[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    is t here any way tou can test out the Admin Chat with Factions?
    I cant seem to get it to work... I think it may be factions but every chat i type with Admin Chat on is broadcasted to general chat
    if I have faction chat on and talk in admind chat it broadcasts it to Faction Only chat...

    No idea.. but id love some help.
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    hey there is a bug with the abilities ... i have them permanent ... dont know why ... do someone have the same bug ?

    sorry for my bad english ^^
    (from germany )
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    Codex Arcanum

    Umm, when I started mcmmo again, I lost all my levels. What?

    Edit: Never mind, I realized that you decided to move the mcmmo user storage into the mcmmo folder. Apparently it didn't copy over my user levels file over.
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    Amazing! :D
    Edit O ya and Happy Birthday Mine was on the 14th :)
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    So what do all the new abilities do? I won't be able to update or run minecraft server for about a week :(.
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    how about a slightly higher exp gain from mining obsidian? maybe 5 xp? (missed it in your wiki table, that's why i suggest)

    wonderful update and happy birthday nossr50!

    oh, and just found out that the super breaker ability doesn't work for obsidian.
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    Happy Birthday....

    Everyone stats got resetted on my server :(
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    Squids don't give XP for archery but does for everything else!
    and also when i place my anvil while underground in a cave, it does not give me the "you have placed down an anvil" and i can't repair
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    Oh A request for the next version a command to temp disable powers (if I don't want notifications spammed like when using the worldedit wand)
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    i still get those STUPID

    ERRORS?!?! for the last 5 updates this has been happening can u please fix
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    Happy Birthday!
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    @scar413 All cooldowns are set to 4 minutes at the moment, subject to change.

    @Raiden273 I'll look into this soon, hard to reproduce though.

    @Manji That's intentional

    @AnjoCaido move mcmmo.users from the main server directory to /plugins/mcMMO/

    @ScottSpittle I'll look into it, not getting those errors at all on my end. Perhaps it could be a plugin conflict? Try running mcMMO by itself.

    @Olat Thanks :)
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    sorry i forgot it ^^ HAPPY Birthday nossr50 :)

    and thx for your hard and professional work.... MCMMO is the best plugin :)
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    Bukkit sent me an email stating the bug I reported (the one making anvils break over time) is fixed in 552, please update to that CB build!
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    Using the abilities breaks WorldGuard-protected blocks, I suppose there's no fix for that?
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    i had to disable the abilities as soon as i enabled them because of this right here.
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    @xenex & @mutiny Contact the WG author about it, I already set mcMMO listener priority to low and to watch if the events are cancelled by other plugins
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    I've been getting this recently.
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    Nate I'm going to send you a test build, tell me if the errors are still present.
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    The new features are amazingly great!
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    cant use /mmoedit, it says it's a unknow command!
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    Been getting the same errors as Nate.

    Also, is MCMMO causing the "Warning can't keep up" or is that something else?
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    @Dasweb are you perhaps using an NPC mod as well? I'm not getting any 'can't keep up' errors on my server.
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    Is it possible to disable those annoying usermessages that you get? (You ready your fists) etc or are those tied in completely with your "abilities". if they are, I have to disable the abilities somehow for both admins and players. Could you perhaps add a check for that in the properties file if there isn't one already? Sorry for not checking through the properties file myself thurally, but I just noticed this problem and I have to hit the sack now due to an appointment tomorrow morning (job interview).

    Thanks in advance!
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    I can't seem to find information on how to trigger these abilities or what they do?
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    @Myrrdin Those messages inform you that you are in the "Ready" state (as in ready to activate an ability). What are your issues with them, could you be a bit more specific?

    @tekac I describe how to activate them in the 0.9 info, its linked to in the first post
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    abilities are power you can use for a little time for give more damages with swords or somethings like that with swords.
    And for mining, woodcutting etc it's for do this more fastly during a little time..

    I have a problem when I update your plugins by copy/paste the .jar, i lost all the last skills level on all players of my server. Why? And where you put info about skills' level of players?

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    @Yoldark I thought people would've done this by now but the mcmmo.users file is moved from the main directory to /plugins/mcMMO/ type /stats to see your own stats and /whois to inspect another persons stats
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    I never touch this file that why i don't understand why all stats reset after the update.
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    @Yoldark its because it got MOVED, move the file into /plugins/mcMMO!
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