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    Version: 1.2
    Requires: iConomy
    Works With: Citizens, WorldGuard

    <font color="rgb(0, 128, 0)">Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    StealCash is a plugin that allows you to let users steal a random amount of cash from unsuspecting targets. <font color="rgb(128, 0, 0)">HOWEVER <font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)">users just can't steal 100% of the time. If a user fails to steal cash, they will lose a few hearts and a message will be broadcasted throughout the server for all to see. How to steal you say? To steal, a player must walk up to an unsuspecting player and simply right click on the player. If they succeed, they will walk away with some cash. If they fail, they will be hurt and will be humiliated by a server broadcast message!</font></font>

    * Allow users to steal some cash by right clicking on there targets (With an empty hand!)
    * Cooldown feature so users can only steal every now and then
    * Broadcast/Damage if a thief fails to steal
    * Works with SuperPerms!
    * Extremely configurable

    Permission Nodes (THESE ARE SUPERPERMS!):
    * stealcash.steal (Give this to users who are allowed to steal)
    * stealcash.nosteal (Give this to users who cannot be robbed)

    Configuration: Configure these variables to meet your needs
    * Damage - How much damage a user will take if they fail to steal
    * Message - The message that comes up when someone tries to steal. THIEF/PLAYER will be replaced by the thief's name and the target's name. It's optional to add the THIEF and PLAYER stuff
    * Time - Set how many minutes a player needs to wait before attempting to steal again
    * Maximum - The maximum amount of cash someone can steal from someone
    * Chance - The probability out of a 100 that someone has to successfully steal
    * Enable Permission Message - Enable wether or not you want users to receive the message "You do not have permission steal" if they don't have permission

    Now this isn't a part of the config.yml but there is also a "nostealregions.txt" file where you can put in the region names of regions where you don't want users to steal from. If you don't have worldguard, ignore it.

    * Version 1.2

    - * You can no longer steal from NPC's (Citizens)
    * WorldGuard support. You can now specify regions where users cannot steal at
    - Version 1.1
    * Added a cooldown feature to prevent users from attempting to steal over and over again

    * Version 1.0

    - * StealCash has been released to the world!

    If you have an error, complaint, question, or comment, please post so down below!
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    Nice Idea...

    i will try this on my Server
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    I just spent ages making a thieving suite.
    Lol. you ninja'd me.

    Good job.
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    Updated to 1.1

    Added some cooldown stuff so users can't keep attempting to steal over and over again
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    But I don't see version 1.1 jar?
    As in:

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    Oh whoops XD
    Fixed :3
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    YAY time to download!!!!!!!1
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    Enjoy n_n
    If you have any errors/problems, tell me :3
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    Excellent plugin.

    Request: We use Citizens. Currently people can steal from them, and without delay. Can you please hook into for an .isNPC, and add something like stealcash.isNPC.nosteal Or .isPlayer, whatever you can do would be helpfull.
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    Alrighty, I'll see what I can do. Personally I've never dealt with NPC's or any plugin similar to Citizens
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    Great plugin 8th! I always knew yu were capable of something like this. I love the simplicity... will be a valid addition to my server. Thanks once again!
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    Can you make the plugin so you can't steal in certain zones? I don't want people pick-pocketing newcomers....
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    WorldGuard zones/regions?
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    Yea. It's the most popular zone plugin :)
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    I'll get around to it when I have time.

    @zecheesy @A12621A

    Version 1.2
    • You can no longer steal from NPC's
    • Worldguard support. When the plugin is created, there is a file called "nostealregions.txt" Add the ID's of the regions where users cannot steal

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    Thank you, this will be incredibly useful on my server. I don't use NPC's but this is the only plugin that boasts a 'region steal protect' feature which I like very much. Permissions are also nice and simple... which is good for me because the guy who owns the server computer is a dumbass and if I need to change 1 config file I don't have to re-package the whole thing.
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    Haha that's nice to hear n_n
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    Updated for the new RB :3
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    Can you give me a source code? I need to translate this on my server :) Thanks.
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    Source code you say!? Lulz sure, I don't mind (I used to be really insecure about my code xP)
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    hm i put 10 for the wait time so u gotto wait 10 minutes but its like forever when u steal once you cannot ever do it again keeps saying you stole within 10 minutes...any ideas?
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    I should probably edit that message as it can be decieving...
    10 minutes still applies. Example:
    User attempts to steal from user. Must wait 5 minutes.
    User attempts to steal 2 minutes later. "You stole within 5 minutes"

    Get what I mean? Eh I'll change the message
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    nono i know that but ok so i stole from a player so now i got to wait 10 minutes to steal again. It has been 2 hours and it still says i cant since i stole 10 minutes ago
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    I'll look into it.. If it what I think it is, then It should be an easy fix
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    I added the perms groups as requested.. I'm on my admin, stealing from a regular user and I get

    Severe Could not pass event Player_Interact_entity to StealCash
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    Can you please go into more detail on what you were doing? Right now I haven't had any problems using StealCash doing that sort of thing. Also what permissions plugin are you using?
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    The download link is not working :(
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    Download does not work :(
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