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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    using mySQL seems to not work one some of the commands with mmoedit. I cant seem to edit my Taming skills but i can edit swords and herbalism. Also I couldnt edit some ones unarmed skill.
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    Is there any way to mod the gain/percent that bonuses grow with every level? I want certain abilities to be at 100% when i max them out. Specifically the green thumb
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    is there a chance you guys could add shearing leaves to herbalism? I'm not sure if that's what you guys were going for but to me it makes sense, as you can 'trim bushes' and bushes are a type of plant?
    too much of a stretch? either way I'd like to hear your thoughts on it :)
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    OK this problem has become quite urgent on my server. Some players skills are being reset without notice and for no reason and the number of people getting reset is rising. This problem is quite annoying and is getting to the point where I don't know what to do. I really need help as players are getting very angry. Thank you.
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    Hello everybody.

    I start to say that I'm sorry to my english language, i'm a french frog.

    This plug in seems to be amazing but i've some troubles to fix some bug.
    I'm using a 1.6.6 server version, and i downloaded the MCMMO 1.0.32.
    I use the Bukkit [935] and i've some plugins already installed :

    God Powers

    I haven't any error on my console, so i will not post my logs here, but I can if you need it.
    I haven't test all the command but there are 2 which not worked and I didn't find solutions on the net.

    The first problem is that the command /mcgod doesn't exist :
    I'm typing it : http://hapshack.com/images/201107pvp.png
    And when I press 'enter',
    : http://hapshack.com/images/201107yey.png

    The second problem i discover is the informations from the /mining command doesn't refresh. It works with /acrobatics, /woodcutting, (i don't test the other).

    In /stats, everything is ok : http://hapshack.com/images/201107ece.png
    I'm Mining lvl1 and i've 80xp / 102

    And, when I do /mining, he show me this : http://hapshack.com/images/201107fdf.png
    I'm Mining lv0 and i've 0xp/100.

    There is all the probleme I've already discover. I hope it will help the developpers, or if the probleme come from my server, i hop find some help ! I'm very sorry for my English Language, English speakers, don't hit me please !
  7. Tree Feller can be activated, yes, but it won't do anything.
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    For whatever reason, /mcgod doesn't work anymore for me.
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    interesting problem today
    i was walking alone through a snow land and a level up for taming popped up
    i have watched it 5 mins and i was getting 4 exp for the taming skill every second for doing nothing (my own wolf was more then 100 chunks away from me)
    after server restart problem was gone Oo
  10. Seems taming is messed up in 0.32 - its raising from alone without doing anything wolf related and also from players who are somewhere around tamed/untamed wolves
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    Is Mining broken? (the experience doesn't report when using /mining, but appears to work for every other skill), I was wondering if this was a known bug?
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    Is it possible to download others verions and not only the last one ?
    I liked the old presentation of /stats ^^
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    does mmoedit (requires permissions) mean the mod?
    And if so could you make it so if you dont have permissions installed it is OP-only?
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    The PTP and party commands continue to work despite the commands being disabled by worldguard in specific regions. Is there anything that can be done about this?

    It shows "This command is not allowed in the area" but works regardless.


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    Skill ideas:

    Swimming -> get XP on drowning -> Higher levels % more breath
    Fishing -> Get XP every fish -> Higher %-Chance to get a Fish / or %-Chance to get other Items.

    Configurable Skill Level for reparing Cobble, Iron and Gold tools!
    Option to repair the lighter, but less xp as the other tools.
    Option to change the message "!AdeptDiamond!" if a user is <lvl50 @repair

    If I alter
    Name: skilltop
    Enabled: true
    /mcc shows the old command /mctop, but /skilltop works ;)
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    About a week ago I asked if you could implement a PvP only XP. It worked fine. But when I enable it, only combat skills can be trained. Gathering skills like excavation are then rendered useless because there is no way of getting xp out of pvp interaction with it. I may be missing something here with this new config file... I changed the global to 0 and kept pvp as 1, but that seemed to me to be the only way to config the xp?
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    You said you wanted PVP Only skills to level " ...a PvP only XP..." yet you want the non PVP skills to train?

    So are you saying you want ONLY the Combat skills to LVL up in PVP combat, and not PVM? I think thats what you meant. Umm As of now I dont think there is a way to do that. I my self would actually like that as well.
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    I know this is in the OP already, so I'm just reporting on what I see.

    I'm not getting lag, per-se. It's a memory leak. Gradually, over an hour or so, my server's memory will max out and it will become unresponsive. Disabling MCMMO will fix it.

    Now I've found that you can expedite this process to crash in just a few minutes by reloading all plugins. Every call of the /reload command (in Essentials) causes my server's memory usage to jump 50-100mb.

    I've ran the report in config.yml, but it doesn't print anything useful. Pings stay at 0ms to 3ms.

    I AM running Permissions 3.1.6, and yes, I'm aware that the fix is to downgrade. I'm simply observing here, hoping to provide some useful info to get this fixed. I run a lot of other plugins as well, but disabling those hasn't changed anything.

    Hope that helps.
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    How to I turn off Abilities for EVERYONE? So when they rightclick it don't say You raised you sword.?
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    sigh... Have no idea whats going on but installed PEX permissions instead of permissions, put mcmmo back on and it ran fine for 4 hours and back to read timeout error, took mccmmo back out will see what happens
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    That's exactly what I meant. My server encourages pvp and we'd like you to only be able to level combat skills through PvP interaction. I'm sorry if I wasn't articulate enough in my previous posts.
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    Anyway to turn off Abilities?
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    Ya i read it a few times to try and understand. I think this is a GREAT Idea. I will see if Nossr can do this. Thanks for the good idea!
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    Is there a way to convert a mysql database to H2 for mcmmo?
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    See the permissions (for Admins you can use the "-")

    I use GroupManager and got no Problems. (Very rarely, if I do a /reload, some users get a timeout, but could directly reconnect. but I've got 45 Plugins and some DBs)
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    Matt Gill

    Was the bug that made it in a non pvp world people could use abilities to attack ever fixed? I would really like to enable the combat skills outside my pvp world again :/.
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    TL;DR 152 pages... there's a lot...

    Is there an updated "ReadMe" on the config.yml file? The link in the OP is outdated....

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    We unfortunately had to turn mcMMO off again tonight.
    I downgraded permissions and mcMMO seems to run alright. But after a while, it seems to have some sort of memory leak or something. Our server provider says that our cpu core usage stays constantly at 100%. But when we disable mcMMO, we drop down to a steady 50 to 60%.
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    Not sure if this was said, but shears need repair support in the future. ;]
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    How do I change the drop rates of Excavation? Clearly from the given its waaay too unbalanced for me.
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    Umm do you mean Multi-Langual or Multi-Lingual? And if the title is right...then tell me what's Lingual...
    Anyways, I'm going to test this plugin! :D
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