[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Everytime my friends and I party up, we still can deal damage to each other. Is there a way to fix this ?
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    @Baff Looking into this now

    @Baff unable to reproduce, give more details about what skills you have and what you are using to hurt each other with

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    All special abilities bleeds including hit friendly targets with the Factions Plugin.. This is devastating in Group PVP the Aoe Cleaves my own team.
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    @Olat mcMMO does not recognize anyone as being a friendly unless you are in the same party, can you not join the same party?
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    We can but with the Factions Plugin it automatically turns off Friendly Fire. So we never felt the need. We have huge like battles and some times stopping to join a party when our city is being raided isnt very easy to do.

    Edit:: I posted on his plugin the same error as well but hes very slow when it comes to updates or replys.

    Edit:: I know its not your place to like worry about how others do their code. But i was just wondering if you 2 could talk and or figure something out? Its just a big hassle right now. to not use powers. Every one loves them...

    ALSO is there any way to reduce Crit Dmg with Axes to 25% or 50% double dmg or what ever it is .. is WAY to powerful for as often as they can crit. Compared to the Parry chance being maxxed at 25%
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    Version 0.9.1
    • Fixed "Unknown console command" errors with CB 556
    • Added /mcability command to toggle being able to trigger abilities with right click
    • Added some more nullchecks for people reporting NPE errors
    • Compatibility with NPC mods improved (Mainly for archery!)
    • Other plugins can now call inSameParty() from mcMMO to increase compatibility
    New Permissions
    'mcmmo.commands.ability' - Allows use of /mcability which triggers whether or not a player can trigger an ability via rightclick, this is to turn off ability use so you can use right click for other things (like worldedit right click stuff) without getting spammed!

    Plugins can now call inSameParty(Player playera, Player playerb)
    This is a boolean that returns true if two players are in the same party, plugin authors can now add mcMMO party system compatibility by checking inSameParty(), this will let plugins that modify combat be able to be 100% compatible with mcMMO.

    @Olat Ask the factions author nicely to check for inSameParty() by importing mcMMO as a library into his plugin if you want maximum compatibility. I added this in for you :)
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    Justin Quach

    I would recommend that you stop adding so much, like the Giga stuff. It kinda kills the plugin, making the game super unbalanced. If you can, please add a config option to disable all that stuff, cause I like the plugin the way it is.
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    Justin, it is all OPTIONAL. Use a permissions plugin!

    @Olat I'll note your balance requests. Right now mcMMO is not balanced in terms of PVP as I haven't had the time to rigorously test it. So any feedback is appreciated.

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    I dig the abilities, but I think they'd be more balanced if you could only use them at a certain level.

    For instance, I just load up the server for the first time. Everything is level 0. I shouldn't have access to, say, Super Breaker until it's level 10 or something. Maybe make the required level configurable. That, in my opinion, feels more like an MMO experience. Perhaps have the duration of the ability increase as you gain levels?
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    @Ioncat Hmm, I suppose you're right. Maybe like 100 skill level by default to get access to abilities?
    Actually that is how they work atm
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    Oh, great! I'm glad the duration increases. And yeah, I'd say you should get the abilities at level 100, at least. Maybe when you ding 100, you get a messege that tells you what it is you've learned and how to use it?
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    Idea: Not having the abilities fire when you go to repair your equipment. You lose all your abilities for the cooldown period after repairing. :p
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    @Mukrakiish They shouldn't be firing, does it just say **READY YOUR <WHATEVER>** or is it activating an ability?
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    Hmmm...you know I never thought to actually verify that it was enabling it :p

    But yes, its saying *Ready your "tool"* :p Sorry...should have done my due diligence
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    Kinda found a serious bug.
    Using WorldGuard's GOD mode, Special Abilities damage the admins with Godmode on. Normal Strikes dont but godmode does.
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    @Olat Just use /mcgod, its more compatible
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    If you want us to test out the Dev Builds and tweaks. i have a player base of like 40 players atleast 15-20 online at all times and were a pure PVP server and we LOVE your plugin. It has given the game so much more to do. People are grinding skills as I type this out. This new guy is like Im not going to sleep till im 500 Unarmed!... hes lvl 51.. lol and I set all PVP skills to xpmod 4 so its gunna be a while...

    Im gunna get my people to do extensive write ups on your plugin and weapon skills. Let me know. I will be more then happy to help, and donate, if you keep changing and fixxing the items we bring to light. Theres a few plugin devs that dont reply very fast, you on the other hand are fast and efficient. Much Appreciated.

    Edit:: /mcgod doesnt allow me to turn godmod onto other players. I do this to new players when we give the tour. Or for other various reasons.
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    @Olat I'll make it so you can turn god mode onto other players in the next version then :3
    And thanks for the compliments, I try my best.
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    This is a great plugin. My users love it! Keep up the great work, and can't wait for more configuration options and stuff!

    Thanks again,

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    Uhm Nossr50 i have uhm 2 questions, where can i see what the new abilities do like "Berserker" ect? Also how do i install this without losing my previous mcMOO data because i have players who have alot of level on some skills.

    I tried reading as many pages as i could didn't found any reply to this 2 questions.
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    You need to type in the stat name residing the ability. It'll show everything you need to know about the stat, including the ability "Berserker".

    To your second question:

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    Ah, alright thanks so pretty much just switch Jar Files, and keep the user file on the folder? Thx For the Help.
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    After working fine for awhile, the mining ability just won't shut off. Even disconnecting and logging back in do not stop this.

    Incidentally, would there be a way to have your overall Power Level grant you some sort of benefit other than regeneration? The regen thing is a bit unworkable for my server, but it really seems as if Power Level NEEDS to do something, you know? Perhaps reduce the damage you take? All the skills in mcmmo are physical, so it totally makes sense that they make you a tougher dude as you increase them. I'd suggest having the power level value directly affect this (or whatever it would have) without using thresholds, as this seems to be the direction you are going with the mod.

    Great work, btw.

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    Thx i will try.
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    Hi, me and my server love this plugin, but I wonder:
    If I want to change the rate ppl get XP, do I need to change the multiplier to
    2, like twice the time to get the points, or
    0.5, like half the speed or acquiring points?
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    Impressive work you've done on this plugin :)
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    Abiltiies Persisting through the timer, is a bug he is currently looking into. Mining, Axes, and a few other are staying on after the timer expires no matter what happens. So it is known. Thanks for helping out.

    There is 2 things you can do to change the Experience needed to lvl.
    1. Change the GlobalXpModifier. The higher the number the MORE XP is needed to lvl (SLOWER LVLING)
    2. Each skill ALSO has a XP modifier, raise them to adjust how much each skill requires IN ADDITION to the global XP Mod.

    Example of this would be, on my PVP server we chose to make ALL pvp skills XpMod: 4, but then noticed Archery Took WAY too many arrows and resources to lvl. So i lowered ONLY archery to 2. We also noticed Excavators leveling to fast, so we increased its XpMod by 1.

    We also wanted to Encourage PVP so the PVP modifier is 1. This means ANY weapon skill used to damage a player gives massive ammounts of EXP. Players can level up alot faster if they fight other players.
    Here is my mcMMO config. I took out everything but the xpModifiers to show you what we did.

    Hope this helps you understand more.

    #==McMMO Configuration==
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    Hey it's me again nossr50!

    Loving the plugin update with the new abilities. They work well!
    A bit too well I'm afraid[​IMG]
    The skills don't shut off xD

    Still great job on the update and I hope you can get some sleep xD
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    Yeah I've received a few bug reports about abilities shutting off, I'll address it in 0.9.2 once I find the problem.

    @Olat thanks for helping that person! :), I posted in the factions thread to talk to the author about compatibility. Hopefully he can help.

    I'll probably get around to editing the wiki to be up to date sometime today or tomorrow [creeper]
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    Chimaera Wing Item Added? whats that?
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