[RPG/FUN] RollTheDice v0.2 - Get random blocks as gifts [1000]

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    RollTheDice v0.3
    A luck-based plugin for CraftBukkit based on TF2: Roll The Dice

    RollTheDice is a cool way to chance your luck when you play on a server, it allows the player to roll the Item 'dice' to get a random amounted stack of a certain item.

    To protect your economy, everything can be preset by Admin/Ops in the config.dat - down to the Material type and Stack amount.
    And to prevent exploitation, the command uses Permissions to control the amount of uses the player has - allow them one 'roll' or infinite.

    All the player needs to do is use: /roll

    What's New?
    • Multiple Language Support!

    * Randomly generated Items!
    * Intuitive configuration!
    * Permissions Support!
    * Preset your stacks or randomly generate!
    * 100% manageable!

    Permission Nodes (For Permissions):

    * For one-shot use: rollthedice.roll
    * For multiple use: rollthedice.roll.multi

    Q: How do I edit the config.dat?
    A: The input is in the format [Material]=[Amount] ( i.e. Diamond=10 )
    The material has to be a valid Bukkit/Minecraft name (i.e. "Dirt" or "Snow")
    The amount can be between 1 and 64, or -1 for a randomly selected amount.

    Q: Can you supply more info about the nodes?
    A: The 'rollthedice.roll' will enable the user one use/roll of the command per login.
    They would need to logout and back in to be applicable for another shot.
    The 'rollthedice.roll.multi' will enable the user an infinite amount of uses per login.
    I would advise limited use of this permission, save Admins/Moderator/Trusted Players.

    Q: I've been told to configure the plugin, what does this mean?
    A: There's no items in the config.dat file, either remove the config.dat and reload the server,
    or add some items manually to the config.dat.

    Q: I've hit an error and/or unhanded exception! How do I contact you to fix this?
    A: My contact information is at the bottom of this README. Mail me a good explanation please!

    Download the Latest JAR
    Take a peek at the source

    If you need to contact me about any problems with this plugin, or any suggestions you'd like to see come to this plugin, my contact information can be found here.
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    REQ: Please add Custom Messages (For Multi-Language).

    Also would be great a fee for playing (iconomy or even an item)

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    Thanks for the suggestions, i'm implementing localization right now!

    iConomy hooks will wait a while, I've got a client's website to finish before i've any more free time. :)
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    Can't wait for the update, have a 300+ server. :D

    What about an item fee ? i.e: Player needs to have a GOLD INGOT in inventory/hands to be able to run /roll
    Obviously the item fee will be gone after he plays.
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    Erm... It's going to be a push to get iConomy support, let alone the item payment.

    I've got very limited time over this summer, so I will only confirm Multi-language support and quite possibly iConomy if I can muster it.

    But I will try to get all these up and running, just a warning that it may take a while. :)
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    title is missing description

    you should use recommended builds, not development ones (like 958)
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    Can u please release Multi-language custom messages before iConomy support ?
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    Could you elaborate on the missing description? I thought I included a good description.
    Also, rolled it back to 953, that's what I built and tested it on. :)
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    well, there is not description in the title, only name and version + tags
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    Isn't this the description? Or an I missing something? :eek:
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    do you know what the word "title" means?
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    Ah yeah, I think I know what you wanted.
    Will stick it in the title.

    God, i'm dense sometimes... :rolleyes:
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    Should be triggered by entering "!rtd" into chat!
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    Okay, to honour the original as close as possible (and free up /roll for other plugins) i'll switch it in v0.3! :)

    Multiple language support coming tonight.
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    awesome, i just mentioned this in a forum a few days ago, I'm glad to see it actually made. iconomy support would be great for this :D and i agree it should be /rtd instead or /rollthedice
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    v0.3 released:
    • Multiple language support added.
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    i dont know if its in it already but is there like a Cooldown time ? After using /roll

    Like ppl can use /roll onley once in 2 hours or like that?
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    I tried to implement something like that, but it was negated by the user relogging into the server.
    So I could only implement the one-roll per server login.

    (Of course, if there are methods to prevent this, i'm all for hearing them out)
  20. You should add rewards like god mode and invisibility, and maybe even flight.
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    Can you please update this?
    i Can realy use this!
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    Trying to download the JAR, I get:

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, mattrydr@gmail.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
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    Please Fix Link :)
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    Link hasnt fixed jet ;/

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