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    Phantom Index

    I'm sure similar plugins provide something like customizing potions or enchantments, but however what I want to request is a plugin that can take in custom made enchantments that can be made through a given format.

    Similar to how the Heroes plugin has a folder for developers to create their own custom skills. Same way would be for enchantments and potions here.

    Enchantments will work how it would normally would in Vanilla just adding more of custom enchantments to the table. Like A Fireball III Sword, and or Ice Arrow V.

    Potions will be the same, just add custom potions like, potion of enlarge: turns you into a Giant for a few seconds, that kind of stuff.

    It just needs to be a plugin that can take custom enchantment and potion recipes under a certain code.

    I'm not too sure if it would need classes, because I think it needs to be a RPG system closest to Vanilla.

    More ideas could be added to this I'm sure, this is just my general idea.

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