[RPG/INFO/SPOUT] ManaBar v0.3 [1337]

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    Plugin on BukkitDev

    Here is a little plugin that shows an updated mana bar floating on the screen. It requires Spout/Spoutcraft and MagicSpells. It's my first plugin and it's the second time I see java (first was a plugin to show gold amount on the MMOInfo bar, i'll post it later or i'll create a new indipendent plugin like this), so I'm sorry if it is horrible, I'll promise to make it much more better in these days! WARNING: MagicSpells doesn't leave me to use functions to get real-time mana values and setting values, so (until MagicSpells 1337 is released) i'm using a little workaround to calculate the right amount of mana (works like a charm, but having the value is a little better for the CPU)

    You can download last rev from here

  2. try giving a better description
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    Missing Description and Plugin Version in title. Might also want to include better template description.
    Nice plugin though :D
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    description added (not really, just copy-pasted from bukkitdev :p)
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    Title needs description
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    Could you put a way to change the width of the black bar? Smaller mana bars look really ugly as the black bar doesn't scale down with them.
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    Awesome!!! I'm definitely getting this

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