[RPG/MECH/FUN] Careers v0.7 - Murderers, Thieves, Police, Doctors, Diseases and more [1060]

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    Unfortunately, I will not be pushing anymore updates to this plugin and have made it private. It's too much effort to make everything configurable so that it can function to each of your desires. It's hindering me from working on the bigger ideas I have for it.

    Maybe once I get it developed fully I will release another build but that won't be for a while. I will however, keep this page updated with progress and you're always welcome to drop in to my server to try out new features.

    Adds various careers and interesting mechanics to the game. Let it generate the config file and you can change things from there. I've programmed it so more careers can easily be added so send me your ideas and I'll expand this.

    Suggested Usage:
    This plugin is most fun on servers where people generally stay within close vicinity to each other as opposed to spreading out all over the map. On my server I force this by using Towny and requiring all towns to border an existing towns. The result is one large city made up of smaller districts. I'm essentially using towns as districts and a nation as a town. All my players stay in close vicinity to each other making the game feel more like a multiplayer experience instead of singleplayer with chat. This allows criminals and doctors to actually be found by the people looking for them.


    Demo Servers:
    My server only averages about 15 players so I can't really see this plugin in the large-scale that I imagined. I want to see murderers, thieves, and doctors to team up and form gangs, etc. If you're willing to run this plugin in accordance with the suggested usage I have up above, let me know and I'll add your server to this list.

    Server List
    • blockface.org
    Careers (open)

    To learn a career, right click someone who has a career with a book.
    • Doctor
      • Other players can request to be healed by right clicking a doctor. This will cost 20 coins per heart.
      • Can heal Rabies and other diseases that will be added eventually.
      • Cannot heal yourself.
    • Murderer
      • Can kill any player and take their coins.
      • If their murder is witnessed, they must kill the witnesses before being reported to the Officers. Once reported, they become wanted.
      • If their murder is witnessed by an Officer they automatically become wanted.
      • If a murderer has wanted status and is killed by an Officer, they will be jailed for 5 minutes.
    • Officer
      • Must kill all citizens reported as wanted.
      • When a successful arrest is made, the Officer will be paid.
      • Can jail citizens who are holding weapons at night.
    • Miner
      • Has a configurable chance of receiving coins when mining certain ores.
    • Thief
      • Has a configurable chance of overriding locking plugins. You must have another plugin that provides locks to players. I recommend using Towny and adding chests to the switch-ids in the settings.
      • Will be injured on failed pick attempt.
    Commands (open)

    /c set <career> - Sets your career.
    /c set <partialname> <career> - Sets matching name's career.
    /crime - Lists witnessed crimes.
    /crime <player> - Report player for committing crime.
    /crime wanted - See wanted players.
    /crime setjail - Set jail location.
    Permissions (open)

    careers.employ - Allows admins to manually set jobs with /c set
    careers.nohell - Prevent a player from going to hell on death.
    careers.nodisease - Prevent a player from catching diseases.
    Upcoming Features (open)

    • Thieves
      • Will have a chance of overriding any locking plugin with a lockpick.
    • Farmer
      • Need ideas. Something involving spawning pigs, sheep, cows.
    • Murderer
      • Add assault and battery to the crimes.

    Version 0.7 Test Build
    • Thieves can flip levers by shooting an arrow at them.
    • Assassins can poison citizens at night.
    • Doctors can cure poisoning.
    Version 0.6 Test Build
    • Hooked into Towny.
    • Officers and Knights are paid by the town.
    • Knights kill mobs for money
    • Miner gets double smelt.
    • Tamer sells wolves.
    • So much other stuff, I can't even remember.
    Version 0.5
    • Added training by right clicking someone with a job with a book (configurable)
    • Added permission node careers.nodisease
    Version 0.4
    • Added a single disease Rabies that can be cured by a doctor.
    • Allowed setting of career from console.
    • Fixed incorrect crime broadcast.
    • Smaller bug fixes.
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed some config.yml issues.
    • Added basic Thief support. Need to use external locking system (LWC, Towny).
    • Some other stuff
    Version 0.2
    • Added Hell afterlife jail making doctors more useful.
    • Murders can only happen at night.
    • Added weapons charges.
    • Players can defend themselves if attacked by murderers.
    Version 0.1

    • Initial release.
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    You can add firemans?
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    where is the dl link?

    if i click on download i get he 404 error

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    You guys seriously need to read what I've posted. As I've stated before, this plugin is private as of now. If you can show me that your server is large enough to demonstrate the scalability of this plugin, then I will give you a set build.
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    It's too bad that you made this plugin private. I was very interested in features of your plugin.
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    Where is the Download?

    Edit:// Oh sorry, its private =(
    What about a public Plugin with less Features?
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    This is best Classes plugin i ever seen pls send me the link to download!!
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    Careers is going well, connect to my server and check it out.
    I've fully integrated it with Towny so everything is town based.
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    Thats just mean, telling people this plugin is great and awesome and not letting them use it. If your going to make it private don't brag about it.
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    Crybaby much? I'm giving a status update and like I said, I might eventually release it when it becomes stable.
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    lol yes I am a cry baby beacuse I want to put on my server :(

    Why don't you make it public and just not provide support?
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    you should add drug dealer to the list and have them grow mushrooms and sell them as if they were weed(marijuana). then officers would arrest them during a trade. they could sell to individuals or doctors to make healing things(mushroom stew). it would be fun
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    @SwearWord The things you have to deal with, huh? Anyway I visited your server and it was great to see all your plugins in action. Good job on that and the blockface plugin review. :)
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    Version 0.7 Test Build
    • Thieves can flip levers by shooting an arrow at them.
    • Assassins can poison citizens at night.
    • Doctors can cure poisoning.
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    What is the point of having a thread about a plugin that no one can have......it's like showing a fat kid a cake he cant eat
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    Or asking God to create a boulder that He himself cannot lift
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    what does god need with a starship?
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    Could you please give me this plugin? (Me and my fellow server friends would love it) Since you made it private because people kept nagging you about stuff on it... I wont ask anything once I get it.

    What must I do so you the awesome one will give me your awsome plugin?
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    moved to inactive since it's private
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    Make this plugin public :D
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    Currently charging $10 if you want it.
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    The only reason I'm asking for money is because I DO NOT want to spend time supporting this, I make it for myself and my server. You can coax me out of that by paying.

    Please don't make it sound like this plugin isn't "good enough" especially when you have not used it. Neither of those plugins is like this one at all, nor are they anywhere near as fun. The second one, pathetically named "Jawb," just adds spawning items. People have paid me for this before and have been more than satisfied.
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    I can understand where you're coming from, fair enough.
    I never meant to sound any way doubting your plugin, I am actually quite sure it's awesome. Sorry if that was directed in any bad way of your plugin, I didn't mean for it.
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    SwearWord sent you a PM, hopefully reply back soon! :). Regarding the $10. Is that just one payment, for the plugin for life?
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    Never knew a disease is a Career choice... What is the GCSE or lessons do i need?

    Jks :) Nice plugin, keep it up
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    Download please? I know it's not being updated anymore, but I would like it still.

    EDIT: SwearWord had to tag you to possibly see it with a higher percentage :D

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