[RPG/FUN] qQuests - The simplest questing plugin since uQuest! [CB 1.6.2-R0.1]

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    qQuests - The simplest yet most customizable questing plugin since uQuest!
    If you want to buy me a juice box or help speed up development of qQuests.
    • Quests!!!
    • Insanely customizable
    • Add Quests through a quest config file
    • Currently 9 Quests included, but CAN BE CREATED YOURSELF!
    • Update notifications
    • Realtime quest progress reports on most quests
    • Multi-Task Quests
    • Delays
    • Chain Quests
    • Sign support
    • Colored messages
    • Configurable primary /[q, qu, quest, quests, qquests] command
    • Money, Health, Hunger, Command, and Item Rewards
    • Rewards/Fees configurable
    • Support for all major economies
    • Permissions
    • Levels System
    • Quest Stats
    • Persistance over reload, and stopping server, even crashes
    • Easy setup, works out of the box!
    Base Commands:

    Quest Types:
    Collect - Collect X amount of a block specified
    Destroy - Destroy the block specified X amount of times
    Damage - Punch the block X amount of times
    Place - Place a block X amount of times
    Kill - Kill the mob specified X amount of times
    Kill_Player - Kill the player specified X amount of times
    Enchant - Enchant X amount of the item specified (MUST BE ENCHANTABLE)
    Tame - Tame X amount of the entity specified (MUST BE TAMABLE)

    Build: #2014
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    Good Job! Please make Citizens Support

    Please make a configurable messages :) I mean with killing zombies, I can translate it :(

    BUG: I have iConomy 5 and its not giving me money.

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    Do you have vault?
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    Vault ? What is it, please explain, i dont exactly know what do you mean
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    It is a extra plugin you must add to make my plugin and many others connect with an economy

    Also please update qQuests to 0.1.0, it adds many bug fixes, also in the next major version I'll add multi-language support.

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    Please citizens & spout support.
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    can you make a quest were you have to complete a series of quests to complete it?
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    Alright I will add a spout GUI eventually, and look into citizens.

    I am adding multi-objective quests right now.
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    Great. Waiting for it. :)
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    Would you mind PMing me when you add citizens and/or spout GUI? Im waiting for at least one of those features before putting on my server. But otherwise nice plugin! Havent seen an active quest plugin in a while, hopefully you stick with it :)
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    I will do that, also @Pomme72 I will PM u too. Don't expect in soon though because I need time for schoolwork too, but I'll get it done.

    Any ideas for how the spout gui would look or work?
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    Well, when you press a key it opens. (Configurable please :3)

    Then, on screen it shows your current quests, which you can click on to see more info about that quest. Ill draw up a concept design to show you how i imagine it to look.

    Unfortunately i am unfamiliar with the Spout API so I can't help you with the programming, but I do plan on learning how to use Spout.
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    Well this is very helpful and the concept design would be a good aid too.

    I don't really need help with coding but the design would help visualize things thanks!
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    Ok ! Thanks. :)
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    The second this get Citizens support I'm going to donate $10 :)
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    This Needs NPC Support!
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    is there a possibility of using register or adding support for that.
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    Well that's a way to set someone else's priorities.
    I have to clean up my code, but after I will do this.

    Vault, in my opinion, is a lot better because it has current documentation, easier to setup, and supports more. But if you would like to make a counter argument I'm open for opinions.
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    "Register" is dead. The future is "Vault".
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    Can you make that there are some levels and it gives you quest from wich level you are that is if you are on a advanced level you will taking advanced quest etc.
    Thanks and sorry for my english. Jantomedes
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    I can put in a level system, yes.
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    oh ok, I didnt know that, thanks man.

    Just wanted to say I love this and so does everyone else on my server, thank you for making such an easy and fun questing plugin.

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    mcMMO support? Just a suggestion.

    YOU HAVE BREATHED LIFE BACK TO THE QUESTING ERA! also u deserve these: [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    you should add "destination" quests where if a player enters a certain world gaurd region or cuboid he finishes the quest
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    You Need That To Support 1.1 And Npcx and citezens


    I mean remake
    My server

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    Please PLEASE add permissions nodes ASAP! I really want to add this to my server, but permissions is really important to my server! Thank you for developing this plugin, it seems great!
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    I can add perms what types of perms are you thinking because I can not really think of prems to add...
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    hmm maybe like the following?
    -qQuest.*" - Allows all these sub permissions -"qQuest.give" for /q give -"qQuest.info" for /q info -"qQuest.drop." for /q drop -"qQuest.done" for /q done -"qQuest.admin" for base commands

    Just to keep it simple :)

    EDIT: Also, to add an request, maybe add a permission node like this:
    -"qQuest.give.(#)" number standing for which quest they can and cant do, (based on the /q give (#))
    e.g.: -"qQuest.give.1" which would allow me to do quest 1 stated in the "quests" file?
    and if the player was allowed to do all of the quests, then the perm would be: -"qQuest.give.*"
    Idk, this would be great for my server, but if you want to keep it as simple as can be, then I understand :p
    Thank you so much!! [diamond][diamond]

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