[RPG/MECH] HealingTotem v?? - Health Regeneration from Totem Poles [??]

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    This plugin is currently being transitioned from the forums.bukkit.org to dev.bukkit.org.


    I don't like pork. And I don't like eating it to gain health.

    ...ok, pork is delicious, but I need motivation for this plugin.

    HealingTotems allows players to create totem poles that radiate healing powers and damage mobs. Once a player builds a totem, a "safe bubble" is created where players are continually healed and mobs are continually damaged. Totems are configurable: you can choose which blocks the totem is made out of, the healing power, and the range.

    For more information, go to BukkitDev.
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    love your plugin
    i am a friend of dezzicky2 and what we are thinking is that you wear say a dimond or gold helmet and you are not affected by a certain totem type, so the amour dos it not the faction
    (although the faction idea is great:))
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    hello, i really enjoy this plugin, but have the same problem with not working totems after restart. After restart totems.yml file remains the same, but totems dont work. Then when i build one, file getrs reset and only new totem is in there. The new one is working. Any progress on this issue?

    Oh.. i have figured it out. Works flawlessly now..
    the problem was that i had my totem config like this STONE STONE REDSTONE_ORE STONE
    the problme was that i enterd 74 for the redstone, and that is glowing redstone.. So when i build the totem it was registered properly cos redstone was glowing. But it stops after a while, and when config was reloaded and the redstone wasnt glowing anymore it screwed up the totems.yml file. So i entered 73 for the redstone and its ok, except u cant finish the totem while redstone is glowing.. u have to wait till it stops.. otherwise totem wont get registered.

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    it is lllegendary
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    I'm going to stop updating in the forums, and only update the BukkitDev page. I don't really want to abandon this thread, but the inevitable future is BukkitDev. If you have any issues, or want to request a feature, remember to use the tracker.

    I'm not trying to say, "don't post here." I'll still be watching this tread for the rest of it's existence. I just won't be updating the OP.
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    would it be possible add features ? to make this nice totem plugin more versatile? like repeling creatures, or safe creeper liquidation or even warp to totem? just ideas ..
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    will it be maintained in future? Will it be updated? Its great plugin, and mine server is depending on it a lot. I hope you will find time to fix it, because is not working for awhile.


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