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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Hate to ask for feature creeps, as a coder and game designer my self, but this is a HUGE Idea. I think you will LOVE it. There is a new plugin called 'Bandages' it allows the use of paper or any item id to act as a Left 4 Dead style bandage where a player must stand still for X number of secs to heal an X number of hearts that he has configured.

    Ive asked him to add in an ability to heal other players, with a bandage,healother permission....

    What this has to do with mcMMO... A Heal / Medic Skill that can be lvled up and based on your skill lvl determines how much health you can heal your self or others. This would then give me the abilitity to give my Players another Profession or Class, IE Field Medic. Or even if you made the higher the skill the less # of paper used per bandage.

    Lemme know what you think.
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    @Olat I've been considering having some kind of healing skill, having bandages is not a bad idea. Paper would be a pretty good choice too, I'll give it some thought. EDIT: Slap me on your whitelist so I can come stalk you on your server sometime, "nossr50" is my MC name.
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    Not sure if the plugin dev has done open source or not but, try talking to dekvon and seeing if hed release his code so you can take a peek and not have sooo much to do. a quick port to yours and voila.
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    @Olat I'd rather write something from scratch than put in someone elses implementation personally
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    God damn you're a great dev, both my suggestions, within a day :D

    As for bandages, that sounds cool if you could right-click friends to heal them directly, rather than lob some bread at them. Reeds grow reeeaaal quick though, so I don't know how much paper you'd need initially to stop it impinging on Herbalism's health benefit territory.
    Maybe if it was an other-people-only skill? It would certainly set it apart from herbalism and passive health regen!
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    Ya, just trying to make it easy on ya though. Seeing as you got so much on your plate.

    Quick overcap of the PVP Tweaks. Ill pm you the full ones when i get more of them:
    1. As you lvl up your Parry chance should increase slowly.
    2. Axe Crit Dmg is too Hight. 25% -50% dmg increase would be better
    3. Unarmed Based Dmg + Dmg scaling should be a bit higher.
    4. Axe Lvling is slow based on insta kills of mobs, you cant use a wooden axe and swing 4 times per mob like with swords. 1 crit = insta kill. Maybe Reward Full EXP if Insta Killed?
    5. Question: if a player is disarmed and then is Re-Armed MID Swing, is the dmg off fist or the weapon when it lands?
    6. AoE Abilities are slowy being tested, seem to work fine and the dmg is decent.
    7. Bleeds are balanced and fun.
    8. Archery Daze? Does it even proc? If so what skill lvl, We have yet to see it.
    9. Repair: Increase ammount repaired slightly, seems to steep and or proc chance increase.
    10. Can you add in a way to repair chainmail? (I spawn them for Merchants to sell, its unique item, players love it)
    11. Acrobatics: Roll proc doesnt seem to take effect, players forget they even have it? ( I could just lower the EXP Mod for this one. I dunno if that would speed up the proc rate for them.)

    Thats it for now. My comments are in the ( ). Player comments are the listed items.

    I was thinking of a configurable stats. Like 10 pieces = 1 bandage = 5 hearts over 10 secs. You must stand still and so must they. any movement will waste the paper and break the healing done.

    So you cant run around and eat it. Bread and other food will still be the IN COMBAT item but if you can get a few free seconds Bandaging will turn the tide.

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    Is there a way to make stone and wood tools repairable for completeness sake? Not only that... but I have some people on my server that are new and like to do things without the aid of others and they only use stone tools. I realize it's simple enough to make again, but I was hoping they'd be able to lvl up their repair skill a LITTLE so they can get to diamond repair sooner. It's not a big deal and imo Iron/diamond/gold are the only things that need repairing. I just thought it'd be nice to be able to use for those who are still living in a shabby hole with no iron/diamond.

    Also... I just have to add....

    I <3 your mod!

    I'm still confused as to how to use abilities, but I'm sure I'll find it somehere in this forum :D .

    I've been looking at the plugin lists slowly to find something me and my friends would like and I came across Afraidskills by Igmolicious! You two should do a joint Plugin! Get the best of both worlds and all that! haha
    The ideas he has are amazing as well! I especially like the acrobatics skill allowing you to jump a little higher! Defensive posture for swords is smart as well! I wonder if it would stop you from being knocked back? If that's the case it would be good for getting close to archers for those who are terrible at dodging! Not to mention the bad at dodging part... Maybe a defense skill would be good to have? Make it so it builds up similarly to acrobatics in the fact that you have to take fall dmg in order to get experience. This one would have you take damage from arrows or melee attacks in order to level, but makes it so you take less damage at certain level intervals... as you have it set up for your other abilities

    I was also thinking... how about adding arrows to the list of things you can excavate? Skeletons are always shooting me, but I can't pick up their arrows darn it! lol

    I found how to use abilities ... I got so excited with your mod I installed it and played it without even reading the whole thing! I kind of went into fan girl mode, lol

    aaahhh! i need to go to sleep before I fill 20 pages of this forum with me ranting!! I love love love your mod! It really makes the game sooo much better with a sense of leveling! I wish I knew how to make plugins myself but I'm too much of a bonehead to learn. XD

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    Yes. I love the higher jump for acrobatics idea, diving, and chance of pinning with archery.
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    I'm pretty sure he made his plugin because he wanted to be different than mcMMO, although I do agree some of his ideas are pretty cool.
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    *crawls back to post even though i said I was leaving...* I didn't realize that abilities didn't work for me because I didnt update which makes me even happier because this mod is current and updated often! ( I dont know how often it's actually updated as I've just gotten it a little bit ago....) I'm still exciiiiiiteeeeed! Will you marry me? Does it help to say I'm a gamer chick that likes to cook and bake? :D lol

    Anyway, while spamming my shovel and mining ability... effectively killing the neatness of my mineshaft.... lol.... I came across the idea of a new item similar to your chimaera wing. Well, it's not a new item... but an idea, to add an effect to mushroom stew. It takes quite a long time for your abilities to come up again and thought, why not eat food to recover? no... pork is too easy to get.... then I thought... Mushroom stew! in order to get mushrooms you have to be lucky while wandering around early morning or searching under trees at night. So it's something people cannot spam often, but will have a bonus effect besides just a shit ton of health.

    I WAS thinking apples at first, but those are just TOO rare to use. I have no idea how many dungeons I've come across and I've not yet found 1 apple. Perhaps cake is also a worthy item? However it's a little annoying to use because you have to place it in order to use it and you can't move it afterwards without it being destroyed.... hrrmmm...
    Now I think if those items dont work for you, how about more of a "magic" feel to an item replenishing energy? Like perhaps glowstone! however that might just place it on the floor effectively annoying a lot of people when they try to use it, only to waste it as they only retreive 1-2 dust from it back... Maybe the dust itself? Consuming 9 pieces of it? configurable? yes?
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    Posts like this make me smile
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    I'm sure not all of his ideas are to your liking, and in a sense I suppose he found that your mod was not quite enough which is why he did his own. But perhaps he'll let you steal a few ideas? lol

    Do not be alarmed by my stupidity!! I was so excited with the chimaera wing I set myspawn by a cliff and jumped off and used the wing teleporting me back up for a minute.... until i realized I was out of feathers and went splat. hahahahaha! I just had to share! :D

    if I type in "canexcavatearrows=true" into the property files...... no... probably doesn't work.... XD

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    I love the new super strike features, thanks :D
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    Hey, it would be great, if the message , if you try to use your ability while its cooldown wouldn't be : You are too tired to use that ability again. but : You are too tired to use that ability again. You have to wait for xxx seconds! or something like this :)

    EDIT: is it normal, that i have to repair my DIAMOND pickaxe after using the superbreaker skill 2 times? ? <-- don't like that :p
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    One thing, my post got ate, so I'm going to compile it in a quick list.

    1. Love the frequent updates
    2. Still asking for more configuration cleanup, and additional options/configuration.
    3. Priortize bugfixes <3 (As you' are already doing.)
    4. To be more specific, allow configuration for individual/global cooldowns, etc. Cleaner configuration said in #2, and organizing would be GREATLY apreciated as it would speed up a lot of the configuration/tuning process.
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    is there anyway to change the /stats command to /skills?! the way it works nowadys it doesnt play well with the stats/achievements plugin. tried changing it in the .properties as it is written in there, but it doesnt seem to work
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    if you want to, you can go to the property files located in your plugin folder for mcmmo and change the "toolsLoseDurabilityFromAbilites=true line to false. Though that doesn't help if you just want it decreased :p
    In my property files, it's the 10th one from the top... not counting the comments which are identified by the # in front of it.
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    Is there something special i need to do to get this to work nicely with Towny?

    Im about to open a new world tommorrow and i realized in testing with another player that while inside a no PVP town if he hit me with a sword he could level up his sword skill. He was able to get to like 50 in a few minutes by just bashing on me doing no damage...

    Also a bug related to that is that the gouge goes through no PVP areas. He managed to do his gouge move with the sword on me and it actually did do damage to me.
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    Is there any way to toggle a skill? For example, if I didnt want the archery skill, can I disable it?

    If not, it should be added.
    Dumb question. Sorry.
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    I think the main reason is that being able to repair stone tools with stone would make it waaayyy too easy to level up! Iron and diamond are a commodity, whereas pretty much everyone has eighteen full double chests of cobblestone within a couple of days :p
    Especially with the double drop proc!
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    skills are still bugged for me :(

    edit: and also, with berserker on, if u click a dirt/sand/gravel block really fast, it gives A LOT of the item
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    Vampires 1.4plugin takes away fall damage from Vampires. This also then lets people continously fall to train acrobatics. Is there a way to only lvl up acro if they take fall dmg?
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    @Owwy Look in your server console for timer error, describe which bug.. skills not wearing off bug?

    @Olat Actually that is how it works, my guess is the vampires mod cancels the event of fall damage rather than manipulating the damage to be 0, you can contact the author for him to change this for mcMMO compatibility, maybe if you ask nice he would!
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    This mod looks great! Other RPG mods I have looked at require SQL which is somewhat too in depth for a simple plugins manager like Bukkit.
    My one concern is the difficulty of monsters. I notice it's in the works but I really can't wait for it to be done. Levelling up better than the monsters that are already pretty easy to kill may just make the game ridiculously easy.

    Despite the non-levelling monsters I'm gonna download and test this as soon as I have time to take down the server and install it. =D
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    @Shasharala Difficult monsters will be coming soon to mcMMO, I plan to have monsters that require at least 3 or more players to down and will be very difficult but have great rewards.
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    well i'll have to talk to the server admin ._.
    but i have another thing to say. shouldnt swords give 50% repair instead of 33%?
    and sorry for all these complaints :(

    EDIT: ooooohhh also pls make the abilities not activate when repairing >.<

    yes its the not turning off bug
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    Sounds exciting. =D
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    Yeah I plan to make the mod a whole lot more deadly once harder monsters are in
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    Is there a way to keep people from skilling up their swords on other players in a no PVP zone? I really need to be able to stop people from skilling their swords up to max easily by attacking players in towns in Towny...
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