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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Hi nossr50,
    Is it possible to permanently disable the right-click special abilities? I know it can be done if I type /mcability each time I log in, but I was wondering if there's a method to configure the addon to disable them altogether.
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    If you use permissions, try disabling permission nodes for abilities for everyone.
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    Hi there. I'm just curious to know if anyone checks the BukkitDev forum for this plugin. I'm wondering because I posted about 2 problems I was having about a day and a half ago. Sorry if I'm being a pain. :'(
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    soo... mcmmo.swords.ability - gives the use access to the Right Click ability with swords. so take that permission away.... or use the - modifier... like so

    - -mcmmo.swords.ability
    - mcmmo.swords.skill

    The first takes away the right click use
    the Second gives them the ability to train and lvl up swords.
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    Is there any way to actually change the sound played when you level up?
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    I had a MySQL-Database, but now i want to use SQLLite, how i can import my old MySQL-mcMMO-data?
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    BukkitDev has forums?
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    I think only if the dev adds them
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    Yeah, the mcMMO one is right here. I asked for help with the party HUD and Retro HUD, but received no response.
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    Isn't the dev sick?
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    I'm better now, just in a bit of a development break to ease my stress. I'll be working on a big update when 1.9 comes out in November. I'll write up some details soon.
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    Can't wait for the update! Hopefully it fixes the weird HUD issues.
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    Is there a command like /addxp except it will add levels instead of xp. I know how to set a level, but I want to add to the existing level. like /addlevel {name} {mining} {100}
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    Johnny Lunder

    Awesome plugin, however, now that we finally decided to move on to McMMO on our Towny Advanced-server and test it, it just keeps freezing the server :/
    Everything is stable without McMMO.
    I assume it's due to lack of update ( I did read dev was sick and is now feeling better ) and hope it will come back strong in release ^^
    If anyone knows of any known conflicts that might cause a no-message freeze at random times with any of the plugins below, I would greatly appreciate it though :
    Show Spoiler

    Towny Advanced
    Spout n- Well, I guess that one is pretty out of the question xD
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    We can't set max level Oo
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    Awsume plugin but will you make it go whith Heroes? i tihnk this 2 plugins would make the perfect combo for RP servers!
    Keep up the good work! :)
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    I would really like this too, I've been itching to try Heroes but I also like mcMMO
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    the GUI with spoutcraft aint working

    is this just with me ?
  20. No same and now with the new spout update we get lag spikes with the FPS when the HUD is displayed haveing 90fps to a spike of 12fps that only goes away when spout is closed and relaunched i think the dev should look into this matter as i think some things have changed with the way spout displayed custom GUI's
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    Yeah I'll look into the Spoutcraft issues soon, haven't had a chance to see whats up with it yet.
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    @ nossr50Just letting you know that in the latest RB 1337 and with the latest spoutcraft 709 and Spout 504, the fps on my computer goes from 150 to around 23 with the xp bar going. However if i disable the graphics on your plugin my frame-rate is fine. Ill update once i gain a level and see if my fps spikes down.

    -Update: When leveling up the "pop-up" made no noticeable difference in fps, therefor for my case only the xpbar and bar-icon make any noticeable fps drop.
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    Sorry to jump in here, but I have the same issue as above: no HUD whatsoever; everything else is perfect. I also get a 403 Forbidden when viewing URL_DIR: http://mcmmo.rycochet.net/mcmmo/

    Using /mchud STANDARD and /mchud RETRO disconnects me and throws the following:
    "Connection Lost
    Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Received string length longer than maximum allowed (1108 > 32)"

    If I change my flatfile mcmmo.users file entry to "RETRO" at the end, then I get an unidentified progress bar at the top of my client view that seems to react to experience changes, but there's no labels or icons or anything.

    It seems like something very minor, but I can't think of what. Is there supposed to be a STANDARD section in the config.yml file? I only see RETRO.

    Any word on a fix or am I doing something wrong? I've checked everywhere I can for info and tried everything I can think of. Thanks in advance!
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    Keep up the good work, This is an immensely complicated plugin that has become almost standard on any non-creative minecraft server.

    People, give Nosser50 a little break huh? This isn't his job he does it for the love of the game.
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    Very true, maintaining this plugin is stressing me out a bit.

    I'll be starting work on the next content update very soon, since Minecraft comes out 11/11/11
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    I have a guy that has been tearing apart mcmmo trying to add stuff to it. You want some help?

    He actually added the thing that you added, even though I ended up using the one that you added rather than the one he added, due to the aforementioned reasons I mentioned before. <-- lol.
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    I'd mostly like someone to help address the recent bug reports
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    Hello. I love mcmmo but i have one suggestion-- Ampping up the dmg of axes because a level 100 Axe Stone vs 50 Skill Stone Sword lost. My suggestion
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    As soon as you update this plugin consider me as donating. It's an awesome Mod.

    Guys over at Heroes are really dogging your Mod. They are telling people to get rid of it and that it's trash coding. They sound like a bunch of punks over there. I wouldn't use Heroes if you paid me after reading through their forums.

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    Changes to come in 1.2.00 due out in November
    Consider this a vague outline as to my update plans​
    New Stuff​
    • Looking into 1 or 2 new skills revolving around the Enchanting/Alchemy systems added in 1.9
    • Adding Fishing to make it actually rewarding to fish in MC
    • Reworking many of the existing skills to better fit MC post 1.9
    • New features to Taming to make it more viable
    • Adding a Master/Pupil skill system so you can level with your friends and provide an experience bonus
    • Possibly adding an in game mail using the maps to show Text as if it were physical 'mail'
    • Adding a few custom events to the mcMMO API for modders to use, such as a level up event etc
    • Balancing PVP yet again
    Bug fixing
    • Going to fix all the bugs reported here
    Spout Stuff
    • Going to be making the mcMMO menu more robust
    • Fixing the HUD issues that have been reported lately (FPS drop, not working at all, etc...)
    • Possibly adding a new block for the Anvil with its own skin
    • Seeing if I can get the Party HUD functional again
    Code Stuff
    • Organizing the Commands class into something more readable
    • Optimizing old code even further
    • Looking into any instabilities reported lately
    My apologies for not putting out many updates in the last month or so, been sick, been stressed out, and needed a break.

    Some members of the Heroes coding team come off as just a wee bit pretentious with just a dash of a holier than thou attitude

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    mcMMO <3
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