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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Kainzo, Feb 26, 2011.

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    I WANT THIS NOW ( i am willing to test stuff in my server :D)
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    Great things come for those with patience.
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    I saw how you said you can make you custom classes. EX: You name the class and give them the skill. Will there be a default setup like the one you have on that chart?
    I just like the setup you have on the chart and I'm too lazy to make my own :p
    This one here http://forums.bukkit.org/attachments/heroskills02-jpg.2232/
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    That's Herocraft's setup and the config won't be given away. It'll be a basic setup. 4 classes.
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    Unfortunately the more complex setups in this manner probably arent best for main stream - I built this first and then we made the plugin around it :p
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    Maybe you are already doing this... but... what about a function that allows users to lock chests.. and a skill that allows users to pick locks?
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    We use LWC. But I can code a skill which'll allow people to picklock chests.
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    Would Be a really cool skill for thieves
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    Planned for release
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    Wait, so you mean that the plugin that is going to be released will be completely different from what's on this: http://forums.bukkit.org/attachments/heroskills02-jpg.2232/?

    I really hope that's not the case, because I was going to use Heroes because of the class setups stated there. If the plugin released is a dumbed down version of that I'm not sure how much I'll want to use it.

    If that is the case, will the default plugin at least come with all the abilities/skills available to use that are on the chart?
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    The plugin classes are made by YOU. Basically, we don't hardcode anything, you set up classes and shit yourself in a configuration document. It isn't dumb'd down at all. You get everything on that list, but the class setup is done by you.

    Basically, you get an identical thing to what Kainzo gets, but he has his config document written out to manage those classes.
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    So the skills/spells are extendable and will be more and more in time?
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    Extendable in what way?

    and if you mean if they'll be more skills, yes, we plan to have a lot of skills.
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    Sorry for the confusion..Just meant what you said...
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    Crafting EXP Source = working.
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    awesome, great work with this guys :)
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    Thank you for clearing that up for me. I somehow got the idea that skills there wouldn't be in the final plugin. Sorry about that.
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        chicken: 1
        cow: 1
        creeper: 18
        ghast: 50
        pig: 1
        pig_zombie: 40
        sheep: 1
        wolf: 6
        skeleton: 18
        spider: 13
        zombie: 10
        squid: 1
        slime: 12
        giant: 300
        player: 31
        coal: 8
        cobblestone: 1
        clay: 15
        diamond_ore: 30
        dirt: 1
        glowstone: 7
        gold_ore: 4
        coal_ore: 7
        grass: 1
        gravel: 1
        iron_ore: 3
        lapis_ore: 13
        mossy_cobblestone: 3
        netherrack: 1
        obsidian: 15
        redstone_ore: 11
        glowing_redstone_ore: 11
        sand: 1
        sandstone: 2
        snow_block: 2
        soul_sand: 12
        stone: 1
        log: 3
        Arrow: 1
        Bed: 2
        Blue_Wool: 1
        Boat: 1
        Book: 0
        Bookshelf: 6
        Bow: 1
        Bread: 0
        Bricks: 10
        Brown_wool: 1
        Bucket: 2
        Cake: 20
        Chest: 2
        Clock: 1
        Cobblestone_Stairs: 1
        Compass: 4
        Cookie: 2
        Crafting_Table: 1
        Cyan_Dye: 1
        Cyan_Wool: 1
        Dandelion_Yellow: 0
        Detector_Rail: 10
        Diamond_Axe: 20
        Diamond_Boots: 20
        Diamond_Chestplate: 25
        Diamond_helmet: 15
        Diamond_Hoe: 8
        Diamond_Leggings: 20
        Diamond_Pickaxe: 13
        Diamond_Shovel: 8
        Diamond_Sword: 10
        Dispenser: 3
        Fence: 0
        Fishing_Rod: 6
        Flint_and_steel: 1
        Furance: 1
        Golden_Apple: 100
        Golden_Axe: 25
        Golden_Boots: 25
        Golden_Helmet: 25
        Golden_Hoe: 20
        Golden_Leggings: 45
        Golden_Pickaxe: 30
        Golden_Chestplate: 50
        Golden_Shovel: 20
        Golden_Sword: 25
        Gray_Dye: 1
        Gray_Wool: 1
        Green_Wool: 1
        Iron_Axe: 6
        Iron_Boots: 5
        Iron_Chestplate: 10
        Iron_Door: 3
        Iron_Helmet: 6
        Iron_Hoe: 4
        Iron_Leggings: 9
        Iron_Pickaxe: 6
        Iron_Shovel: 4
        Iron_sword: 5
        Jukebox: 1
        Ladder: 0
        Leather_Cap: 3
        Leather_pants: 4
        Leather_Tunic: 5
        Leather_Boots: 3
        Lever: 0
        Light_Blue_Dye: 1
        Light_Blue_Wool: 1
        Light_Gray_Dye: 1
        Light_Gray_Wool: 1
        Lime_Dye: 1
        Lime_Wool: 1
        Magenta_Dye: 1
        Magenta_Wool: 1
        Minecart: 2
        Mushroom_stew: 1
        Map: 10
        Note_Block: 1
        Orange_Dye: 1
        Orange_Wool: 1
        Painting: 1
        Paper: 0
        Pink_Dye: 1
        Pink_Wool: 1
        Piston: 3
        Powered_Mincart: 3
        Powered_Rail: 10
        Purple_Dye: 1
        Purple_Wool: 1
        Rail: 1
        Red_wool: 1
        Redstone_Repeater: 3
        Redstone_Torch: 0
        Rose_Red: 1
        Sandstone_Slab: 0
        Sandstone: 0
        Sign: 1
        Stick: 0
        Stone_Button: 0
        Stone_Axe: 2
        Stone_Hoe: 1
        Stone_Pickaxe: 2
        Stone_Pressure_Plate: 0
        Stone_Shovel: 1
        Stone_Slab: 1
        Stone_sword: 2
        Storage_Minecart: 3
        Sticky_Piston: 1
        Sugar: 1
        TNT: 5
        Torch: 0
        Trapdoor: 1
        Wooden_Axe: 1
        Wooden_Door: 2
        Wooden_Hoe: 1
        Wooden_Pickaxe: 1
        Wooden_Planks: 0
        Wooden_presssure_plate: 0
        Wooden_Shovel: 1
        Wooden_Stairs: 1
        Wooden_sword: 1
        Wool: 0
        Yellow_wool: 1
        Lapis_Lazili_Block: 0
        Block_of_Gold: 0
        Block_of_Iron: 0
        Block_of_Diamond: 0
        Block_of_Glowstone: 0
        Clay_Block: 0
        Jack-o'-Lantern: 0
        Jukebox: 6
        Snow: 0
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    I noticed that there are skills on the wiki not yet in the official skills list. Are these skillls that haven't been developed yet?
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    Geoff Winans

    Couldn't be arsed to check the thread, but..

    How about the ability to give bonus XP amounts to specific groups? (eg, +5%, etc)
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    Nice way to go about things :)...
    Groups as in what???

    You can award bonus exp to specific classes... If you mean groups as in Permissions groups then no not at the moment at least.
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    Geoff Winans

    Yes, meant permission groups. Would be a fantastic thing to give to contributors and respected members.
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    Is the in-development Heroes plugin available to run on servers right now? If a testing version is available now, I'd rather install Heroes RPG on my server and get that running than install another RPG plugin which would likely be removed when Heroes RPG would be released.
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    This isn't in the plans.

    No in-dev Heroes is out. We're in the final stages of testing and development. We're waiting on permissions to be fixed then we can release.
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    I appreciate the response greatly.
    At the risk of sounding like a member of the begging horde, is there a rough timeframe for release? I'm only curious because I'm in the process of deciding which RPG mod I would like set up on my server.

    I'm very impressed with what I've seen of the plugin so far though; keep up the fantastic work.
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    Crafting EXP is now an available in Heroes.... added three new skills from Rightlegred (Dispel/SummonFood/Absorb)
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    Waiting off on launching my server as long as I can, hoping this will be out soon :x
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    Same here.
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    Same here to xD
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    Thank you for the update Kainzo! Crafting XP will be a great addition. Will this also encompass smelting?

    Oh, and I was loving the plugin when I was testing it! Keep up the good work guys!
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