[RPG/FUN/MECH]DwarfCraft v1.9.5 - Player progression; skills improved by training(not xp) [1.7]

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    DwarfCraft - Player progression plugin with skills that are improved by training(not xp):
    Image by Evooni

    Current Version: 1.9.5
    Original Authors: smartaleq, LexManos and RCarretta
    Authors: Jessy1237

    DwarfCraft is a plugin that allows players to improve their characters skills and capabilities. Players can pay trainers to improve their skills, which provides benefits such as increased weapon damage, decreased tool wear, increased drops from blocks or mobs, etc. Because of the training system, DwarfCraft can provide an interesting and fun RPG base for Survival MP servers that will remain relevant and interesting for casual and intense players alike.

    • Vault
    • Permissions that is supported by Vault
    • Players may choose to play as Dwarves or Elves. Switching resets all skills. The race names are entirely configurable.
    • Elves play very similar to vanilla Minecraft with slight nerfs for balance (to farming mostly)
    • Dwarves have 40+ skills that progress from level 0 (worse than normal) to level 30 (extremely proficient). Each skill has several effects. Most effects reach par at skill level 5. New supported skills will be released.
    • Skills are improved by paying a training cost to a trainer. Server admins may place trainers and customized messaging NPC. Skill costs increased with level and balanced to encourage specialization.
      • Example: To train"Pickaxe Use" from 0 to 1 cost 16 cobblestone. To train from 15 to 16 cost 640. At level 0 pickaxes degrade 20% faster than normal, at level 20 they degrade about 45% slower.
    • Skills and Effect details are easily found through in-game commands. More Information on the Bukkit Dev Page.
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    • Fixed Crafting bug. Shift clicking items you are unable to calculate the amount crafted do Shift clicking dwarfCraft skill related items is disabled
    • Fixed race command bug. Players can now change their race properly.
    • Added new perm. If an OP/Moderator wants to change another players race they need the perm "dwarfcraft.op.race"
    • Fixed some more skill training lag. Thanks to ProudViking
    • Fixed Crafting bug. Revamped whole crafting system to a more bukkit friendly method.
    • Fixed Logs with training as the new Logs had ID 162 and normal logs had ID of 17
    • Fixed the new Logs block drop. Making sure they drop vertical blocks.
    • Updated the NPCLib
    • Fixed NPCLib channel bug.
    • Updated the NPCLib to 1.7
    • Added permissions to races when you change race "dwarcraft.norm.race.racename". i.e. "dwarfcraft.norm.race.dwarf" perm would be needed to change your race to Dwarf. Note: the race name has to be in lowercase
    • Fixed Entity Tracking error.
    • Fixed bug where it would convert the trainers table on every restart
    • Added new feature to race command. So the console/other plugins can change the race of a player i.e /race <username> <racename> confirm and /race <racename> confirm both work.
    • Fixed NPC Head directions resetting on server restart.
    • Added Trainer Min Level
    • Create Trainer command changed to "/createtrainer <uniqueID> <DisplayName> <Skill Name or Skill ID> <Max Level> <Min Level>"
    • Fixed plugin not loading on startup.
    • Updated to CB 1.6.4-R0.1
    • Updated NPCLib
    • Updated to CB 1.6.2-R.01
    • Updated NPCLib
    • Fixed skillsheets displaying wrong race
    • Added /races into Message colour parser, i.e. Race descriptions can now have colours (e.g. &3 etc.)
    • Added in new skill (Axe Swinger, by Sir_Everard) into database and dwarf race. Races.config, effects.csv and skills.csv need to be reset for the new skill to take action
    • Fixed races bug where it wouldn't save your file when you change your race.
    • Changed to a different version of the same NPCLib other was outdated.
    • Updated all the classes to the Cb 1.5.2-R0.1 Folder tags.
    • Fixed up the NPCLib so head turns/tilts save now and work on reboot.
    • Updated all the classes to the Cb 1.5.1-R0.2 Folder tags.
    • Had to alter an event from entitytarget to playerinteractentity as previous wasn't working for right clicking of trainers anymore in latest CB.
    • Changed the food consumption event to playeritemconsume, now it is possible to make your own eating skills as i made an enum containing the nutritional values of each food. (Sadly you can see the code altering your food level as it may go up for half a second then go back down to the level it should be with the skill)
    • Updated all the classes to the Cb 1.4.7-R1.0 Folder tags.
    • Added new command that shows the races on the servers and their descriptions (/races)
    • Added new variables to DwarfCraft.config to do with Vanilla Race. The DwarfCraft.config will need to be reset
    • Fixed Fortune bug for ores now coincides with dwarfcraft drops.
    • Fixed Cannot cast MaterialData to Dye error. When doing /skillinfo 14, 53, etc.
    • Switched some skills around. Gem Miner is now called Exotic Miner and now inclues Emeralds and Lapis. Gold was transfered to Ore Miner. Skills.csv and Effects.csv will need to be reset. Unless you know how to copy the new skills and effects from the jar to the normal .csv's
    • Updated NPCLib (Fixed Trainer Head bug)
    • Fully Implemented Races with new race.config
    • Dwarfcraft.config has to be reset I added a new value.
    • Skills and Effect CSV have to be reset. Added The skills and effects made by TheDarkMessiah2.
    • Added in new effect SMELT, Smelt trainer now works. Note you cannot shift click the item out of the furnace otherwise the event doesn't register
    • DwarfCraft.db may have to be reset Depending if you want players to have higher skills than their race allows them as it doesn't change the level of already trained skills.
    • Updated NPCLib to work with Craftbukkit 1.4.6-R0.3
    • Made training skills into a delayed synchronized task (should fix the lag as it is now threaded)
    • Updated NPCLib to work with Craftbukkit 1.4.5-R1.0
    • Added a value in the configs for whether silk touch should be enabled on DwarfCraft Items (Can cause duping of ores/ingots), true is enabled. Main DwarfCraft.config will need to be reset
    • Fixed the training spam filter.
    • Changed the way DC listens to a player eat, in other words fixed all the eating bugs.
    • Added Train Delay to Config so Config needs to be reset . The Train Delay allows your server to recuperate after the training method.
    • Fixed Exp drop bug with certain ores.
    • Changed how the BowAttack works so it considers the charge of the Bow.
    • Fixed saturation bug so you hunger doesn't dissapear so fast.
    • Mobs now drop the right items and do the right damage in respect to Dwarfcraft.
    • Eating cake now works.
    • Updated to 1.3.1.
    • npcLib updated to work with 1.3.1
    • Added in some new commmands, renameNext and renameNPC they allow you to change the display name of your trainers/greeters
    • The inventory bug was fixed, you now keep the leftovers instead of them disappearing.
    • Unbreaking enchantment was taken into consideration.
    • Silk Touch consideration was changed, instead of giving you all the items as the ore block it give you 1 ore block and the dwarfcraft items - 1 because of the ore block.
    • Lapis Lazuli ore can be dropped by silk touch pickaxes.
    • Lag issue was improved, there is a spam filter for trainers so you can't spam train anymore it waits for it to finish instead of starting lots of threads at one time.
    • Fixed eating food so its less buggy and has less of a chance of losing hunger even though not finish eating
    • Fixed the direction trainers face; loads, save, creates and lookatnext makes trainers look in that direction
    • Added Fishing trainer
    • Add world blacklist
    • All dwarfcraft files will need to be reset
    • Anything related to gaining hunger now dispays the correct levels gained when left clicking a trainer
    • Command collisions were fixed no longer crash from another plugin using that command
    • Fixed Bug; when you broke a block like wheat the item would also have damage to it, fixed that so now you can craft as normal.
    • Fixed /CreateGreeter Usage, forgot to add an arguement to it, explains why greeters wouldn't spawn.
    • Added new command LookAtNext, makes the next trainer you hit look at you (still not head tilt...).
    • Fixed Bug; Commands wouldn't return the usage if the commands arguments weren't specified it would just reply with a blank line.
    • Fixed bug; when you break block in creative it would drop the item. For Example if you break a melon block in creative it would drop melon slices.
    • Fixed bug; when you ate food it would instantly disappear and not heal the user (only for Raw Pork, Raw Fish and Mushroom Soup).
    • New Bug Created; when eating Raw Pork, Raw Fish or Mushroom Soup if you just tap your right mouse button it would minus Food Level but if you finish eating the food it will go to the correct Food Level. Only way to fix this is if bukkit team makes a PlayerEat Event. Please Vote Here to ask for the event. You need to make an account.
    • Released the fork from orignal plugin,

    More Info & Download on Bukkit Dev!
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    So there's an error on server load,
    "DwarfCraft has registered a listener for org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerInventoryEvent on method "public void com.Jesse1237.DwarfCraft.events.DCPlayerListener.onInventoryOpen(org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerInventoryEvent)", but the event is Deprecated. "Server performance will be affected." Please notify the authors.

    Because no one else has said anything in regards to this, I figured I'd let you know.

    Okay, however it does not seem to stack with Fortune. When using a pickaxe enchanted with Fortune III, and having an Ore Miner skill level of 7, mining gives only 1 coal per block, whereas before the mod it gave more.

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    I cant change players to th elf race! why is this?
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    This would be because races aren't properly implemented yet.
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    Oh ok then. Great plugin otherwise hope races are in soon as i love elves.
  6. I Would love to use this plugin but i dont quite understand this :/

    could you add me to skype and help me out? Skype nick: semirotta

    I really want to get this work :D
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    The plugin looks cool !
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    People on my server noticed this too. I have one faction a little upset about it :p

    So far we love DwarfCraft, seems much lighter weight than mcMMO and easy to configure.
  9. First thank you for your great work! Very nice and good Addon.

    But i have one Problem: Is there a way to deactivate the function that stops iron golems from dropping iron when killed by lava?

    Thank you very much
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    Does dwarfcraft cause the iron golem to drop items after being killed by lava or are you just asking in general.
  11. actually dwarfcraft stops the iron golem from dropping items when he is killed by lava.
    i want to stop this on my server, so the golems should drop again iron when they are killed by lava.
    Thank you
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    PLZ help. I cannot seem to set up permissions with this mod, I run a private server and i don't care about permissions but i downloaded valt and bpermissions like recommended. and every time i try a command like /race i do not have permission. I am an admin, im opped, im in the admin group... idk what do do

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