. It wasnt a big deal befoe but as people level up axes the crit% is just way to high for the dmg it deals.
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    @Olat I'll be balancing PVP as per your suggestions next update
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    Ability timers have been functioning perfectly since 9.6

    I noticed that pvp was giving a large amount of exp to all the skills regardless of the pvp multiplier, though i might just be crazy.
    Superbreaker (for pickaxe) still does not drop iron ores or the gold ores.

    I'm not trying to whine I promise.

    I just want to let you know that I appreciate all the work you do with this mod, and especially your timely responce to bugs within it.

    Edit: Slimes seem to give no exp?
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    Any ETA on that. Just really need it. Logged in get invaded... get 2 shot... I log out and wanna punch a baby.
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    for some reason on my server the abilitys stay on at all time's after you activate them once i have to do /mcrefresh to make em stop im running

    hero bounty
    hero chat
    hero death
    iconomy chest shops
    minecart mania core
    minecartmania stations
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    Could this be used to not allow exp or drops from mcmmo if worldguard/towny or anything else blocks the block break?

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    Could we get the various messages mcMMO sends into the config file? My users don't like that mcmmo spams them while they're trying to use MoveCraft. (Requires a lot of right clicking with tools)
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    Just a suggestion, is there any chance you may want to add a mage class? I can tell you're a fan of the elder scrolls series... so I'm hoping it's in the works? :p
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    Regarding Towny/WorldGuard incompatibility

    There is almost nothing I can do to fix the problem, however... that doesn't mean compatibility is impossible, the authors of these plugins can either offer modding API assistance to me or cancel the events earlier than normal to make mcMMO stop breaking blocks protected by these plugins.

    If you want compatibility, you need to contact authors of block protection plugins and inform them of the need, complaining to me won't do anything as I'm well aware of the issue.

    I have posted in WorldGuard and Towny threads about how they can make their mods more mcMMO compatible, however I don't think they will go out of their way to do mcMMO compatibility.

    Here is my posts in both the threads, if you want mcMMO to be compatible with these block protection plugins you NEED to complain to those authors! I am not a magician, there are things I cannot do.

    Towny Post (Author has updated his plugin for mcMMO)

    WorldGuard Post

    What needs to happen
    Traditionally block protection plugins cancel the event at stage 2 of damage, this is when the block is actually broken. mcMMO abilities like Giga Drill Breaker and Super Breaker make contact with the block at stage 1 of damage and then break the block, if these block protection plugins cancelled the event at stage 1 of damage, mcMMO would no longer cleave through their protected regions/areas.

    I can only do so much for compatibility with other plugins, if you really want compatibility you need to raise your voices in THOSE threads not mine!

    It would be INCREDIBLY easy for these plugin authors to make their plugins compatible with mcMMO, however whether or not they want to make their plugin compatible is up to them.
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    @Binkow Did you give yourself permission to those commands?
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    Yes, I did.
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    Show me your permissions file
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    Here it is
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - 'mcmmo.tools.mcgod'
                - 'mcmmo.tools.mmoedit'
    # Users denote which users are included in which group.
    # TheNo1Yeti is in the Admin group
    # Herpina is a member of the Default group but also has access
    # to the herp.derp permissions
    # Derpina is a member of the admin group but does not have access
    # to the derp.derp permission node
            group: Admins
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    Hey, i dont know if this bug have been since earlier but, im using mcmmo 0.9.5, and for me saplings doesn't stack :/ they have an lifebar now, so they dont stack :/ i think it can because of the tree feller ability. the AoE maybe damages the sapling....
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