[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Don't have nocheat on my server >_<. Though I do have.....
    WorldEdit, NoOrbs, PermissionsBukkit, AdvancedMobs, Spout, SpawnMob, NarrowtuxLib, iConomy, mcMMO, Showcase, Citizens, MobArena, WorldBorder, Train Carts, Catacombs, OtherDrops, Towny, ChestShop, dynmap
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    Any chance for ogg instead of wav?
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    Would it make much of a difference to you?
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    For short effects not entirely, though if you'd ever wanted to swap out sounds for something more substantial, wavs stack up in file size pretty fast.
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    Melons dont seem to give XP for Herbalism.
    Endermen dont seem to give XP for Swords/Axes.
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    Good point, I'll fix soon.
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    This did not work for me. People don't even get a notification when they place the anvil. Whats odd is that it was working before just fine, and nothing was changed on the server for it to suddenly stop working. The only similarities between myself and Emirin plugin wise is Spout, World Border and Wedit.

    A user brought to my attention that the anvil issue surfaced after switching between the Spout client and the usual minecraft client. It worked in the MC client, then worked in spout, but when he went back to the MC client, it stopped working altogether. Can't verify yet if it happens to other users as none are online, but it does not happen to me. Works both in Spout and MC.

    Could it possibly be a bug with spout?
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    and when I press the M key nothing shows up and I checked in the config it's the M key
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    some things that could be added: ^^

    - EXP for Melons, Vines, all Mushroom Blocks
    - stone bricks to mossy
    - food poisening resistence

    - EXP for Stone-, Mossy-, and Cracked Bricks
    - Creating Cracked Bricks with e.g. Arrows or something else / or Passiv chance when mining Stone Brick to get a cracked one

    EXP for Silverfish, Enderman and Cave Spiders
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    Looks like the location of the flat files changed in version 1.1.14, now there is a folder within mcMMO called FlatFileStuff which is where I had to move the files to get my user stats back. They should really announce stuff like this. It's a pain in the butt to troubleshoot, makes upgrading plugins no fun.
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    U using spout? I don't think it appears without it.
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    I am using latest version of spoutcraft
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    There is a bug with FR language, when you levelup arcchery, it always says that you are level 1 whereas you are higher level
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    mcmmo statistics is not counting what can be wrong?
    mysql is enabled base loaded ... but nothing does not count ... the text files also do not count: (

    latest bukkit
    the latest set of * permissions for admin and also does not count ... ?

    M also featured command does not work

    please help
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    Version 1.1.16
    • Added Melons to Herbalism xp tables
    • Endermen added to Combat skill xp tables
    • Silverfish added to Combat skill xp tables
    • CaveSpider added to Combat skill xp tables
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    herbalism have no point for now.. you should add faster hp regen with more skill (such as golden apple have)
  18. You should fix it so people can't get experience when creative.
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    If u change people to creative mode just change their permissions group when you do to one without rights to the plugin
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    Hey folks, sorry if this has been answered, I scanned the forums but couldn't find any references to this question.

    Just getting my server back up and running after it crashed while I was on vacation. With the advent of the new minecraft update we decided to add a multiworld to enjoy the new stuff with out loosing our old. Long story short? Having some problems with the Chimera wing with Multiworld. Seems fine, until you log off. When a body logs back in, and uses the chimera wing, it seems to send them to the location he was at in what ever world it was stored - but those co-ordinates in the default world. This often results in a stoney tomb.

    Is this just a "Mordaith" problem? Or is there a fix out there I am ignorant of.

    Thanks a bundle.
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    when i put mcmmo plugin
    sometimes server set read time out...
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    this is some interest rpg :p
    gonna test it
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    I'm going to repost this, it was on the last page with no response, and someone 'liked' it so I must not be alone in this.
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    yo, ./party permissions are NOT working, fix it please
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    I think Ive seen it requested before..but cant find the response in all the pages.
    is there any plan to allow custom level formulas? right now having to take every build, get source and change it from:

    return (int) ((1020+(skills.get(skillType) * 20)));
    return (int) ((1020+(skills.get(skillType) * (skills.get(skillType)+10))));

    and export. much more work to do to.

    my players want a much more "mmo" feel where lower levels are quick and fun, and higher levels are MUCH more curved...taking many many months of daily playing to get to cap.
    with the default one a few was in the 800's in a few weeks...
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    I am also having this problem, I am on v1.1.16. Players can not access /party /ptp and other party commands, but can use /stats or /mining commands and abilities.
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    Part HUD does not work. :(
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    We are running into a bug where our users can attempt to repair a sword, but fail and they get XP. It basically means they can just sit there with a sword attempting to repair it, and get XP. Any ideas?

    Also, Some of our users are setting home high above the ground and destroying the dirt they are standing on meaning every time they fall, they get accrobatics, then jump again to kill themselves and keep doing it. ideas?
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    Update mcMMO :)
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    im using bpermissions aswell, and im not gonna siwtch perms
    can this be fixed for bpermissions within this plugin or is it really something bpermissions does
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    Big changes are coming for 1.9, I'm going to be adding in at least one new skill and reworking many of the skills to reflect the recent changes of MC better
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