[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    I think this isn't a bug.. There are two abilities with an axe. one is the tree felling.. and the skull splitter i think.. so you can lower and ready your axe while the cooldown of tree felling, because you can use the other ability :)

    the bug with the health bar of normal items when used with an ability is the same here..
    and there is a bug, that i drop wheat when gathering flowers :)

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    @1stkeks Yikes, I'll look into this!
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    quick question on /setmyspawn
    is there anyway that players who have (setmyspawn other) permission to set spawns for groups?
    maybe /setmyspawn g:<permission's defined group>
    would be pretty nice feature if there is not already a way to do it :D
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    Right Clicking Craftbook Signs still readies my weapon.
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    @Olat Just identified what went wrong with that, turns out the signs change IDs when they leave your inventory and are placed, I was checking for the ID of the sign while its in the inventory.

    @diegokilla Groups? Huh?

    Version 0.9.4 (The hottest of hotfixes)
    • Flowers won't drop wheat anymore
    • Signs won't trigger ability readiness anymore
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    Is there a way to install this without installing Permissions (cause there is trouble) ??
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    Permissions is optional and always has been
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    So, when I dont install it, who can use the Admin commands?
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    Ops only
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    Thank you! I love to play with this plugin, but when I translate it into German is there a problem with the performance or so?
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    Dropbox is broken ATM btw.
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    Ok when I try to repair an iron tool it tells me I need more iron if i dont have any. Can it even repair stone tools?
    (currently I am guessing not as they dont get repaired and it doesnt ask for stone)
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    LOVE the abilities now they work. The timers work and they are no longer perma on.. So i let my players run rampant. PvP has gotten crazy fun. We still need a few tweaks with Crit Dmg, and parry% etc etc. But Ill get you those writeups here in a bit. Giving a day or so for players to make them.
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    is it possible to make the durability-change in 0.9.3 optional? i'm not a big fan of it :/
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    link is broken please re upload :)
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    @Olat thats really good to hear! I look forward to the notes your players write, I don't expect to ever perfectly balance PvP but having it as close as possible is nice.

    @bizzybusk I posted a mirror

    @scar413 I suppose I could make it toggle-able next update for you
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    Yes, thank you.
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    I also support this toggle-ability.

    Additionally, it would be awesome if the blocks destroyed using the woodcutting skill's explosions still dropped wood/leaves.
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    Abilities like Cleave cause damage to other players, even with pvp off. Is there a toggle to disable player damage?
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    Could I request a configuration property for "canUseAbilities" that is for everyone, including * or op's?

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    I'd also like a way to toggle off the significant tool damage while using abilities. Perhaps have an option where you can choose how quickly they degrade? I went through a full health iron pick in about 3 seconds.
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    Is there anyway you can setup the admin chat permissions so other people like say from a mod group can read the admin chat w/out having to be op?
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    Alright, I'll tone down the damage to durability in the next update, make it optional, and allow it to be configured.

    Version 0.9.5
    • Super Breaker now has a chance for Triple Drops based on mining skill
    • Ability durability loss down from 15 to 2
    • Ability durability loss is now toggle-able
    • Ability durability loss can be adjusted in the configuration file
    • Mining Picks are no longer lowered after activating Super Breaker
    I went with feedback from my players on this one, I didn't intend to be breaking tools in such a drastic way but clearly I didn't do enough testing with how it was. Sorry for breaking your tools [sheep]

    toolsLoseDurabilityFromAbilities=true - Turn this to false to disable tool damage from abilities
    abilityDurabilityLoss=2 - Change this to change the amount of durability loss from abilities

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    Can I ask, that you address players using Berserk, or GigaDrillBreaker, and MiningSuperwhatchabreaker from cleaving through my WorldGuard protected regions, as well as Towny Regions? I haven't gotten a reply, but this is a serious issue to me, and becomes a real letdown should I have to remove it.
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    Sorry, I miss things like that in the chaos of everything. I'll look into it.

    @Fusioneko I sent you a WIP which may be WG compatible

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    Now this is the second time you release an update just after I download :p
    We really need to work on that timing.. But anyways, great plugin :)

    I just wish there was a way to change the commands.. Not set aliasses, but change them.
    That way I could use commandhelper to make a /stats that displays stats from mcMMO and other plugins at the same time.
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    Working on the Wiki now, sorry for procrastinating so much. Come look at the wiki and correct any grammar mistakes I make :), feel free to contribute as well.
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    still wondering if there is multi map support to stop pvp in different worlds. I run 5 maps and only one should have pvp.

    using multiverse and permissions
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