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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Huh, thanks.
    Where I can get list of nodes and etc ?
    I want to use permissions plugin with mcMMO.
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    Atleast read the fucking OP before posting.. honestly...
    Ya know... under BIG BOLDED TITLE
    "Setting up permissions (Requires Permissions plugin this is optional)"
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    Hm..I thought there is list or something inside plugins.
  5. Dude, we're on 1.0.32, why are you posting a weeks old issue. Even if you somehow magically have issues with newer versions we don't have, you should not post them here, as they are no longer relevant for the progress of this plugin Oo
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    .... I updated to 1.0.32 and still have the same problems. - then the server crashed - so i rolled back and posted here, don't tell me not to post for help in a help forum. Troll.
  7. That bug can't even occur in 1.0.32 and CB 953, post your console log and I'll believe it.
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    Not gonna reinstall it, it sets my CPU usage to 100% then crashes the entire BOX my server is run off of.
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    Can you add a single command to wipe all the skills of a specific player? For example, when an admin changes somebody to a different faction on my server, i want them to be able to wipe their mcmmo skills back to 0, so that way they cant get the benefits of the other faction while keeping their other levels. But i don't want my admins to be able to have access to mmoedit while they do this? Can you add this funtonality please? I think alot of people would benefit from it.

    A separate permissions node for this would be sweet too!
  10. @nossr50
    No answer from you since yesterday so i think you don't read it :( can u help us or better can you pls fix this bug?
    If i didn't see that you are wrote something about this bug pls forgive me :)
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    and what about the broken command "/mining" and "/mcgod" ?
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    hey im new to mysql and wanted to convert mcmmo to mysql.

    i followed these instructions

    • MySQL DB Name - Put your DB name here
    • MySQLServer - Put IP here
    • MySQLdbPass - Password for MySQL here
    • MySQLuserName - User name for MySQL here
    • UseMySQL - Change this to true
    Converting Users from Flat File to MySQL
    Right now this is handled by an in game command, let me know if you'd want this to be a server command. Assign the 'mcmmo.admin' permission to yourself and go in game and type '/mmoupdate'. This will begin the update process. It will inform you when it starts and finishes. Once its done everyones stats should immediately be updated with no need to restart the server or have users rejoin. You can check the server console to see a debug message of how many items were added/updated to the MySQL DB to see if it went well.

    and when i typed /mmoupdate, it finished instantly and i checked the database and there was nothing in there and the console didnt say anything either , so it was like it didnt do anything, does anyone know the problem?

    also here is my config (the indents are gone since i copy/pasted here)

    Enabled: true
    Address: localhost
    Port: 8889
    Name: mcmmo
    User: root
    Name: root
    Password: root
    TablePrefix: mcmmo_
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    If mcmmo is working well for you then I would suggest holding off on converting until nossr50 can work out the bugs in the way the plugin is writing to the database because it seems to be causing lots of lag more many people and there is currently no easy way to roll back to flatfile.
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    if the game server and the sql server are on the same lan or the same machine than it will actually improve your performance some. But if flat file isn't giving you any issues there's not really a need to switch over unless you have other mods and want it all together.
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    oh ok thx well i did the convert but i dont think anything happened , can i just change "use mysql' back to false?
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    @nossr50 Slight problem, taming seems a lil messed up. I get taming points even when i dont have a wolf. Also im using mobarena that gives u wolves thats invunerable and ppl get taming for hitting them.

    Disabling for now..
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    Same here, we have mob arena as well. I get xp for other players kills in the arena no matter how far away I am.
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    Also on rare occasion bleed damage from the sword skill gets put on the wielder so he kills himself?!

    Using mcmmo 1.32 bukkit 953 and pvp=OFF
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    can i suggest a default spawn for the Chimera Wings?
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    I'll be fixing the way MySQL works in 1.1.x

    In other news...

    A 360ft CAT6 cable later I now have internet, the progress on 1.1.x is going well too

    All the combat skills are getting a new subskill, some more useful than others...

    If you pay enough attention you'll see I've modified Bleed a bit too
    (Ignore the 'NOTE' for bleed, didn't update it yet, now bleed ticks happen at faster intervals)

    This is the most extensive update I've programmed yet for mcMMO, and it still has quite a while before its ready for testing. When its ready though, I'll need around 10+ volunteers to find all the bugs for release [sheep]
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    I feel all my input and additions for the plugin have gone unnoticed and my fixes have been used without a little credit. I am done here, cya.

    Mooman219 is using his fixed version of Mcmmo without the ReadTimeOut issue on his server.
    Along with numerous other performance fixes, and some new features :D

    And I recently Moved all of the commands to onCommand. Chat now performs faster.
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    Sorry, things have been a bit chaotic for me the last week. Reading your posts now..
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    Its Alright, I am getting busy now with my own plugins that i starting making so I am not going to have to much time to look at this thread.

    Working on a extra health plugin, going beyond the normal 20
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    Version 1.0.33
    • Fixed the toggle for the Excavation drop 'Cocoa Beans'
    • Fixed bug where Unarmed users could disarm without being bare handed
    • Cocoa Beans now have an XP modifier in config.yml
    • You can now toggle whether or not Mobspawners will give XP (in config.yml)
    • MySQL version now makes requests to the MySQL server less frequently (should help performance)
    • Fixed bug with Skull Splitter hitting the user

    For Lazy Users
    You'll want to delete config.yml and generate a new one

    For Not-So-Lazy Users
    Add this node to your config.yml so that Cocoa Beans will give proper XP for excavation
            Cocoa_Beans: 10
    Add this node to your config.yml so you can turn on allowing xp from monsters that spawned from mob spawners
                Enabled: false
    Make sure to turn that to 'true' to enable gaining XP from mobspawner spawns

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    If you would have read a few pages back you should know that Nossr has not had itnernet except for very few mins each day due to his set up at home. This problem is now fixed... Any thing you have done to help fix this plugin, not only nossr50, but I am sure the other users of this plugin GREATLY appreciate the fixes, more so then simple words on a forum could convey.

    Let me do it for Nossr and for the community that uses mcMMO...
    Mooman219, thank you for fixing one of the most annoying issues with mcMMO, thank you for picking up the slack during Nossr50's intermittent internet. This is not sarcastic in anyway, I am especially truly grateful as the 'Secratary',according to Nossr50, of this plugin, I personally thank you.
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    @nossr50 awesome and awesome! can't wait for 1.1.x and glad to hear you're up and running! I'm not sure if you had read it all, but the /<skillname> commands seem to not be working correctly, or giving incorrect values.

    My stats: level (exp)
    Excavation:   26 (26/152)
    Herbalism:    30 (50/160)
    Mining:       83 (241/266)
    Woodcutting:  16 (3/132)
    Axes:         10 (10/120)
    Archery:       9 (48/118)
    Swords:      104 (231/308)
    Taming:       50 (86/200) *** issue with this skill as well as /<skill>
    Unarmed:      45 (109/190)
    Acrobatics:   18 (78/136)
    Repair:       21 (0/142)
    yet when I do /<skillname> I get:
    /Excavation:   26 (26/152)
    /Herbalism:    30 (50/160)
    /Mining:       83 (241/266)
    /Woodcutting:  16 (3/132)
    /Axes:         10 (10/120)
    /Archery:       9 (48/118)
    /Swords:      104 (231/308)
    /Taming:       50 (86/200)
    /Unarmed:      45 (109/190)
    /Acrobatics:   18 (78/136)
    /Repair:       21 (0/142)
    actually... it all worked like it should. weird.... I know it had messed up before >.< (on 1.0.32/RB953) and I was going to post it here but didn't. Now it's working (I wonder if it's cause I'm the only one on atm? idk... will try again later.)

    But as for the taming issue, which someone else mentioned, I run MobArena, and the only reason I have Taming up as high as I do is from fighting in arenas. I personally don't have a wolf, but if there are wolves trying to eat me, and I kill other monsters/them while they're around, I get Taming experience.
    The bug seems like it's looking for ANY wolf around vs a wolf that's tamed by the person
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    FFS, Your Original Post is Hella long... Put the Sections in Spoilers to make it easier to find stuff.
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    Im having issues with woodcutting skill not showing up for members. They have the permissions, and can level it up, but they dont see the skill when they do stats. I am on the newest version and have had this issue the last few versions
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    I keep getting this issue on my server, when basically anything that refers to damage to an entity occurs, even me when i'm in god mode.

    01:03:06 [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_DAMAGE to mcMMO
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.server.EntityWolf.x()Ljava/lang/Strin
    at com.gmail.nossr50.skills.Taming.getOwnerName(Taming.java:15)
    at com.gmail.nossr50.skills.Taming.hasOwner(Taming.java:20)
    at com.gmail.nossr50.Combat.combatChecks(Combat.java:152)
    at com.gmail.nossr50.mcEntityListener.onEntityDamage(mcEntityListener.ja
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$55.execute(JavaPluginLoader.j
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityWolf.a(EntityWolf.java:339)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityCreature.c_(EntityCreature.java:64)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityWolf.c_(EntityWolf.java:92)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityLiving.v(EntityLiving.java:685)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityWolf.v(EntityWolf.java:133)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityLiving.m_(EntityLiving.java:218)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityWolf.m_(EntityWolf.java:161)
    at net.minecraft.server.World.entityJoinedWorld(World.java:1190)
    at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.entityJoinedWorld(WorldServer.java:4
    at net.minecraft.server.World.playerJoinedWorld(World.java:1172)
    at net.minecraft.server.World.cleanUp(World.java:1102)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:447)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:361)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)

    It doesn't appear to do anything; my skills still work fine, abilities work, and parties work, but it's still annoying to see it and i also want to know if it really is causing anything to go wrong.

    EDIT: Okay, i was wrong. It does affect my skills: Archery. I've been trying to level it for an hour, i can't get any experience. Please help D:

    EDIT II: Okay, i'm incredibly stupid. I simply needed to update my version of mcMMO. solved it instantly. Sorry about that.
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    I was wondering... at axe mastery (500) how much of a damage upgrade do you get? Does it increase past 500? In the wiki it just says: "Trolololol!!!" under the axe mastery section :p

    Im trying to figure out which skill I should train... axes, swords, or unarmed.
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    Axes at 500 does as much dmg as a diamond sword a total of 5 hearts with crits doing 50% more then so itd around 7.5 hearts on a crit. I think is is accurate. I may be a aprox .5 - 1.5 hearts off. I honestly dont know how much axes do base at 500 as im a swordsman myself. Axes are OP as shit at 500+...

    All Combat skills will be getting a tweak here shortly once Nossr participates in "Grand PVP Scale WARFARE to Balance mcMMO's Combat skills on Greysoul Server Event 2.0!!!!!!!" Coming soon of course.
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